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  1. Please see the New Topic about our server upgrade

  2. Lufty

    New Server

    Dear All I have moved the forum onto a new server which is twice as fast as the previous server. We get very few new posts these days but we do get lots of people visiting the forum for help and advice so I have decided to keep it running for now mainly as an information resource due to the limited new threads being posted. All the best Lufty
  3. Hi Deepthought You should be able to edit your posts but not delete them completely once they have been posted. I hope this helps. Kind regards Lufty
  4. Dear All There has been a few gremlins with the upgrade to the latest software some of which have prevented new posts. Please either PM me or email lufty@asd-forum.org.uk and I will investigate if you are unable to make any new posts. Many thanks Lufty
  5. Pleased that the doubling of Server RAM and CPUs seems to have made the forum a little bit more responsive.

    1. Ferret


      *leaves snacks and gremlin repellant...*

  6. Dear All I am planning to shortly upgrade the forum software to the latest version which will be a major update. Some users might have experienced short periods of being unable to access the forum over the last two days as preperations for the update were completed. Thank you for your patience. Lufty
  7. Hi gigaday The forum was unfortunately hacked a few years ago and as a result we have tightened up the registration process on the forum. I agree two weeks is a long time to wait however the forum is run by volunteers and sometimes it takes a while to process the registrations. Many thanks for flagging the issue with the email address which is currently being investigated by ISP. For obvious reasons I will not be explaining the checks we make as part of a member registration however I can confirm that that the 14 people who are currently waiting to be validated have not completed the registration process yet and are therefore not waiting for admin approval. Kind regards Lufty
  8. Hi Laddo I can assure you that any personal data recorded on this forum is kept private and not used for any other purposes. You will note we have a policy of not allowing advertising on our site and this policy will remain. We do not however delete members, threads or postings from the forum to protect the integrity of any postings. I hope this gives you some assurance that the forum is run with the sole intention of providing support to members touched by ASD. Best wishes Lufty
  9. Sa Skimrande The sole reason for having forum guidelines and rules as well as a moderating team is to ensure the forum is a safe, friendly and supportive place for all members touched by ASD. I can assure you that advice, guidance and rules are in no way intended to single out individual members. Moderators perform a vital but at times difficult role and must make decisions in the interests of the whole community. Any members are free to contact one of the forum admins if they feel that a moderator has abused their position which is why admins in general do not moderate the forum. Kind regards Lufty
  10. Dear All Please join me in welcoming Sally44 as the latest and final new moderator for the forum. Kind regards Lufty
  11. Dear All I am also pleased to announce that Lyndalou has also agreed to become a moderator. Increasing the number of moderators helps ease the load and also allows a more co-ordinated and consensual moderating style. Best regards Lufty
  12. Dear All I am pleased to announce that matzoball and Merry have both agreed to become new moderators on the forum. Please welcome them, be kind and help them settle into their new role. Many thanks Lufty
  13. Dear All As most of you will be aware we have recently added a few new moderators to the forum as some of our more established team currently have limited time to assist with moderating the forum. It is fair to say that the new moderators have been finding their feet with both the role and also the technical aspects of moderating the forum. This has caused some upset and frustration (some justified) which I would like to apologise for. However the moderators are appointed by the admin team to ensure that the forum rules are applied but with a light touch for the benefit of all members of the forum. This is to ensure that everyone touched by ASD can safely and supportively discuss issues and their opinions. Please support the new moderators and give them some leeway as they find their feet and tread the fine line between allowing discussions to flow whilst upholding the forum guidelines and rules which we should not forget are intended for the benefit of all members. Members have voiced their opinion some of which is accepted but now it is time to bring these discussions to an end. If anyone has any further issues with the moderation of this forum then I would appreciate that you PM myself or Kris rather than airing further views publicly. Any further topics will be removed by myself. Best regards Lufty
  14. Dear All I have just had to delete a topic due to the content being too explicit however the discussion related to a valid question and was in my opinion relevant to Autism. The language used was far too explicit considering we have children and teenagers who use this forum and this begs the question whether we need an adults only forum. I have created a poll to gauge member feelings towards this. Many thanks Lufty
  15. Hi Mannify Do you have access to another PC that you could try it on as there are no restrictions on you making status updates. Many thanks Lufty
  16. Hi Everyone There is a tick box in your profile settings to detect when your locally set Time Zone is in daylight saving mode. Kind regards Lufty
  17. Dear All Some time ago I changed the security settings on the forum to stop members marked as spammers from giving status updates and viewing members profiles. However this only works going forwards so members marked as spam before then can still post status updates and view members profiles. When I spot or am notified of spam status updates I simply reset the member account as a spammer and this stops them from making status updates and viewing members profiles. The status updates in the last 24 hours have all been from spam members who joined on 12th January 2012. The problem should reduce and go away in time. Kind regards Lufty
  18. darkshine What notification issue are you experiencing ? Kind regards Lufty
  19. Dear All Without wanting to jinx it I think the problem is now resolved. Many thanks for everyones patience. Kind regards Lufty
  20. No news is good news !!!

  21. Still working on the edit post issue ...

    1. A-S warrior

      A-S warrior

      we seem to be up and running again

  22. Dear All This is getting rather annoying now. I have tried something else but need to wait to see if it fails again. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards Lufty
  23. Dear All Well it lasted longer this time before reverting back. I have tried something else to see if this resolves the issue and will monitor. Kind regards Lufty
  24. Dear All I applied a fix about an hour ago and so far this has fixed the problem. Fingers crossed we have the solution now. Many thanks for your patience. Kind regards Lufty
  25. Hi Mike_GX101 There is an ongoing problem with this at the moment. I apply the fix which works but then the problem comes back again which I think is probably due to some kind of caching issue. I will keep working on this and let you know when the problem is resolved. Kind regards Lufty
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