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  1. hi was just wondering how you get on with your children when you go on holiday we find it hard with our dd 10 she likes her on things around her so we brought a caravan and it seems to be helping we only used it once so will have to see how we go she liked haveing her own space when she is not in school we find it very hard to get her out of the house all the best
  2. i hate this time of the year as well gland when its over
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    why do schools think we are just being over petected perant ?
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    thank you all for the advice i will try some of the things and see if this will help jill
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    hi my dd 9 has aspergers she is well behaved in school but soon as she comes out of school she is a nightmare and when she hased got school she dosed want to go out she shouts sreams swears hits it can take for hours to just go shoping any help please this is getting worse jill
  6. so sorry to hear this but you need to find out if there is any one else he is seeing for you own sake he may want to see what it is like with her
  7. hello yes ou can get free nappies i get them for my daughter she is 9 ask at the docters all the best
  8. hi i have a daughter with aspergers she was dx in 2006 and i know wht u mean about it upsetting your relationship why it dose
  9. hello that sounds like my dd7 what we finds helps we brought her a flatscreen tv with free view build in so when she comes home from school she sits there with her head phones on till she is calm then i will talk to her she hates her father and it up sets him she will kick him were it hurts and calls him all kinds of names but the tv helps all the best jill
  10. sorry cant help my dd7 will wash change when she cames in from school she copys her 10 year old brother then my other son comes home at 5 she will do the same again then my other son comes home at 6 she dose the same again i think she thinks thats what you are sepose to do i was told thats the way she gets buy copying what other people do all the best hope you get it sored soon all the best jill
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    thank you for that very helpfull all the best to you jill
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    hello well done the same thing was happing with my dd7 she was dx aspergers in april a mother knows her child my mother inlaw says she will out grow it all the best jill
  13. hello so sorry for your loss my mother died in april from melinjutis we put some of her ashes in a pot out the garden with a rose brush formy father and had the rest brued with her mother father and sister i know how you feel my sister lives in oz and couldnt come home we had a little service at the grave side all the best to you take care jill
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    toilet problems

    hello have you got other children thats how my dd leaned to do it my son used to sit and go the toilet then she copyed him it was harder with number 1 becouse she use to stand to try and do it still wont do a number 2 in school all the best jill
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    advice please

    thank you will try these all the best jill
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