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  1. Content removed by moderator as it breached forum rules. Kathryn
  2. I shall google you and get back......pleae don't google me
  3. Although this is a forum for aspergers and the like I will still reply as many people may be affected with relatives having a dementia .I really have to disagree with you . I am well aware of the diagnostic criteria for dementia my point was that Alzheimers is a certain formation of brain cells that cvan not be guessed upon, a probable diagnosis can be given and even medication started but my point is that it is not a definate . I personally think you may have spent too lonmg on wikipedia for your research and are sendign out false or misleadign information to the genral public ......please be mindful when you post especially when you have limited and biased information
  4. Flibs

    Bad News

    Hope she gets well soon xx
  5. what I did not mention is that my son is very academic, not as in spending ages over his work but almost knowing his subjects, now he is not a savant autistic person but just very bright and I found mainstream schooling could not manage this and I think a lot of his behaviours was due to lack of understanding from teachers and the like and the fact he was bored and very frustrated and he was also very very unhappy
  6. Just wanted to mention how great my son's school is. Some of you may know in his schooling life he has approximately 100 exclusions 4 permanant and 2 from special needs schools and spent many months at home. Now he often comes home with platiunum certificates (worked out on points you lose throughout the day) and today he mentioned what a briliant day he had today .he saw 2 lambs being born and how much he is looking forawrd to tomorrow where they have a street dancer comming into school and also they are going to make their own c.d. He is loving the expressive arts days ...things really can get better , pity we have to fight but it is worth it
  7. Where I live we have an "inclusive" after school faciltity for children with and without speacial needs .......great stuff only my son has been permantley excluded from it .err no so not so "inclusive" really but perhaps there is something simliar in your area
  8. Please feel free to correct me but if you have a diagnosis of Alzheimers you have it as it just the name Alois Alzheimer named after looking down a microscope at a bunch of cells in the brain. I know many people get a diagnosis of Dementia without it being a fact but for Alzheimers a c.t. scan is done , that is not to say they may have had different risk factors or even behave differently but you would not diagnose Alzheimers on a set of behaviours alone
  9. you could try rye bread is very dense but I really like it .you coudl try buying the Carol Vorderman detox book as that is wheatfree is also vegan but you can adapt that bit
  10. you could try rye bread is very dense but I really like it .you coudl try buying the Carol Vorderman detox book as that is wheatfree is also vegan but you can adapt that bit
  11. Too be honest I would not get too het up by the swearing they are only words and when life is difficult enought to understand and communicate effectively in sometimes it seems the only way to get a point across. This I understand totally Becky "she has refused to dress or leave the house today so i havent even been able to walk the dogs. " well part from the fact I have no dogs but you are the adult and although initially it is easy to give in in the long term I don't think it is wise to allow her to be in charge ..........good luck
  12. Although I understand the difficutlies that go alongside a diagnosis ......and although I have had a horrendous time getting my son the support he needs I actually do not mind the fact he has aspergers...we are all different and some of our different behaviours have names . Now I love my son so very much although at times I have really disliked him i would not want him to be anything other than he is .I may coem across as very simplistic and basic in my views but all children desire the basics such as right to education , peers, warmth , food and as long as that is provided does it really matter if they are autistic?
  13. Have to agree my son understands sarcasm, jokes, literal meanings and has a diagnosis of Aspergers , as for ticking boxes there are 4 main ones re aspergers and I will clarify more when I am not attempting to write an essay for uni
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