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  1. Hi there, my autistic son is due his last single mmr vaccine, (mumps) but I have just found out the company we used have gone into liquidation. I'm not sure if anyone is allowed to recommend another company or are you allowed to PM me one if you know one in Sussex? Also willing to travel to London. I might see if the docs can test his mumps immunity, has anyone else tried this? My daughter still needs 3 more jabs though, what a nightmare. Also, my son is 5, do they have to have any boosters later on in life? thanks for your help. TT
  2. Thank you for sharing that, amazing!
  3. Hi, haven't been around for a while, hope everyone is well. I've requested a sensory assessment for my son (HFA aged 5) as I am concerned that he is not feeling pain/not telling me if he is in pain. He is also sensitive to noise but seems to be coping well by covering his ears. I was wondering if anyone has ever had a sensory assessment and what other issues were picked up/what can I expect? He also has poor fine motor skills, buttons etc., and can't spit/blow (anyone else?), also tries to eat all food with fingers but can actually hold a fork when told too, writing is pretty good although in his own style - copied from typed writing rather than forming letters correctly. I want to make a list of all his difficulties so nothing is missed out but I presume they (OT?) will do cover all areas anyway? Many thanks, TT
  4. Hi there. I had a meeting with a inclusion support worker last week at my sons school. She was going to send me a guide for SEN, something that may help with the info my son would need to start working towards a statement. She hasn't sent it and I wondered if anyone knew which guide she was talking about so I can try and get it myself. She mentioned that it was sprial bound, (and possibly green or yellow on the front cover). Can anyone shed some light please? Oh and to add more confusion its not the Code of Practice as I have that already. . . .sorry to be so vague. . .TT x
  5. Ooops, sorry about previous. Welcome, my son is 5 and has a diagnosis of HFA. I've tried to get him onto dinosaurs but he always goes back to Thomas . . .!!! Hope you find all the answers you need, TT x
  6. Hi A & A, just to say I'm thinking of you. Can't offer any advice as I haven't been down this route but good luck and keep fighting!!! x
  7. Hi there, I just thought I'd tell you my experience as it is quite similar. My son's older cousin has ASD and I have always been very aware of this whenever I went for health checks etc. with my own son when he was younger. The most anyone ever said to me was that he was 'obsessive' during his two year check. I had a very hard time in toddler groups etc. but put it down to terrible twos and as he was my first child didn't think much more of it. My sister in law phoned my husband one night after a family gathering and told him her concerns (my son had spent the whole day playing with Thomas and ignoring everyone at the party). I was furious, angry, hurt, and couldn't accept that there was anything wrong (partly I suppose because he is very different from his cousin and I had very limited knowledge of ASD). I took him to the GP's to prove everyone wrong and as it turned out they were all right and he got his diagnosis in the summer holidays before he started school. It has taken me a long time to completely come to terms with my sons diagnosis but ultimately I know my sister in law did the right and a very brave thing and we are closer as a result. My new sister in law on my brothers side has asked me to tell her direct if I see anything in her son (aged 6 months). Ultimately my son got all the help at school he needed by which time it was obvious something wasn't right (was still in nappies etc. etc.) He has come on leaps and bounds because he now has the right support and I understand him more. Good luck whatever you decide, its a hard one.
  8. What a great opportunity, go for it!
  9. Hi Smiley, I'm really sorry to hear your nan passed away. Take care of yourself <'>
  10. Hi A&A, <'> >< I'm pleased you have your diagnosis. I'm sure you are going through a rollercoaster of emotions, but for me time has been a great healer and life has got easier now I understand my son more. He has also settled down a lot with the right support in place. Take it easy and I hope you get all the support you are looking for. The NAS do some great courses and I wonder whether it would be worth you trying for portage again now you have the diagnosis? Thinking of you lots, TT xxxx
  11. My son is sensitive to noises too. School bell, food mixers, train whistles, buzzers in shoe shops, dogs barking etc. We are teaching him to cover his ears as much as possible and try to give him warning ie tell him when we are switching the hoover on etc., telling him that a friends dog will bark when he goes to the door but will stop when everyone is in the house. He is better when he is in control of the noise, for example when he is allowed to ring the school bell (partly because he is inside and the bell is outside, switching on the hoover or food mixer and then I take over). A lot of the time it seems to be the anticipation of the noise as well as the actual noise. He seems to be more tolerant of the noise as he gets older (but still only 5).
  12. My AS son was induced 2 weeks early due to my high blood pressure and worries about pre-eclampsia. I too haemorrhaged but luckily didn't have to have a transfusion. He weighed a healthly 8lb 8 so I was probably lucky he didn't last until due date. My NT daughter was born on her due date, natural labour, 'easy' birth. I think about whether to have another one every day, time to make a decision soon. . . .
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