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  1. To anyone who still remembers me and my (now 6 years old!!!) darling boy G (dx ASD), hi!!! I'm back, with a whole new set of worries. Now looking at statutary assessment, but have moved to a new school (been there 2 weeks), since old one was no good...will be asking for lots of advice, I think!!! (probably won't be able to resist dishing out my own brand of 'pearls of wisdom' either! ) Good to be back> <'> <'> XXXX
  2. So sorry to hear this, Jaded. It's easy to forget that it's the most vulnerable members of society who are at risk when there's a flu epidemic, and we all have a responsibility to protect them. I know several people who have 'soldiered on' when they've had swine flu, because they didn't feel too bad. The advertising should highlight the risks to others more clearly.
  3. Hi. I'm NT, and find the NS website appalling to navigate...I can never find the same route to something-I'll comeacross something useful, then next time, be totally unable to find it again. On the Help course I went on recently, the trainers were saying they found the same thing, and they work for the NAS!
  4. Mum of 3


    <'> <'> <'> I'm so sorry that I can't give you any advice, Mumble. I know nothing of these things . I just want to offer you <'> and I hope someone comes along who can be of more help.
  5. Hi Gotthetshirt, welcome to the forum! I told the SALT person that she'd better get some Playmobil in if she wanted my DS to talk to her about anything, otherwise conversation was likely to be a little one-sided! She got some playground toys in that G hadn't seen before, but unfortunately, there was a roundabout, that you could spin, and spin, and spin, and spin...and it went round, and round, and round, and round, and round....... Not much conversation in the end, after all!
  6. These poems must be very comforting to you, Smiley. Keep up with the gym...it should do you good!
  7. Also meant to say, thanks, Coolblue, for finding it...This is a great document to pull out at those moments when you feel you're about to be fobbed off yet again!
  8. Same here. This was what I expected to happen when I first approached the health visitor when G was 3. I wonder what went wrong ?...
  9. Mum of 3


    So pleased to hear they can do something. Hope all goes well! XXX
  10. <'> Smiley, if you're worried about how to explain it all to your GP, how about taking a copy of this topic along to the appointment, then you coud show it to him/her if you can't find the right words.
  11. Smiley, you really must get help to deal with these feelings you are having. can you talk to your mum? I know she's grieving to, but she would not want you to be getting yourself in a state and not letting her know, I'm sure. Maybe you could go to the doctor, or your support worker, and let them know you're not ok. If your self-harming is getting worse, you need professional help to help you to deal with it. Please don't feel that you have to pretend to be ok when you're not. You really have to get some help. <'> <'> <'>
  12. Well done you! Hope all goes well with the part-timing...Better get on with all those visits you'd planned before Xmas!
  13. Can't even imagine being in your position, but then, mine are only 2,3 and 6!!! Looking forward to the day, though...
  14. Hi Smiley, it sounds as if you coped really well with the funeral. Well done, you. It's a very hard situation, isn't it? I know just what you mean about having that 'unreal' feeling. I've felt like that before at funerals. It seems so strange to be doing this momentous thing (saying goodbye to a loved and dear one), and yet still having everyday thoughts (like 'did I leave the gas on?', or 'I wonder who'll go from XFactor tonight')...it's almost as if those everyday things have no place on such an important day, but they do, and it's perfectly normal to have them. I think this is what people mean when they say 'Life goes on...'. My Dad died this time of year 7 years ago. I remember standing in my Mum's conservatory watching the bonfire and fireworks at the pub down the road. We could hear all these screams and shouts of delight and happiness, and I thought 'How can anyone be so happy, and carefree, when someting so HUGE has just happened?' I felt as though nothing would ever be the same again, and, of course, it hasn't been. But things do get better, and you get used to that person not being there, even though you miss them dreadfully. Smiley, if you feel like you're fine, maybe you're dealing with it, and you are fine. You've done really well on here, describing your feelings and working through them, so hopefully you will just keep feeling ok. Sometimes, we expect to feel a certain way, and it's a bit of a surprise to find we don't. But keep looking after yourself, and allow yourself to feel whatever comes along. You're still very vulnerable after what's happened, and you can expect to go up and down. <'> <'> <'>
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