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  1. Saw details of this conference in the local paper, but its a National event - thought you might be interested http://www.treatingautismconferences.com/
  2. Hmmm - looks like there's a gap in the market for some kind of assessment terminology that is useful - I like Lucas's idea of a circle - it puts me in mind of those wheels you get to work out things like feng shui - do you think it would be possible to work out all the possible 'autistic personality types'.........like you get those psychometric tests that have 16 combinations and you end up with four letters - Introvert Idealist Organiser etc ...I'm not keen on 'low' or 'high' either - my son has no speech but lots of personality/affection and problem solving - he could find and retrieve a chocolate biscuit from ANYWHERE - stand back Indiana Jones!! ....and call me cynical but I say that this 'mild' business is being put forward to try and reduce entitlements to things like DLA
  3. thanks guys for the links and advice - have ordered the book off Amazon and will let you know how we get on
  4. I'm no expert but here's a few links to read: Sunderland page TACA Healing Arts I hasten to add that I am not responsible for these websites and the theories on them! (I dont want anyone giving me a hard time if they dont agree with them!)
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  6. Me again! Same question - but with glucosamine sulphate - I tasted one and its pretty bitter, so I'm not sure if there is a better variety or a better way to hide it? My little'un does seem to be a good candidate for problems with sulphur transferase as he has responded really well to taking apples, citrus, chocolate , paracetamol, tomato and vinegar out of his diet - I've seen anecdotal recommendations for using glucosamine sulphate and wonder if anyone has experience (good or bad) of doing so, Again, thanks in advance...
  7. Is anyone using digestive enzymes for their child? If yes, which ones, how do you 'get them in' - and do you consider them beneficial? If no, any particular concerns? Thanks in advance
  8. <'> <'> <'> The very fact that you're thinking you might be a bad mum is the evidence that you're not! 'bad mums' wouldnt stop to think about their kids for a second - You're doing your best poppet, and your best is good enough!! <'> <'> <'>
  9. Another good thing for me was the 'Early Support' family pack from the DfES website, not sure on the links but if you search on the DfES site it should come up. Came within a week and its a big pack with lots of leads for services - it helped me to know what I was entitled to and where I could find it and gives you folders for organising all your childs reports and things like that. I've been given a place on a Help! course in July (Isle of Wight) and there seem to be a few on in other places over the next month or two.....
  10. Oh I'm so glad it's not just me!!! 5 yr daughter is grumpy and floppy in the sun, I spend all my time moving the shade around (3 year old little'un wont wear hat, shades or suncream - or clothes or a nappy for that matter), sweeping up the sand from the sandpit (thrown everywhere), the gravel from round the footings (thrown at the conservatory), mopping up water from the play-table (bought indoors and poured in neat little puddles at varying intervals around the house, various wee's, poo's and crushed food from varying places, and when it comes to me.... ...I've got no summer tops that sufficiently cover my tummy, I'm so white Im nearly blue - if I try that cream that gently tans you over time I just end up with orange hands and ankles (who's got time to do all that scrubbing and moisturising anyway?) and the older I get, the stranger the places I sweat.....like my knees sweat - that's got to be wierd right? I was so looking forward to summer too!!!
  11. Cool! (literally!) - I need to have another good look in there - if I cant find the magnum thingies you may be hearing about a one-woman protest Anyone got a choc-ice costume....!
  12. Just a quickie to say we got Whole Earth cornflakes in Waitrose last week - reasonably priced and the ingredients are just corn, raw cane sugar, salt and sunflower lecethin. Also to anyone who is struggling trying to make creations that look like chicken nuggets or fish fingers (which I was for ages!) STRUGGLE NO MORE! Take a look at the new range of stuff at Sainsburys in the free from section - so much child friendly stuff I literally nearly sobbed!
  13. I'm in the New Forest (Hampshire border) and cant speak for the LEA bit yet, but can say that the early intervention and health has been great in every respect except a shortage of speech and language therapists... within months of suspected ASD I had speech & Language and portage, then OT, special playgroups and several support groups - the networking between health and education has been really good too. Only just starting on the school bit but all the parents I've met seem happy (and those that had problems had been given alternatives they were happy with) and I have been encouraged to look at several schools and across into Bournemouth too (two Beacon Schools) So, I am a newbie, but it seems good here so far.....
  14. Radio 4 write up a link for the write up...
  15. Hi all, programme starting on Radio 4 in a little while about Respite for the elderley and disabled. They mentioned Alison and Ryan in the leader as to why they didnt have more help from Stockport council - dont know what it'll be like... ...I'm going to try and listen but I'm on my last legs - little one awake last two nights and I'm yawning so much its making my nose run! so I might need to ask you what happened in it!!!! HAppy listening
  16. Oh I know just what you mean - you get to the point that you dread people asking..... my current favourite is "all boys do that" which seems to be trotting out regularly this month - along with the variations on a theme about how I was destined to have a special boy because I'm so patient.....oh, and that he would probably talk if he didnt watch so much telly...
  17. Oh gawd - when I say 'our opinion' I mean all of our opinions, not just mine and anyone who agrees with me! just being a bit para now........
  18. I felt the replies were getting a little weighted' in one direction too - it's like taking your life into your hands sometimes making a post - especially if you're new and/or feeling tender (speaking for myself anyways)!! Keep on posting - I hope this forum is primarily for supporting each other, regardless of the different methods we are all using or not using to get from one day to another. Everyone is entitled to our opinion!!
  19. Thanks Brook - great article Need to read it again after a coffee though I think - quite long
  20. Well done Helen - what a superstar
  21. I was once told that stopping my daughter sucking her thumb was tantamount to child abuse (by someone on the NHS Direct line I might add) - very emotive language to use I thought.... (...I'll just add I was a first time mum and she had chickenpox and one of the scabs on her thumb was infected, which was why I phoned them - not just to ask a random thumb-sucking question! ) The dentist said it wouldnt harm her baby teeth so I let it continue thinking it would reduce as she got older - it was only when school said she couldnt that I (feeling like the worst mother in the world as usual) thought I'd better help her cut down! Honestly - just cant get anything right We've gone right off track, sorry Gardenia!!! p.s. Good on 'yer Bagpuss!!
  22. I forgot to say - I dont stop my ASD son stimming, but interestingly I do stop my NT daughter sucking her thumb (as do her school). Zoikes! Now I've got double standards to feel guilty about on top of everything else!
  23. <'> <'> <'> Oh Lyns - Can you see another Doc in the practice? I really feel for you - sending you strength and wishes for a recovery - <'> <'> <'>
  24. Excellent posts Lucas and Lil me.... an asd adult told me that they were 'trained' not to stim and so they stopped, but all they did was switch their stims to internal ones that no one could see - which sorta makes me feel they had to find a coping strategy to cope with how their loved ones coped with their coping strategy by the same token, how YOU feel is how you feel, and if you are uncomfortable your child/other children/viewing public will know that, so there has to be a balance somewhere - I'd imagine you are too tired to put the whole world right every day in every way, so maybe a nice balance is to support your child with reducing stimming in situations you feel might limit their social interaction but always make it clear they can stim as much as they want at home/in the car? But you'd definitely need to understand what they were 'getting' from the stimming so you could help provide subtle alternatives to help them self-regulate their stress levels while out and about or in exciting situations - because thats probably when they'd need them most? Have we got any sensory dudes out there who know how stimming 'feels' and can suggest ways to replicate the jumpy up and down flapping stim (my son does this constantly when he watches TV or when he gets excited - he also does joint compressions on himself so I dont know if that does the same thing?)
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