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    sorry mean't reply post back to you , I've been under mental health team /services since early teens for mixed anxiety & depression now in middle 20's I can relate to eating issues difficulties also body image difficulties and issues , did anorexia 'uncover' AS ? just like me with my depression & anxiety uncovered hidden and lurking AS in background , end of last year found out also have ADHD combined type! XKLX
  2. I am female , and can personally relate to your daughter's emotional outbursts ,difficulties as I have also struggled to control my emotions until spiral and too late and anger gets better of me because frustration due to misunderstanding of situation or feeling general frustrated ,isolated or confused ,scared so only way I can physically show this is anger can be such challenging yet difficult emotion , I also have dyspraxia , Mixed Anxiety & Depressive Disorder , Social Anxiety Disorder and more recently current diagnosis of ADHD (combined type) can be so difficult to manage all issues and difficulties as well as emotions feelings so much going on round you trying understand get emotionally drained as well as overwhelmed so can empathise with your daughter i have had on/off input from mental health services and teams since early teens due to emotional difficulties i was experiencing at that time which over took me completely! i felt so guilty ,bad ended up lasting hours on end my outbursts resulting in emergency services being called several times was really bad when woke up in morning felt disgust anger towards myself which made self -esteem even worse! XKLX
  3. hs mum - I have also had personal 1st experience of ''inner self voices' where hear own thoughts on over drive and can't get rid of them so overlap each other caused by either excess anxiety or depression or even both mine at time seemed sit with more anxiety ,panic attacks but could be mixed together can be so scary when experience this as so sudden,unpredictive and difficult to know how manage them more effectively! glad your son seems more calmer and settled now receiving right kind of treatment package for him! and take slow steps move in right direction to make himself 'well' can become fuzzy within mental health difficulties when ASD whatever form or level also involved within situation can complicate and confuse issues and difficulties further! making more of mystery struggling unravel of what causes what! can totally empathise with your son's experiences ,difficulties and issues! x XKLX
  4. I was also going to mention depression as this can make you edgy and irritable and know from personal experience on this one?! this make you seem angry ,lashing out almost aggressive ,oppositional or defiant? so this is another option to investigate? as also sounds highly likely to address as this can come alongside AS/ADD as secondary MH Issues XKLX
  5. still struggling to adjust with my settling in sleep patterns can be quite difficult as never know whether it is ADHD ,AS or Anxiety or Depression or bit of everything as always struggled with sleeping patterns as feel restless , irritable XKLX
  6. when they refer to his needs as 'risk of harm' or himself others or both? has ADHD been investigated ? he needs a service suitable to cater all of his difficulties even his emotions managing them as sound unpredictable right now there's always a reason behind the emotions he currently displaying anger etc ? I can empathise with your son as I've been lost ,confused and scared lashed out at everyone and anyone around me made me feel 'hate' for myself was real! xKLX
  7. the end of last year was 'discovered' to have ADHD (combined type) I have been informed by clinical nurse specialist that part and parcel of ADHD is uncontrollable and unpredictable mood patterns like rollercoaster which can be hard and difficult to manage so suppose this would fit with my 'issues' and difficulties emotionally! XKLX
  8. bless you,sounds worrying bet you stressed under pressure ,strain trying pick up emotional turmoil ,upset left in pieces and friction caused by your son's actions when in vulnerable irrational state of mind , is not easy but challenging and difficult task to achieve , have you tried writing a heartfelt letter explaining how situation got out of control filled with emotions I can totally empathise with your son's situation personally as affects so many people around him, not JUST HIM - I think others FORGET that fact! is he on any medication at all right now? has schizophrenia been investigated as this can involve psychosis? Bi-Polar? BPD? all worth looking into? does his anxiety trigger off his psychosis ? do you personally believe he would ACTUALLY carry out his threat of killing family members? or see as harmless threat made? is he remorseful ? does he afterwards what he has said /done? does he remember? does he have any MH support services involved? XKLX
  9. your very welcome hope it helps gain insight when look into ADD further! ,I'm glad parent support at the school are great for you! let me know your personal opinion on ADD! girls do tend to commonly just 'get on with it' struggle along until hit barrier ,brick wall emotionally have issues and become overwhelmed , frustrated with hold inside instead of showing on outside which effects 'us' ASD females later on unlike males where physically show up more in 'limelight' as seen as more male 'condition' so people tend to rule out females even having ASD which is again frustrating and annoying! your daughter sounds like she hit breaking point emotionally as comes and reaches a time where this happens and difficult to break free from! can be so difficult to separate! we do mirror and copy social skills etc to 'fit in' boys have been proved to portray differently but much more research is needed for females with ASD and how 'we' are affected! XKLX
  10. have she been assessed for mood related disorder existing underlying hidden beneath the ADD or AS ? or do you believe and personally think part of ADD/AS? but I also found out ADD can impact and effect your mood patterns , I can empathise I have just recently ,currently been officially diagnosed with ADHD , have you decided to put your daughter on medication? is she involved any support services? I also struggled to balance ,stabilise my moods which never easy ,such a challenge so difficult also was informed by ADHD helpline ADHD classed as 'mood disorder' I believe living on emotional rollercoaster I battle every day trying equal everything out! your daughter maybe struggles ,find difficult to express her emotions so inner frustrations build up. XKLX
  11. lot of difficulties & issues you have described and listed you can point towards direction of mixture combination of ASD & ADHD , I can personally relate and empathise to what you have posted as I also struggle with issues,difficulties you have described! your mind spinning .fly off handle over stupid things ,drift off easily and so forgetful ,feeling unsettled ,restless ,irritable , can't swap and change quickly in routine suddenly - this I would say mainly classic ADHD symptoms really can overlap with AS too I struggled with balance of seesaw feeling constantly unsettled ,restless ,irritable frustrated , the list is endless - could do on forever really to be honest! and no wonder effects self-esteem knocks you back so can't move on productively not coping with change in routine, feel uncomfortable ,unsettled ,anxious meeting new people or new environment or surroundings! ,obsessive over hobbies inappropriate comments or behaviour seen as 'rude' by society or public find people hard ,difficult relate to understand - this is classic ASD symptoms ,but once again can fall into both related conditions is not uncommon!
  12. in childhood was discovered to have Clumsy Child Syndrome (Dyspraxia) ,I have AS which was officially accidently 'founded' in my early teens ,then more recently as last year end of October was diagnosed again by 'accident' as having combined type ADHD currently on 36mg dosage of Concerta always know mixture of different 'issues' there from start , even felt as a child in the playground wondering why everything so busy ,chaotic ,manic ,noisy ... now experience same sort of overwhelming, whirlwind feelings at work that surround me on high fast quick pace but medication does help organise my muddled ,confused thoughts in 'better manner' always felt hyper 'highs' moods and found hard sit still would get easily distracted by everything around me , constantly getting sent out of class or getting into 'trouble' as would get de motivated or frustrated this way I expressed it by being seen as class clown even class mates now class me as 'naughty one' by all adds up makes sense clearly. always felt like going round in endless circles ,catching myself up! was always difficult to manage or slow down the ever speedy rollercoaster I have no real control over! I always seem to have point in direction of self -blame turn into vicious circle of mental health difficulties from pure frustrations and negative judgements and criticisms which were attached and stuck to me in my past especially school life , with bullying was hard to handle! , also feelings of anxieties never really fade into background which again is hard to balance out with battling depression since my early teens on/off with inner fight with depression this depressive issues ended up leading me on the path of being assessed for AS! my life so far been filled with lot of issues, difficulties and emotions which can be overwhelming and frustrating together! I have a diagnosis of Mixed Anxiety & Depressive Disorder though don't know if been overrided now by ADHD & AS in place of even though depression and anxiety still everyday reality factor ,can be hard work out what caused what! , undiagnosed ,unrecognised ADHD & AS can cause endless frustrations which get tangled caught up in! it quite deep and don't think ever get to bottom of it all of which involved in whole background ,hidden picture as I've been described such 'complicated history' - by a doctor at local surgery so that must be saying something! lol XKLX
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    hi all

    sounds you have lot of 'issues' 'difficulties' surrounding you especially emotionally - I have social anxiety , Mixed Anxiety & Depressive Disorder ,don't mean this sound 'bad' but I not surprised you have so many issues and difficulties hope you receiving support from appropriate services from these separate yet combined issues and difficulties! how do you manage and cope? must been really inner battle & struggle to come terms with every issue ,difficulties together and on it's own are your family & friends understanding and supportive?! what do you think are reason ,cause behind your emotional issues and difficulties? are you on any medications for EUSPD? severe depression, so can partly empathise of your emotional inner turmoil and battles between yourself! XKLX
  14. do you have any family support at all? like family therapy sessions or maybe play therapy or social group for siblings of EBD could be possibly? I have just recently been diagnosed with adult ADHD , (combined type) sounds like your family has many different issues ongoing with both of children must be difficult to manage and balance do you think your ODD/ADHD struggles with feelings of intense, extreme jealously surrounding him? does your ADHD,ODD son on any medication or having any therapies or support?! XKLX
  15. I always regret drinking even after great night out with friends as drags you down yet even further of trying to forget and feel better actually turns out makes feel worst so opposite in the end! end up coming home endlessly sobbing ,crying which feel makes no sense or have no real control over! I can really personally relate to cycles of erratic and impulsive behaviour patterns /cycles which you've described go on and off! makes complete sense as does general depression not easy to manage at best of times when get 'unwell' I stop suddenly taking my medication altogether which ended up in total state ,mess horrid ,awful im currently on lustral 50mg but been on many anti-d's since my early teens too long list! goes on forever to be honest so fed up ,drained go through stage being 'well' then just crash and drop! which freaks me out scares me! can feel another 'unwell' stage coming on building up currently then blow into crisis mode which never ends great or well! just end up feel bad guilty! ;( XKLX
  16. heya , sorry to seem nosey hun but can I personally pry for a reason , what mental health issues did you have ? that you feel are linked ,connected with AS? ( depression,anxiety)? XKLX
  17. sorry misread what you ACTUALLY MEAN'T! I would also personally agree with the diagnoses you have already in place from school days , that combination of issues that underlying everything of AS/ADHD I felt I could never settle , felt edgy ,irritable all the while just discovered this is due to undiagnosed ADHD ( combined type) - just started medication last week ,I couldn't sit still focus ,concentrate properly for any length of time, lose trail of thought get high hyper excitable mood not be able to control , also racing thoughts that couldn't slow down and my body , bad ,poor memory becoming forgetful ,losing property can be common ADHD issue struggle to switch off shut down rest sleep due to both AS/ADHD can cause bad disrupted sleep patterns not good as also affects your mood has knock on impact!, social side struggling finding difficult to make friends ,being bluntly open and honest verging on rude is totally Aspie , so also is hobbies that are or become obsessional common main AS issue ,meeting unfamiliar people or places also common in AS too , causing great anxiety , can be social anxiety which I also have! I probably forgot to mention something ,somewhere in here too , sorry if I have! so sounds highly likely /possibility of AS/ADHD present , I would research ,investigate further - you have LONG ,LONG list just like me! XKLX
  18. is there something at school making him anxious or sad ? as way he expresses this as anger or his frustration maybe ? all options need to explored! have you had a meeting with the school , SENCO support workers to find out any additional information ,details of his school daily routine? could be another pupil making him angry winding him up ,bullying him? maybe you could discuss with school having a school to home daily diary to keep track on how he has generally been behaviour anger wise each day so can record anything changing to set him off in anyway? just few ideas hope find them useful ,helpful? maybe have quiet room ,area or sensory room which he could access if he starts get angry ? XKLX
  19. I personally found after CAMHS can get bit lost and confused about who is responsible for your care needs ,plan next where to do I go, what do I do next can all be overwhelming and generally frustrating as services just expect you to know ,understand the general steps next which you don't so middle gap in between where do fit into child services anymore or teens services so feel torn between tug of war can be quite draining experience /situation to be involved in ,well was the case for me anyways with having so many other emotional issues to try manage also just added to bit more! sometimes can be quite isolating in itself when you feel don't 'fit in' to society anyway this just compounds, reinforces fears ,worries of abandonment which quite real in our world of let downs and broken promises! I felt like post diagnosis CAMHS didn't really know what to do next with me they handed me and my mum leaflets on ASD general information on condition I ended up doing my own personal research by reading books from library!! just makes worry become anxious even more about who going to look after you! be there when crisis arises I can up with most suggestions was eventually ,finally referred over to Adult Mental Health service but felt negatively judged ,harshly treated so discharged myself as making me feel 'worse' by attending, now back under their services! XKLX
  20. depression in itself can make you lash out ,physically angry and frustrated , are you on any medication for your depression? how long you had depression? do you receive any form of outside service help or support for depression? as may sound like past events, issues are overwhelming you , I can totally relate to your anger outbursts as that has been me also DSH too! it's hard ,difficult to work through so many issues at once need work through step by step I was also bullied for years at school and this has massive impact on your self -esteem and this can make you mistrust and resent lot! I found my depression made me angry an awful lot makes feel horrid! I now got my anger under control lot better than I did hardly anything these days just struggled ,battled through can be so draining and feel so misunderstood and isolated do you speak to close friend or family member about how your depression affects you makes you feel? XKLX
  21. I had suggested to me to make social story against role playing a practice an interview of questions may come up! and what kind of social cues are needed ,acceptable! ? this may give him the confidence he needs to know what to kind of expect! XXKLX
  22. smileyK

    concerta XL

    now currently this week on 26mg for a week worth then onto 36mg next week starting on Saturday morning found good signs already pointing in right direction even though early days. see positive impact /difference now feel more settled, calmer can think clearer too , amazing already saw clnical nurse last Wednesday afternoon and she is pleased with overall progress since been on these . my moods are more levelled out ,stable so all rounder to be honest! , I've been told the normal more effective is 36mg I've been informed , and so far no real side effects again good! and also considering works near enough straight away over night! XKLX
  23. smileyK

    concerta XL

    seen psychiatrist from community mental health team yesterday had an appointment to discuss ADHD medications came to decision, conclusion when seen clinical nurse that concerta ,the psychiatrist fax over a letter explaining direction of medication .doctors rang me tonight saying that prescription is ready to be picked up! seeing clinical nurse again on next Wednesday ( 12th February) to see how progressing on medication so hopefully that be long enough to tell if anything is working to feeling more settled and relaxed! XKLX
  24. you tried contacting the NAS ,they know the right in law experts if need pointing in that current direction? or NAS may know who you need to contact ,will pass you on to right source for support/help? do you think he has outstanding mental health issues? depression,anger? may if he writes to security guard to explain how sorry he is in how he reacted he just totally panicked and freaked out at being chased ( sounds common flight or fight reaction which natural response) has he had much support regarding his PDA/ASD,ADHD ? is he on medication for his ADHD ? does he struggle much manage his anxiety levels normal situations or ADHD? how comes CAMHS have discharged him? as didn't feel he needed the support they provided? how are his SEN school assuming it EBD issues related so have high level of support for his needs? could school support,help regarding his outburst situation maybe? or again help search point in right situation? got chase all leads ,possibilities to accessing support does he have a understanding,supportive SENCO? have they been informed on current situation? XKLX
  25. I used struggle with daily battles like you describing with your son , I have AS, Dyspraxia , Mixed Anxiety & Depressive Disorder ,Socia Anxiety Disorder & more recently current fresh diagnosis of adult combined type ADHD I never thought I'd be capable of learning anything really slowly but surely small realistic achievable steps now looking back feel like someone else my independence skills have come on leaps and bounds , - can now be left on our own ( me and my twin deaf -blind brother) for a long weekend by ourselves or even for 2 weeks when our parents are now enjoying freedom of what should have been experiencing years ago but due to having their lives on hold due to having us with different types of SEN's time where this would fill them and me with worry,dread ,anxiety and thought this was mountain milestone can be challenging but again rewarding when complete a task others take for granted! think nothing of but for us takes so much more energy drains us ! I started volunteering which got me into a part time job as bank staff/lunch time assistant ( 5 hours a week) now at big chain company of nursery doing 40+ hours a week senior room manager thinks I'm ready to start new step /challenge which NVQ3 and going on full time work contact from casual work contract as bank staff/lunch cover I have had so many rollercoaster moments which have scared me silly thinking nothing ever going to shift into my luck,fate whatever want to call it! sounds like your son is depressed? I did have support workers from NAS ,have you looked into NAS (national autistic society) ? he may need find his interests /hobbies to get him motivated , confident? raise his self-worth ,self-esteem! always been really difficult struggle with me believing in me! never give up hope I think im living the dream wake up sometime soon my life is great right now felt like this! just waiting for go wrong! XKLX
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