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  1. It depends on the course and the academic level of the student. I would get nothing academically out of a small university or a post-1992 university like Anglia Ruskin, my grades are too high. Equally, while I could suggest e.g. the University of Sheffield (whose disability support team have two officers with an AS specialism), that would be hopeless if the student didn't have top grades as they would not be able to transfer even if the course title was the same.
  2. It's pronounced AsperGER not AsperJER, given that the bloke it was named after was German and there is no soft "g" in German and his name was pronounced AsperGER. So no, you haven't got it right.
  3. My experience of toddlers says that most kids of that age without autism also go through something similar with food. Everything I have read in books also backs this up. Refusing foods and becoming rigid in diet is incredibly common in two and three year olds. Speak to other parents about how they deal with it when it comes to their neurotypical children - it's entirely probable that this has nothing to do with his autism. This article may help you.
  4. You can talk to her about other ways to handle the specific feelings that lead to self-harm. One thing that is often suggested by therapists is having an elastic band or hair bobble on the wrist, and "pinging" it when those feelings occur. There is brief pain, but it is not harmful, and it can help. It's also something that can be done in front of other people, which makes it less hidden, and means that those in the know can try to talk to the person who wants to self harm when they see them "ping" (not tell them to stop, but try to calm them down and remove the trigger where possible).
  5. It's really not the most common meaning of that acronym. Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is something many pregnant women suffer from, and by far the most common meaning of SPD - I have sensory processing disorder and I don't abbreviate it for this reason. It's best not to use acronyms unless they are understood by everyone.
  6. I went there less than a year ago. They sent my mum a developmental questionnaire in advance, and then on the day the appointment was mostly one to one. It lasted about 2 hours of chatting, and then in the last ten minutes the psychologist brought in my mum and husband. I was asked first, though, and it would have been OK if I had said no. She asked them both a handful of extra questions and then said she could give me the diagnosis there and then, so did. The report arrived about 2 weeks later, along with a copy of a letter I could use to show people (e.g. where I study) if I needed extra support. I also had a follow-up appointment six months later with a different specialist, as mine had changed jobs, and that required extra funding as my PCT had only funded diagnosis. Both psychologists were lovely and put me at ease. The building itself was quite easy to find, and there is parking for those who drive (I was given a lift the first time and went by public transport the second).
  7. I despise men who use NLP and player techniques. Who the hell wants either a relationship or to sleep with that kind of manipulative scumbag? Nobody I'd respect.
  8. I'm married to an NT man, but it's amazing and we complement each other in all sorts of ways. I'm wary of anyone who generalises about AS and NT people, it gets my back up. The same as when people say "All men are..." and "Women like..." because it's all nonsense and stereotypes. Women aren't automatically mysterious. Men aren't automatically straightforward. Relationships take work. I expect much of the time it's to do with who the individuals are and how they interact together than whether or not they're AS or NT. Some of the stupid stuff women say about men is similar to the nasty things people say about people with AS. The same goes for the "Women - you never know what they're thinking" rubbish men say.
  9. Rescue Remedy does not have sufficient quantities of any active ingredients to be effective as anything but a placebo. It is effectively just schnapps and water. Your son could drink a whole bottle of the stuff and it would neither help nor harm him. http://www.guardian....icineandhealth2
  10. I love Nyan Cat. I have a Nyan TARDIS t-shirt.
  11. I am oversensitive to light, sound, touch, texture, temperature, smell. I am undersensitive to taste (despite it being linked to smell) and can't stand blandish food or things where the flavours mix together (e.g. casseroles), I need things with strong and distinct flavours.
  12. If your reactions are affected (too slow, too fast, too calm, too anxious, too angry), if you are bound by routines to the point where you can't cope if there are diversions or someone breaks the law, if you have sensory perception problems (bothered by noises of other vehicles, lights of other cars etc) or proprioception issues (sense of where your body is in space) and poor spatial awareness - all these can affect your driving directly. But they don't affect everyone.
  13. Thanks all for the welcome/advice. Have sent off for NAS membership. Not entitled to tax credits as have just over the limit in savings (not actual savings, father died and need that money as house deposit as all the money I'll ever have). Would be nice to be able to get out and about more, though.
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