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  1. i do know the supermarket M has a lot of good gluten and dairy free own brands but it can vary from town to town what they have on the shelfs T is not to bad either you could check on line for books in this area on recipies etc and borrow from library also if you type in gluten free recipes on search engine you can find a lot of sights with recipies hope this helps
  2. thats a great idea will try that anything that will help. does anyone know where i will get some good gluten free sausages as he hates the supermarket own brand ones now you know jamie oliver advertises for them
  3. Dont know if this will help but L doesnt like the word no infact he doesnt like anything at the moment so we have been told to try a reward system were by you can use a visual aid like putting coloured marbels or counters in a jar then they get a reward. or using a chart and letting them put the sticker on. you might have already tried this put it might be worth a go sorry cant think of anything else at the moment
  4. Thankyou all for that input. well first of all he is trying to rule the house he tells me to get out of the kitchen because it is dangerous. what he means is get out the kitchen because i want to rake around and get foods i cant have.when i politly tell him i am not going out the kitchen because i have to finish what i am doing he flings himself on the floor and has a tantrum He hate anything on his hands including getting them wet. If i forget and go to do something like pull his trousers up and my hands are wet he runs and gets a towel. emotions could come into his food eating as well i will need to watch what he is like and then see if he is eating his food. i have been so down and upset with his tantrums and carryon with his food that i never thought of this He refused to eat again tonight except for his gluten and dairy free yorkshire pudding he then ask for one of his cakes and was told no because he hadnt eaten his dinner again with the tantrums shout and telling me to get out the kitchen i did not give in and eventually he went off telling me i was bad what a life i dont know what is worse the refusual to eat or the tantrums thankyou for all your replies because any imput helps deborah
  5. hi can anyone help me please L who is five has been sniffing is food and starting to refuse to eat it telling me it smells. He is on a gluten and dairy free diet and has been for a few years. At easter he was given a gluten and dairy free egg but refuse to eat it saying it was dirty. I tried talking to the child psychologist about this and she is saying it is not important at this moment as lots of children go through this on the asd but it is important as there are a lot of behaviour problems going along with this not eating any ideas please
  6. i went through this process does your child use a buggy or do you have to use restraints when out as the gp could also add this. i even had to attend a medical with my son and he refused to get out the buggy and started going into melt down the medical adviser was angry at the thought we had been put through this and told me to take my son home and she would advice in our favour it took two years of fightining my council hope this is of some help
  7. i have bought a weighted blanket from a lady who had her own website and advertise them on ebay as well. i was pleased with the blanket and the quality. I have also bought other stuff off asd site on ebay and got them as well. i always check the feed back for these people. what about contacting watch dog they like to get their teeth into cases like this. I hate these people who prey on parents like us they should be named and shamed to stop others getting ripped off
  8. can some one please tell me how do i change my name that appears when i have logged in i have looked in help but only could find how to change email and password thanks
  9. L came home from school today really happy he had made a clay catterpillar and had taken a great photo which the art teacher kindly framed for him. I was getting worried as he has had a few bad days at school this week with lashing out. But on days like this it makes you feel all the hard work is so worth while
  10. You are lucky they are allowing your child to go to the after school club at all. I attended a parents forum at my sons new school and they went on an on about all the children in the base unit being included. But in the next breath when i asked about the after school club it was oh no sorry dont have the resources and staff for the children from the base to attend after school club. So where is the inclusion there i just sat there shaking my head thinking its all words and nothing more.
  11. Thankyou for that at least i know now it is not me i tried to phone school today about him going on about being dirty and couldnt get no sense as to why he is saying it. i told her i am not happy with her attitude and i would speak to her again when i calm down or i might say something i would regret i thought these people were suppose to be trainned in this area why do they expect our kids to behave normally when they have issues they cannot help i am bewildered and cannot understand why they work in units if they cannot cope or except and deal with our child really fed up Deborah
  12. L started school in august he has settled in well and his teacher is nice. However we have noticed the flapping, rocking and the verbal aaaaa has got worse at home. The head makes me feel like a child dismisses me when i told her my concerns about it and told me they have no problems at school. we met the ot at school to day to discuess exercises and she walked out the room and sent someone else in. It is almost like she doesnt like her routine upset and we are an intrusion into the daily school life. I am sure the ot did not feel comfortable either i just dread any problems as i have already found she doesnt listen to any thing you say she just talks over you been in the job for years all that sort of thing you cant tell me nothing then the final straw came tonight when L kept saying he was dirty. I looked at him his hand clothes nothing. I told him he wasnt dirty. I asked him if he had poohed and he shouted no dirty i dont think that it is right to tell him he is dirty he wont understand that his dad is going mad saying he is going to speak to her about her attitude and telling him he is dirty oh god fireworks at home now sorry about the rant totally worried what is coming next
  13. I will be facing the same problem as you very shortly and i am so unsure of what to do. I am hoping my little one will finally have his diagnoises in April However i dont think they should put him forward to go to school next year i really dont think he is ready. He stands out so much against his class mates and yet i have been told because his birthday is in november i will have to fight hard to keep him back. Where is the sense in that if a child is not ready to move on surely it should be a joint decision not just his PRECAT TEAM I have come to the conclusion there are more able people on this site to deal with our childrens need then those so called qualified people who sit there and get a window view on what is going on
  14. I am going through the process of getting a diagnose for Luke. I Knew things were not right when he was about eight months old. I kept going back to the health visitor and GP. Finally when he started nursery in 2004 the nursery also notices he had a speech and language problem and as they put it showing signs of autism tendencies. He was referred on to the PREFCAT team. Now after nearly three years of fighting I am hoping to have diagnoses in March I feel like this is the hardest battle I have had to fight. Fed up being told I was a neurotic parent. Banging my head with all the different information I have been given. Finally I am hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel. What really made me angry was even the other children in his class noticed there was something different about him and kept asking the teachers why he could not speak properly, why did he lash out at them, and yet the so called professionals just dragged their heels. You get the feeling no one wants to be responsible for given you that final diagnoses. I was told by one professional they are weary of making such diagnose as they have been wrong in the pass and have either been threatened or sued by parents for the incorrect diagnosis they have made. So this could be one of the reasons why it is taken so long In the mean time as a parent i fell like i am slowly going mad
  15. thanks for that does anyone feel like they are drowning trying to keep up with all the information they are given. what you might or might not be entitled to i go to bed at night and cant sleeping with information overload and confussion
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