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  1. justamum

    I'm leaving

    Well Bagpus I can understand completely how you feel and been consider the exact same thing over the last day or so and today I shall be joining you in leaving for a while at least, if not for good. I have always enjoyed your post as they were non biased and non judgemental with a great sense of humour. Please feel free to PM me if you want a chat.
  2. The link is irrelevant directly to the original post but the point I was trying to make is that instead of helping they have been threatened with punishment. Yes over feeding is as bad as under feeding BUT should a child being over feed because of lack of knowledge, or the children themselves pigging out, be forced into a care home or the family given assistance? Which is then relevant to this thread. Most here concentrated on the 'over eating' part not the heavy handed SS. Yes I agree obesity in children is a form of abuse but one born usually though ignorance and not malice. Just to let you know they have 6, I believe, children. Mum and dad are obese but only 3 children are obese and as far as I could make out SS want all 6 in care. MSP's got on the case.
  3. on the same sort of vain Children in Dundee
  4. JSmum yes it is so easy for this to happen isn't it. As with my sons records and even though there was no evidence to support the allegation it was not recorded as such and so the allegation sat on his records waiting until his pead discharged him into another dept. I have had it removed now though my solicitor but just think what would have happened it I hadn't..doesn't bear thinking about. However they are refusing to remove the part about my home being emotionally and socially detrimental to my sons well being. What was my crime? I didn't attend the school run booze ups at the pub. Sorry but I don't drink and I was not keen for my children to be subjected to watching their head teacher, a drunkard any way, getting p***ed. But they have put a note on to say I disagree. They also put a note on to say I disagreed with another child's record being in my son files too Well yes I do disagree, he is not my son! One of the home ed groups I belong is full of parents being accused of unfounded abuse by teachers and the LA. Why? Because they said no, I won't agree to that! Now I am not saying that all teachers do this, most don't. But are there some out there that get the Hitler syndrome. I also have friend who is a very qualified teacher and has come across a fair few of these and their nasty allegations toward her and parents.
  5. Sigh I am just not bothering doing a full answer to this. When you have removed your teacher's hat and actually listen to what is being said by myself and others I may We aren't all dumb, child abusing parents. Some of us can actually think for ourselves with 'professionals' telling us what to do!
  6. Well this is where COMMUNICATION comes into it. If you believe a child is exhibiting signs of abuse, but are NOT entirely sure because there are no cigarette burns etc, you speak to the parents and tentatively ask questions around your suspicions. How else are you going to know if soiling is due to bowel problems or something else. A genuine parent will seek medical help for the former and concerned about the later! Of course it's right to raise concerns if you believe a child is being abused, but you/someone needs to recognise abuse from medical issues and not just go head long into abuse allegations. Obviously if there is a clear case of abuse then that's different. I worked in a council run nursery and once the children were dropped off and the parents gone our first duty was to 'change' the children into the clothes the nursery had..in other words strip and look for bruising. You then became suspicious of every parent at the nursery and the poorer they were the more you looked for bruises...digusting state of affairs but this was 'Council Policy and Nursery rules for staff'. Yes there were one or two that had bruises and the parents questioned but none were abused and one of the children turned to have a mobility problem but still had to run the SS reporting for child abuse.
  7. There are just too many stories like ours aren't there. Too easy far too hard to get the muck removed, mud sticks! And I often have cereal for tea/dinner when I have cooked for the children I starve and I just don't fancy it. Nowt wrong with that. Sigh I now have to obtain important medical information regarding my daughters hypermobility syndrome and low hearing all over again because that's what has been lost and of course my say so she has this is total and utter rubbish isn't it!
  8. It's a little more than devastating! No one is saying that 'professionals' shouldn't report children they have concerns about. What I am saying IF there was the proper training to recognise AS from abuse then malicious reporting would be cut...and I have heard of a fair few in the last few months. As for the original posting...I have just asked one questions many of my LA regarding missing files and been 'warned off!' So yet again Big Brother gets away with doing as it pleases.
  9. justamum

    Fed up

    Oh I would make a phone call to the police. Firstly she has threatened you but also she has abused your son.....both of which will not go down well with your community officer. Did she swear at your son? If so that an offence!
  10. I am not going to comment on this case I as I too don't know enough about it BUT let you tell you something that should make you think about whether those in the education/medical/social services should require further training on ASD and particularly those involved in Child Protection. My son attended a school near me. I removed him due to a certain teacher calling him foul names, including 'tw*t'. I recently asked my solicitor to obtain his school records, before this his pead at EVERY meeting kept saying 'in all other respects he is healthy. Extremely healthy. The healthiest on my books'. I thought this strange and now I know why. On his records this teacher, and Child Protection Officer, had stated that the entire school staff where concerned with X being 'under nourished' and that his 'home environment was detrimental to his social and emotional needs'. Had his pead and his GP not been on his side, and mine, my son would have been removed from my care. This teacher didn't understand, nor wanted to, ASD and felt I was abusing my son and that's why he was the was he was. All this despite his SLT saying she felt he had ASD directly to them! The problem is at times ASD children can mimic children in distress from abuse, well often they are being abused just by daily stress of being made to 'fit in'. Instead of understanding this because of lack of training the first thing that happens is the 'inadequate parents' are blamed. Then you have fight to clear your name and get a diagnoses whilst still trying to maintain a secure family home and routine for your child. That's why training is required!
  11. Ah yes I remember those days! Now there is no state school for my son we don't have them and my daughter gets herself ready without having to help chase her brother up whilst I got on.
  12. AND it should NOT be always assumed they don't!
  13. justamum

    Eye Opener.

    says an awful lot about the teaching then doesn't it!
  14. I second that. On the whole I believe inclusion is not working not because it can't but because our education system doesn't want it to despite what the Government want
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