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  1. The matter is being disscused here: http://www.asd-forum...ng/#entry336915 get involved, and throw some names into the hat! let's make this forum, our forum. (Not playing politics btw, it's sheer coincidence)
  2. To be honest, spelling isn't such an issue here. I 9 times out of 10 make out a post even with no commas or full stops. a spelling error doesn't take a genius to translate.
  3. Well it's reassuring to know that. It means all the hard work, and replying to posts at 2, 3, 4 in the morning was all worth it, even if it's only you that benifits. Again i thank you. p.s (not to play politics), but if you wanted to vote for me officially then you have my permisssion, i would be more than hournerd to serve you all as your moderator.
  4. I'm truley honored you guys feel this way, and i would be privaledged to moderate on this forum. First of all, beacuse this place has been like a home to me, and the people in it, i consider as close as familly, and second, beacuse it kind of gives my aspergers even more purpose and positivity. It also means, i don't have aspergers for nothing, and in a sence, it's my calliing to help people with aspergers. Again, sa kimrande and shnoing, i thankyou from the bottom of my heart. You keep this warrior fighting!
  5. You know sa skimrande lol. This is going to be a good topic.
  6. Your very kind (I'll pay you the £50 by direct debit)
  7. Getting better, loving your self again, and overall being happy.
  8. One way ticket to dehydration and severe medical complications. Nothing is worth putting your life at danger.
  9. This friend who knows you inside out is the key. work with her, and try and find the solution. Your parents will only panic and make things worse, your friend should be a calm netrual, and could be the only one that's able to help you. This will take alot of hard work, but if you ever want to see the wood through the trees, your going to have to be dedicated to want to get over this rut. If it means alot to you, you'll find a way, if not you'll find an excuse.
  10. If memory serves me, you have to be statemented. though don't quote me on that, as i was statemented in the 90's and it may well be a differen't protocol now. sorry, i've made the problem worse lol.
  11. Self medication, i.e, to do something that temperaraly blocks sadness. Some drink, some have lot's of sexual partners, you exersise. The trick is to tackle the problem in a way that's helpful and productive, and not in a way that just blocks it for a few hours.
  12. Self medication is a hard one. Smiley, i will get my thinking cap on, and get back to you. I'll find a way, i always do
  13. The problem is, whatever fat you do have, it's going to be hormonal. the only way to elimintate that is to keep stress to a premium. So your first priority is to work on your mental state, so you can then improve your physical apperance. That's why i say back away form the exersise for a while, beacuse your just adding to the stress. The awnser to your above question, is no.
  14. Sometimes the forum double posts something by itself. if you look back to the op on both topic's, you'll see the time is the same. Something i may go to lufty about, as it happens alot.
  15. Hope you all had a good time? I had a very relaxing few days, went to mid night mass, and then the morning service on christmas morning. the reverend gave me a £25 asda voucher as he knows im broke, and i eat alot. Hope your all pleased with the presents you got, if not i hope you all had a good time anyway.
  16. Thankyou, this is an exellent post. Just what i needed to hear, and upon refelction, i feel a very accurate awnser.
  17. You know me well! and it goes without saying that i shall reunite myself with arthur, and his irish friends. As for the costume lol, it's fine, i understand budget's are tight
  18. I'm saying it now, as im going to be staying with the old man until after christams, and he does not have internet. So i would like to wish the board a very merry christmas, and i hope you brave it out, and have a good time. not easy i know, but try for me, make it my christmas present to have a good time? Also a personal thankyou to Lancslad, mannify, robert 7111a, and darkshine for getting me through a hellacious year, couldn't of got through it without you, and hope your not to embarrassed that i gave you a shout out.
  19. Welcome aboard! your in the right place.
  20. And one day your son will be too. Just rember, peoples opinions on you arn't worth a damn, beacuse they have no idea what it's like to be in your situation. Rise above ignorance lol.
  21. I was once a troubled little boy, went through very hard times, but my familly never gave up on me, and now you have me at 22, and conquering every challange that comes into my path. One day your son will make you prouder than you ever thought possible, just never give up. It won't be easy, but the reward will be so worth it.
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