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  1. Thanks again for those replies. they are helpful. I know I seem like a doom & gloom merchant, but the usual response when describing DS's condition as he gets towards adulthood is " Oh that's just a typical teenager!" Hopefully the DLA board won't think along those same lines, lol.
  2. Thank you both for your replies. They have helped ease my mind a lot.
  3. Hello All, I'm sorry if there is a tax credit thread running already but I am wondering if any of you are in the same boat . At this moment in time I receive a very handsome Child Tax Credit. It corresponds to a third of my take home pay. My son aged 15 currently receives DLA, which I am told enhances the child tax credit. My son turns 16 in september. Will that automatically signify the end of the Child Tax Credit or will the fact that he will be still in full time education qualify him in the same way that child benefit can continue beyond 16 fo the same reason? Is there anyone else in the same situation? I can envisage a financial disaster come my boy's 16th birthday. with the possibility of his DLA ending, Child Tax Credit plummeting or stopping altogether along with Mum's carer's allowance stopping. Our household income will shrink drastically. Anyone with any chinks of light out there?
  4. We have just sent in our son's dla application as he turns 16 very soon and has to claim it in his own right from then on. We are obviously concerned that he might not get it renewed without a struggle, especially with the new governments attitude towards benefilts & allowances. fingers crossed - for all of us.
  5. mbrown

    Spam in PM!!!!

    Me too! And there was me getting all excited that someone had PM'd me LOL....
  6. mbrown

    Wha's like us?

    .Only in Scotland do two positives make a negative. AYE...RIGHT!
  7. mbrown


    Thanks Kathryn, I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt this time. Maybe he got me mixed up with someone else. I'll let you know if anything further comes along in a similar vein. Mike
  8. mbrown


    I just received a pm from a member here, a total stranger to me, advertising his own web forum. I do not appreciate such messages and would request that any pm's members would care to send to me would be only of a nature that wasn't for general posting or private. This is the equivalent of spam in my book. MB
  9. That's different Something Different. Really cool. I have decided to go to bed at 37 correct so far. MB
  10. My lad is a massive Dr Who fan, and thanks to a recent episode featuring Shakespeare, he would like to see David Tenant playing Hamlet in Stratford later this year. I managed to get a couple of tickets for July so we will take our summer holiday in the Stratford area. We have a cottage booked in Henley-in-Arden. It's all new and unfamiliar to us. It looks a great area. Anyone here got any suggestions for must-see places to visit? MB
  11. My 13 year old son is like that too. His mother despairs and is forever tidying up his room. Lots of shouting and stress when that i shappening. Within a day or two the entire floor is covered with books, CDs, DVDs clothes etc. He doesn't seem to mind the mess. It's not that he is merely lazy, I think that he creates the mess. Tidying up is an anathema to him. I think I am beginning to understnd why. I like the majority of the house to be tidy, but my little 'den' where I play on my PC is basically a pig-sty. I often pick up a pile of papers to sort out the rubbish from the important stuff and I remove the rubbish, but I just can't seem to put the important stuff away. Even if I feel like tidying it all up, within a few seconds my head feels lik eit's going to burst. Strange. I have a feeling that this is ho wmy lad feels when he is doing something likle that. MB
  12. If anyone here is going to see Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War Of The Worlds stage show, currently touring the uk, you are in for a tremendous treat. I caught the show in Glasgow last might and it was truly phenomenal. My 13 year old son, absolutely loved it despite the extremely loud volume(which was great!) and the flashing lights of the presentaion and lighting effecets. A great night out. MB
  13. Our boy now 13 has been on risperidone for a few years now, no major side effects except for massively increased appetite. He has settled now but we need to keep an eye on him most of the time. I questioned efficacy with psychiatrist who recently diagnosed ADHD on top of the Aspergers he already had. I thiought that risperidone was more for autistic behaviours rather than ADHD. We tried to stop the risperidone gradually. It went well until we stopped it completely, so he is on a small dose that the psych thinks is worthless. What do they know? LOL. Currently having very heated debate with psych re use (or in my case non-use) of strattera. I am not anti-drugs but I do like to consider all available treatments as well. 0.5 mg does seem a rather small dose for a growing lad. Dosages very often have to be experimented with (under docs supervision of course) until an optimum dosage i sfound. Good luck. MB
  14. I agree that melatonin is fantastic. I find it hard when parents are having severe sleeping problems and wont even try it. Obviously it doesn't work for all and the effects vary but I think that for us it has been the safest and most effective med/supplement we have used. Still working after over 3 years with no ill effects, it enables our 13 year old boy with high stress and anxiety levels to at lkeast get a decent nighrt's sleep. At first we disguised the melatonin in a milky bedtime drink but now he quite happiuly takes the capsules without problem. Anyone considering it's use but not quite sure, hopefully our posts will enable you to make a decision. I found the following article very helpful in making our decision. http://www.autism.org/melatonin.html MB
  15. Good News!! With only two weeks to go until the dreaded exclusion appeal hearing I received a letter today from my boy's school saying that the exclusion we were appealing would be removed from his records. It wasn't a complete capitulation on the school's part repeating that the reason for the exclusion was a valid one , but at least the removal of the exclusion, shows that they are willing to compromise. A bit of a relief there. MB
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