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  1. bless them! i think it is a common thing, my triki will wear summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer lol! my brother used to do it too!
  2. oh honey i know have same prob at the mo! language not quite so bad but trikis attitude is totally deplorable at the mo. his mood swings are totally unbearable am hoping is hormones! <'>
  3. niki


    i am totally not ready, he is very much a "young man" and his voice is slightly deeper he answered the telephone the other day and i was shocked on how ndeep he sounded, he is quite tall for his age too, he looks about 14 years
  4. my son i think is going thru hormonal changes, is this usual in a 11 asd boy? or could i be wrong? i thought i had a few more years possibly? we have got undeniable underarm hair tho...
  5. HOORAY! i am not alone! i thought i was parent to alien from planet smellio! i wondered tonight after my son had 1 hour shower could still have greasy hair and b.o!
  6. watched it and loved it! all hail sigourney weaver thought it was fairly accurate even when the busybody nieghbour stopped Alex in the street and her response to autism was "oh yeah i know about auism i have seen THAT film" totally wet my pants laughing how many times have i heard that one. also loved the bit about the dog vomit that is sooo triki lol xx
  7. hi guys its been so long!!! <'> had serious pc breakdown and have to save for new comp, but i am glad to be back and i see i have a lot.... of catching up to do!
  8. hello everyone sorry ive not been around, p.c been ill and because afore mentioned office apparatus wasnt been used office reduced to wasteland for any old junk, but having employed the talents of a kym and aggie-like persona (myself and several refuse sacks later...) have managed to reclaim said small space and tend to sick p.c. Many new names so hope to get to know you all. Nix
  9. niki

    feeling humble

    realised today am one of the lucky ones. my heart and prayers go to those whose homes have been affected by the floods.
  10. hmmm the deniability of the media.... it beggars belief!
  11. niki

    Children's names

    sorrymines totally corny, tristan is brad pitts caracter in legends of the fall, and fell in love with it.
  12. expecing? no, wanting? hadnt ruled it out til now
  13. niki

    hubby problems

    thanks for your support guys it means a lot.... im grateful that you understand hugs to you all xx
  14. have had huge tiff with hubby the other day in which he confessed he finds it hard to love our son. he says he has trouble dealing with trickys "aspieness" and is finding it hrd to accept his difficulties, the thing is a few years ago i could have understood, but since ds's dx my hubby has lived in a bubble of ignorance he cant even tell you what aspergers syndrome is! ive tried to help him understand but dh doesnt want to even try. any suggestions cos im on the verge......
  15. lol! aren't our kids priceless!
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