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  1. Baddad how could you.....it's one of the best films ever!!! Well the film i can have a good cry over is Indecent Proposal, whether i watch it from the beginning or find it on the tv and watch half way thru it still makes me blub. It is at the same point every time.....when Billy Conelly is auctioning of animals and woody Harrelson buys Demi the hippos, gets me every time. Then just as i sort myself out the end gets me when they are on the pier, i don't just blub, i sob. Everytime i am at this point hubby dissappears and comes back with some tissues
  2. tmf

    Proud mummy moment:

    You must be over the moon, a big well done!!
  3. Anything by Virginia Andrews! Especially the Flowers in the Attic series.
  4. tmf

    Areas You live

    This is a good thread......i am soooooooooo nosey!! I am Berkshire born and bred
  5. <'> <'> <'> That's fabe news.....
  6. Rudolph (sorry some1 had 2!!)
  7. That is absolutely terrible behaviour! I have never experienced such behaviour, but all the best with the tribunal. <'>
  8. Thank you pixie and Happy Anniversary to you! Thank you 2 everyone else for your kind words <'> <'>
  9. Thanks Kathryn, I will look into this. tina xx
  10. tmf

    my positive thread

    1 hour me time......peace and quiet. Every Saturday at the same time......pure bliss!!
  11. Well after 11 years togther we have finally got married..... We kept DS informed everystep of the way and what would be happening on the day itself and the 2 weeks after (he was staying with grandparents while we went on honeymoon). With normal anxieties being alot to bear, the added worries on how DS would actually cope were playing on my mind. Needless to say my worries were for nothing, he coped so well with the day, in fact he took my nerves away just before going into the church, he turned around and asked ' Mummy are you really sure you want to marry Daddy'? We all fell about laughing and i said to him of course i do because i love daddy...he replied that's ok then because you must love each other if you are going to get married.......don't you just love them! <'> He handled us being away really well, i phoned every night (much to hubby's annoyance as we were some what far away) at the time i said i would. The only problem was when we were due to come home, our flight was delayed by 17 hrs and he got angry because we werent home when we said we would be. It took a while, but after explaing that the plane was broke (that was a picture seeing at 1 point 16 men under the wing trying to c what the prob was) and why it was not safe to fly he finally understood. Anyway, we have just received our pictures back and you should see DS, he looks as proud as punch in them all. I have also had letters and phone calls saying how beautifully behaved both my children were on the day He now has pleasure going round telling everybody we have just got married and what my new name is. His school had an exciting week on our return, he was over excited and disrupted a few of the lessons, but his teachers were fab as they knew what had happened and didn't 'discipline' him in the normal way Well it finally gets me to what i originally came on to ask, how do i change my picture, i can't remember how i did it, and those initials represent my old name, and naturally i would like my new name. Anyway probably bored you to death with wedding and what an overly proud mother i feel (takes away the feeling when most of the time i feel like the worst) so just enjoying a rare happy moment and thought i would share with you all! <'>
  12. tmf

    Taekwondo Trauma!

    My son broke his elbow last summer....ooouuuchhhhh He made less fuss over this than a little scratch. He was amazed at the special camera that could take pictures of his bones....he now knows it is an xray, but the simple terms helped with this ordeal. The nurses were fab, he was asking questions all the time about what they were doing to him and what it was for. and then when he could chose which cast he was overjoyed. I never thought breaking an elbow could give him so much pleasure! Of course i then went on to do everything for him, until 1 day i went in the lounge and there he was controller in his hand planying on the playstation!! Could not beleive how niave i had been....needless to say i stopped overdoing it on the helping with everything!
  13. I have only just discovered this thread but it has been a question that has been on my mind for sometime now. Ds is 8 and although his vocabulary is very good, his understanding is extremely poor (he was recently accessed) and i thought this would be a huge barrier in trying to discuss with him. I have made a note of some of the books listed, along with the advice on this thread i can now finally make my journey in letting him know.
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