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  1. Wow that sounds exciting, please do keep us posted as things progress. Clare x x x
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    Oh Dear

    Crikey......that's a first, never heard anyone say that before !!!! Clare
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    Hi there...

    I think a dx is rather like a breavement you have to go through all the stages of emotions and feels before final acceptance. Things do get better. <'> <'> <'> Clare
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    New to all this

    Hello there, welcome to the forum Clare
  5. Sorry no advice but we have had the sock and pants issue for years, currently down to one pair of pants and 3 pairs of socks !!! Clare x x x
  6. Joy, Can really empathise, my son used to hate being away from me and worried all the time something bad would happen. At his worse we got to the stage where he would not leave the family home for fear that something bad would happen. Please do speak to camhs about this, maybe they could try CBT. I must say though in our own personal situation things did not improve until much later when we finally got him to the right school for him and built a routine around it. His new school are focusing on gaining his trust and ensuring his emotional needs are met its all making such a difference. Please remember you ar not alone and that you will find someone who will listen and not say he's attention seeking or its a parenting issue. <'> <'> <'>
  7. Awwwww as one of OJ's fans I too am disappointed The road to stardom is never an easy one, the future is a long way off for OJ and I just know its going to be a bright and starry one for him. <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> hugs for you both. Clare x x x
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    New School

    Here's to a positive new start, if nothing else its got to be better than his old school. Good luck to you both . Clare x x x x
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    Hiya isme and welcome Clare
  10. Congratulations Loulou, does not seem long ago your other wee one was born....how time flys. Lovely to hear you news Clare x x x
  11. Sorry Sadie....ya gottabe quick Prong (think thats how you spell it, though looks wrong ????)
  12. Sorry Sadie....ya gottabe quick Prong (think thats how you spell it, though looks wrong ????)
  13. What an awful situation to be in, you must feel torn apart and so very let down. The authority do have funding for specialist education its just that you have to prove the "need". In a way you can only really prove this by evidencing that every avenue has been explored, like PWP say, with your son trying out the new arrangement. However been in a very simular situation as yourself, I can totally understanding how difficult this can be and how damaging it could to the child. I feel quite strongly that we should not have to use our child as a "guinea pig" putting them into extremely difficult situations where we know they will fail, not cope or meltdown just to prove what we as parents already know. I would have dearly loved my son to attend regular mainstream school, but knew in my heart and my head it was not going to work, he was a square peg in a round hole and would continue to suffer and probably end up drowning in an environment that appeared totally alien to him. I assure you it can be done, we found the "right" school for him and yes it is expensive, but I don't care about the cost and to be honest don't know or even want to know how much it costs, why should I be made to feel guilty, I care about my son's education which he has a legal right too. The education authority I found don't bode well to cristisim and can only suggest yu play them at their own game, be willing to try short term but bcak up with lots of evidence.......sorry waffle on a bit there, sorry but this is a subject I am very passionate about. Stay strong and remember no one knows you child better than you and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Clare x x x
  14. Hello there and welcome, just realised I have already posted to you on another post. Anyway welcome and I hope you find this place as helpful as I do. Clare
  15. Hello there Sarah, nice to meet you and welcome to the forum, this is a great place Clare
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    Hiya and Welcome, Some very good comments above, I hope feel you better about the situation as the pregnancy progresses, think being a parent for the first time is pretty scarey for anyone. Clare
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    Hiya and welcome Clare
  18. A naughty but nice KFC Boneless Bucket here Clare x x x
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