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  1. Thanks so much..noone explains anything round here!!!!!
  2. I dont know if this will help...my son is borderline SEN n in a main stream school with extra support for maths n I had to get info for an independent school I want him to go to, he is in yr6 n is 4b for English and Science n 4c but only just 4c in maths....not that it means owt to me as ive no idea what any of it means lol.
  3. I wonder if this is the same in Disney Paris cos we are off there at the end of the month.....do I just take the dla letter?
  4. O my god I could have written that myself.......I watched this on iplayer n yup antoher who cried n the lad with aspergers was like watching my lad at times. And dp turned round n said 'others are worse you got it easy'...could have killed him tbh!!!!!!
  5. I just googled independent schools in ...then my area n they came up. Fortunately tho I heard of the one im sending my son to in Sep 2010 thru his chapel n he asked me could it be considered cos he did not wanna go to comp cos the bully will be there.
  6. People think im joking when I tell them my son dont even wake til 10am xmas day...he plods downstairs n you got to prompt him to open his presents n they are only ever what he asks for cos anything he didnt put on the list might as well go in the bin for the interest it gets...my poor mum last year bought him something n he just looked at it n walked off.......by time he has opened his stuff n had his dinner he then just wants to lie down in a dark room cos he has a stinking headache n gets really stressed. He told me there is no santa cos its the parents who buy the presents cos you can see everyone in the months before xmas. He loves the tree tho n decorating it n the lights etc.
  7. My son wants to join Facebook as some of his 10 year old mates have it but ive said no...if the age is 13 then 13 he will be before he has it.
  8. My son hates loud noises esp hates bonfire night n fireworks but also discos/parties n the music n noise n if my other half is going to use the drill then my son will be found with ear plugs in n a pillow wrapped round his ears.
  9. My son is 10 and will not and can not wipe his bumb after a number 2...he hates the idea of germs being there n possibly going on his hands and when he does try which entails wrapping numerous amounts of baby wipes round his hand and wrist he ends up with it up his back n down his legs......O/T are involved and we try their tips but so far im getting nowere.....he was also clean by age 3.
  10. bikemad


    My son hates maths bigtime and struggles daily with it especially his tables.....his teacher is putting into effect one to one for him with maths cos he struggles so much.
  11. bikemad

    maths problems

    My son is 10 and is struggling big time with maths and esp his tables...he learns them but within 5minutes has forgoten them totally and trying to do any sums useing tables he finds impossible.
  12. My son was 3 weeks late and born dead n had to be revived..they didnt know if he would live or if due to lack of oxygen he would be brain damaged in some way....he was in intensive care for 7 days high dependency for 3 days then 2 days close monitoring on the ward.
  13. Thank you so much for explaining it from what would be my sons view point......it does make sense definatly...thank you for taking the time to reply. By the way we are in South Wales too.....
  14. His last school worked totally against me all the time but the current school is fantastic and cant help enough and in turn I cant praise them enough.
  15. My son was bullied mercilessly and in the end I had to move him to another school cos he was suicidal.....I really think you do need to intervene and go up the school.
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