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  1. a bit further away than you would like but Tina wood is a specialist children's OT - her specialisms are sensory integration and autism - she is in Stockport, Manchester. If you are interested I will dig out her details.
  2. Hello everyone not been here for a very long time, hope everyone is well. I wonder if you anyone has any experience they can share. I am looking for an apple application for my son to present his maths work - not to calculate or teach in any way but just to present it. I normally scribe for him but he is going to be moving from a lap top to an Ipad for school and so we are looking for an appropriate app. I will try to describe what I mean. A blank page with 'hidden' cells of 1 character per cell. A keypad with draggable numbers, symbols and shapes that can be placed on the page working horizontally or vertically. A facility with drawn shapes to add dimensions and angles. Thank you in advance of any assistance. Elaine
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    thanks so uch everyone am def going to look into alphasmart
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    Hi despite ours and scools best efforts my 7 year old ASD/Dyspraxic ds is not making progress with his writing. He works very hard and this is an arduous frustrating task for him. Anyne have a child this age using alternative methods of recording - eg laptop, alphasmart. I was unsure whether he might be deemed too young and that we should carry on with writing. Will be checking with OT as well but wondered if anyone had experiences to share. Thanks Elainex
  5. so sorry for your loss Mrs P and family Elaine
  6. and stress can affect the sensory issues, my son is up and down all year, worse at Christmas when he goes off all his fav foods. Elaine
  7. I agree sounds as though the social story has not been written in a positive way.
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7085777.stm saw this on another forum
  9. aww fantastic news. get him some oil pastels they're great for rich colours for volcanoes!!! Elainex
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    Hi, Ian Jordan might be able to help as some of the senses can be altered through vision. Elaine
  11. I think is is probably sensory - you could do with an OT assessment. Sounds likes sensory seeking but Ot's are the experts - they can give ideas on fulfilling the sensory needs. My ds's sensory profile changes when stressed which can be difficult with smells - when he was stressed at disneyland paris he puked everytime he smelt french cigarettes! Elaine
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