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  1. Oh god it sounds awful, yes it is that one, at the moment he is in The Maudsley, in Beckenham, its not too bad but they also have loads of bank staff who are always changing from day to day, which is not good with someone who has ASD. Mind you it is set in beautiful grounds so fingers crossed he stays put!!
  2. My son has got into all sorts of trouble over porn, when he was 18 a girl reported him for inapropriate behaviour, the police came and took his lap top, he had images on there which were not legal and he was arrested. He is now 22, it has taken 3 years for the courts to decide he needs treatment, at long last he is now getting the help he should have had when he was in pubity, due to no sex education as he was a school refuser. It is now costing the NHS a fortune to treat him in a residential unit, this could all have been avoided if he had a Statement when he was at school!!!
  3. My son may be going into St Andrews for treatment, I wondered if anyone has been there and if the treatment is ok.
  4. Hi Paula, i am in the same boat as you, my son is 22 and sounds just the same as yours. We have also been battling to get support over the last 10 years, and we do have a diagnosis. You are notnalone in wanting your life back, it is so hard, especially when people say "he's 22 let him get on with it". His room is a disgrace, i actually left it for 3 months without intervening, but it got to the stage where i thought we could get rats, so i ended up cleaning it!! My son is now in trouble with the police over inapropriate behavour, especially with girls, it looks like due to this we may finally get support, however i went to CAMBS 5 years ago with concerns for the future with girls, but they did not listen, so i won't hold my breath!!! Stay strong, you are not alone. x
  5. My son is 21' and has withdrawn from the world, he is very depressed, and angry with the world. In hindsight the worst thing was sending him to a special school as he has no friends locally. We have tried Princess Trust, apprentiship, and a job locally, all failed due to his need for control, and lack of social skills. Sometimes it is hard to keep fighting and organising things for him, but I keep trying, life is hard when they are adults with no support!!
  6. Hi Paula, you could be talking about my son!! My suituation is exactly the same, my son is also 21, unemployed and stays in his room most of the day. If we challenge his behaviour he gets abusive and angry. I also don't know what to do anymore, since he was 10, I have been saying it will be ok when he is through puberty, then when school finishes, the when college is over, before we know it he is 21 !! And things are still the same. It is so difficult when they are large adults, my son is also overweight, and is bigger than me!! I was also in tears last weekend , so you are not alone, we just have to stay strong!!
  7. We do have two other dogs, but the one who died was Nicks, and is constant companion from when he was 10, so he is really feeling the pain. I am very interested in PDA, I have often thought Nick has this as he argues about everything!!
  8. Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply, well we survived Christmas and the new year, with lots of arguments!! Nick spent all of Christmas day in his room, and had dinner 3 hours after everyone else, he always says he doesn't feel hungry, but I know he finds it difficult sitting at the table with everyone. He says it always ends up with arguments so he avoids it by being on his own. We always do presents after I come home from midnight mass, as he is usually asleep till late Christmas day, and he prefers it to be just me and him. 6 weeks ago we had to have the dog put to sleep, and Nick has taken it very badly, so im sure it made things even harder for him. Lets hope this year is a better one!!
  9. I am wondering if there are any other mums that find Christmas such a challenge. Nick is now 21' but still spends all of Christmas on his own in his room, he will not sit down to dinner with the family, or socialise at all. I have now got to the point that I don't even try to pursuade him to join in anymore, I just find it so sad, and every year I hope it will be different, but it never is!!
  10. Can anyone give me the link to the supplementary form from the NAS for claiming DLA,I used it 4 years ago and it was brilliant, I cant seem to find it now!!
  11. soraya


    I have just managed to get my son to go to the dentist for a check up, he has been told he needs 3 fillings, and he did agree to return for them. this was 6 weeks ago and he has cancelled his appointment for his first filling 3 times!! As he is now 21 I can only advise , any ideas how I can pursuance him to go?😬😬
  12. Thanks for the replies, my son is fishing mad, and he is producing his own freshwater fishing baits, he is very keen, and his uncle has let him use his garage, he had sorted ingredients and packaging, we just need to do some advertising, and wait for the orders, so fingers crossed!!
  13. We have to re apply for DLA,we have been sent DLA forms, as there is such a backlog for PIP, however, I cant seem to be able to find the supplementary forms from the NAS, I click on the link, but It wont work!! They, were brilliant last time we applied, does anyone know how I can get them?
  14. Did your Mum apply for your DLA? Is she your appointee? if she is I don't know if you can change the bank account with the DLA, I am my sons appointee, but when he reached 16, they came tour house, to make sure he was ok for the money to go into my account,and to ask if he still couldn't manage his money, I think this is standard,did it not happen this way for you?
  15. Hi everyone, its that dreaded time when we have to re apply for DLA,the trouble is Nick is now an adult, but his needs are differnent, but just as bad in many ways. We wernt goimg to bother, but then a friend showed me the supplementary forms from the NAS, and we ticked nearly every box!! Does anyone know if the DLA accept these forms as part of the application process? I know it is changing to PIP,but they have sent me DLA forms
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