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  1. Hiya Smiley, <'> glad it's all going good, bit of a change from the last time we caught up. s xxx
  2. I am having to strongly resist the urge to write 'mind your own business' all over the form.
  3. Sallya

    'ello :)

    hiya, get better soon <'> s xxx
  4. Sallya


    Tents with a built in ground sheet are best, seperate ground sheets let more damp in; but the tents with built in ground sheets are very good, even in strong winds.
  5. Justine, I think days like this are possible, if you are prepared. Take a toy for each which will occupy them. Give them best behaviour warnings, and tell them how you want them to behave. You've prewarned your brother, and told him about your misgivings, so I think you've got to feel the fear and do it anyway. So to speak! Have a backup plan if things get too rowdy./claustrophobic. A trip to the park, or a walk to let off steam/wear them out. s xxx
  6. Justine, Most parents experience similar feelings at first. I know I did. Eventually, you start to realise that autism doesn't have to be a bad thing. He is still your son the same as he was before. I know it feels like you've been hit with a ton of bricks, but it does start to get easier as you adjust. Aim high for your son, with lots of support. You will work out as you go, what he can and can't do. Sometimes it's a case of doing things a few steps behind his peers, but gets there in the end. take care s x
  7. a link to find out what going on locally http://www.primarytimes.net/home.php and another, http://www.letsgowiththechildren.co.uk/
  8. I spotted an ad in the paper for a Mr grumpy t shirt, and thought it would be perfect for my other half for father's day. Guess what...when I get to the store....all sold out Why do companies charge so much for spare parts of things? Just brought a new net and cushion for the trampoline, and was nearly what I paid when I brought it 5 years ago. Money grabbing wotsits.
  9. Sally, make a trip to the CAB to find out what help you can get- community charge, rent, income support. Encourage your hubby to at least visit his GP to talk things over-he seems to have a few misconnceptions about depression and medications. Talk to the children together, and let him do the explaining. sorry this is happening. But you will get through this, ok? Take care s xxx
  10. Trying to find a parking space and the cost of carparks, and signs that are not clear whether you can park there or not.
  11. Where do I start? The thing that really gets my goat at the minute, is the companies that make play stations and hand held consoles......they keep bringing out new models - what's wrong with the one's they're already making.....? People who can't pull their trousers up...or use a belt..... Kids that dump all their school stuff in the hall for you to trip over when there's a perfectly good cupboard...... Men that nick the tv remote.... will pop back later, got to get dd from Brownies.
  12. Sallya

    Kitchen Madness!

    paint over the lines with oil based white undercoat- once dry, repaint with emulsion, may need 1 or 2 coats. advice from my other half who is a painter and decorator s xxx
  13. My son has a voice like foghorn leghorn at times; I used to say to him that on a scale of 1-10, his voice was a 12, and he needed to turn it down to a 5 or 6.
  14. Just read Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, was so good went and got the next 3 in the series, Moonlight, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, read the lot in 2 days, haven't had such a good read in ages. s xxx
  15. Sallya

    Hello again

    Thankyou Pearl, that would be lovely. s xxx
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