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  1. I may well be there, depending on whether I'm going to the match or not If I do I may be an aid to gather everyone together, as I have bright pink bobbed hair which makes me easy to spot, even on a busy lunchtime in Newcastle
  2. ooohh depending on babysitters etc, I may pop along to meet everyone (i'm in Washington, just down the road )
  3. Paula, <'> <'> <'> thinking of you <'> <'> <'> Jo
  4. I never thought a thread that would start with me getting angry & seeing red would end with me holding my sides from laughing so hard!! On a serious note though I hope the bbc apologise about this, it seems incredible that they could make such a claim, has the NAS responded?
  5. jomarie

    new arrival

  6. my heart broke reading this story, bringing to the fore the fears I have for my darling M. I'm in the process of waiting to find out if the application for assessment for a statement will be accepted, but I'm not hopeful, as his SATS results are always very high, regardless of the stress & anxiety he suffers. The "I'm useless' particularly struck a chord with me, he did the bbc test the nation IQ test a week or so ago but couldn't grasp that a 9year old getting a 90 result was very very good
  7. It truly made my morning to hear the lead story on Breakfast was the Childrens Commissioner declaring that education provision for Autistic kids is 'shameful & appalling', especially after another demoralising week of chasing up problems with M at school Lets just hope the keep this story in the spotlight & that it doesn't disappear without a trace, as often happens.
  8. jomarie


    Shes lovely!! I'd love M to have one but our gardens not suitable so far it looks like he'll be getting a rat instead
  9. Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice, we're planning a holiday for next year & are hoping to go to Center Parcs. Has anyone any experience of how good they are for taking an AS child to? I'm just wondering with regards to the clubs & things they run, as M will be 10 by then & may want to join in such things. Is it ok to just go or is it worth getting in touch with them in advance? Any advice greatly appreciated
  10. jomarie

    Hen night!!!

    Well ladies & gents, i'm happy to announce I'm actually going to get a break & some me time!!! The last couple of months with M (& his school mainly) have been very tough & even though he hasn't realised it, hes taking the 6 weeks hols v badly this year... but lucky bunny that I am, my lovely parents are taking him & my other two for the whole w/e so I can have a proper hen weekend!! I have all my friends round tomorrow night, for a girlie evening of wine, face masks, stand up comedy dvds & no doubt a bit of bad singing before we all get some sleep!! then on saturday night off clubbing, apparently with all the badges, veil, L plates etc would be lovely to have some of you lot with me, but instead, give yourselves a treat tomorrow night & when you pour yourselves a well deserved drink & feel part of the party!!! <'> Jo xx
  11. Thats fabulous!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  12. we're being naughty sneaky girls... M has gone to his Dads so we're taking the opportunity to do something he doesn't let us do..... eat a Yorkie bar Unfortunately the 'its not for girls' tagline has well & truly stuck in M's head, so he goes loopy if he catches me in the possession of afore mentioned chocolate treat.... Also didn't have to make a mad dash for the remote when a certain ad came on, you know the one where the woman has to try on loads of clothes from her wardrobe, & pretends shes stuck in traffic/roadworks etc. Thats another one that lights his blue touch paper.... So me & dd are having fun... (& it stops us missing him too much cos it means we're thinking of him all the time too!) Anyone else have similar stories??
  13. Well unfortunately another moaning miserable post from me. Things are currently going from bad to worse, M's relationship with the head is just appalling, I'd list the things that have happened recently but in all honesty I can't face saying or typing them out again I'm having lots of support, M has started therapy at CAMHS which he's really enjoying & they've even provided counselling for me too, as I have PND & am still having my own troubles gettingmy own head around everything thats happening. The outreach team are helping wherever they can, someone from parent partnership was out to see me this afternoon, & she was great, letting me know that everything the school is doing is wrong (& in several cases illegal). I've even had our very own wonderful Oracle giving me the benefit of her knowledge <'> But still I'm feeling at a dead end, the school he's at can't provide the help he needs (well can't or won't is the sixty million dollar question ) & the only other school thats close enough to us to be a possibility is full to the brim I'm feel so low now, I'm fighting & fighting but it feels like 3 steps forward 5 steps back. And M is so miserable himself at the moment, he's clearly stressed & unhappy, he's complaining of tummy aches again & his mouth ulcers have returned. If I could home educate I would, but with two toddlers running around I think I'd actually be failing all of them if I did that, I couldn't possibly give M the amount of help & stimulation he requires & the lil uns would miss out on quality time with me too I know I'll snap out of this & I'll fight on as much as I can but right now that mountain to climb just looks too high & too dangerous, & if I'm honest I'm so scared that I might fail my child that I can't see past it drink anyone??
  14. jomarie

    grey or dye?

    I've had grey hairs since I was 16 so I've dyed it ever since, at the moment its black with pink/red underneath & at the front.... it was blue a few weeks ago I've always asked M if he minds mam having daft coloured hair but he thinks its great for two reasons, 1 is that it means I'm different like him & 2 is that I'm easy for him to spot when he comes out of school
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