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  1. Totally feel for you. Sending you hugs. Forbsay
  2. Thanks for your replies. I am feeling alot better now and calmer. She is 6 and loves to go to her friend's house. Hubby has now gone into overdrive ie has done the dishes, ironing and is now giving the kids their baths.
  3. I have been more of a browser than a poster recently on the forum. However, i need to be around people who know who i am coming from. Had the day from hell with M today. He is now 9 yrs old (diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years old). His little sister was invited to a friends house today. Last time, i dropped her off and then picked her up later. My mother totally freaked about this and made me feel really guilty. So today i took M with me. To be honest, he wasn't too bad but it came to the point that i decided to take him away for a walk. I have known the family for a long time and feel happy to leave his sister at the dad's house. So while i am rushing about and getting stressed out of my head. Discovered when i came home, hubby's driving lesson had been cancelled. He had been in the house since 3ish. Sitting watching the TV. Mind you he did tidy the living room up a bit. Don't know what he is expecting - a medal maybe for tidying up? I just feel that i am cut in two. There are so many things that i can't do with my daughter when i am looking after M as well. I am trying my best but i feel so alone and alienated. Though I have met some nice people and they know who they are................
  4. the review of the programme by a TV critic.
  5. I read a review in a paper about this programme today. I have complained about it.
  6. Hi Bluefish, my asd son does this as well. He talks to his pocket dragon printouts.
  7. Em yes, the flu bug has visited my house. Me, hubby and M have all caught it. M has been ill on and off for 6 weeks Will be having a very quiet time tomorrow night
  8. Hello Firstly sending you lots of hugs <'> <'> <'> In my personal experience of my friends - some of them have turned their backs on me and my son. Only coming out of the woodwork for birthdays and xmas. I don't really talk to them about M. However, I have a couple of very good friends who will always be there for me. And i can talk to them about M.
  9. Sending you lots of hugs <'> <'>
  10. Went in today to speak to the teacher and nursery nurse. They are putting new stragegies in place and i told them my views on the situation. Will see what happens
  11. M has an obsession with one of the boys in his class. He loves to wind him up and then the little boy has an outburst. He is also obsessed with a little girl in his afterschool club............ Does any of your kids have obsessions with other people and how do you get around it?
  12. My heart goes out to you <'> x
  13. Well we went on a bus to the centre of Edinburgh - M loved it. Huge step forward for a wee boy who was terrified of buses. He has not been on a bus with me for about 6 years. I am one proud mum tonight! This is a major step forward for him.
  14. We are going on a bus. M has not been on a bus for 6 years with me as he freaks. However, tomorrow we are going on a bus into town - me, M and his wee sister...................... I asked him last week about going on a bus and he said yeh! It is a big day for us! So we shall see how it goes. Forbsay
  15. I am going into see his teacher this week- so will see what we can come up with............
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