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  1. Thanks Gavin You're right, that's even the article I read, I could remember the picture but not who it was !! The fact that I thought it was recently makes me feel very old, time is now obviously flashing by at an alarming rate. That article is nearly a year old !! Cheers, smallworld
  2. Hi, Craig Nicholls from The Vines also has AS, I'm trying to think of name of a ASD female musician I was reading about recently.... Still thinking...
  3. Hi, try this; http://www.jrf.org.uk/publications/housing...sabled-children It's a report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, it might also provide a link to the info you had before. Sorry it's not a linky thingy, it's so long since I've been here that I've forgotten how to do it! Good Luck smallworld Wow, it is a link, not sure how I did that !!
  4. Oooh, I was reading about you in the paper on my way back from the papershop this morning ! Not been here in awhile, but had to add my congratulations, Well Done !!! P.S. noticed LA said he's starts in Sept, mmmm!
  5. Viper, the mean mum's poem just summed up me today and made me cry. I was already having a ###### day, it's the funeral tomorrow of the baby of one of our mums from our tots group so I was already a bit fragile, then got called all the names under the sun for asking AS son to empty the dishwasher before he went out to play. Oooh, aren't I mean and entirely unreasonable ? No, just trying to maintain some order in the chaos that is our house. It's out of your control when the ipod arrives, I'd be tempted to say 'well i could have got you a groovy muck coloured one in time but you asked for pink, so I thought I'd get what you actually wanted......?' Don't worry, w
  6. Hi Di, and Clare, Bard is entirely right the link I gave contains advice that is far too long for a teacher to read, I've only passed it on to my son's LSAs in the past. I think it's more useful as something to nick bits out of when trying to explain your child. Of course I don't need it any more as my son has now moved up to juniors where they already know everything
  7. Hi, here try this, you can always say a teacher friend gave it to you to see if it might be useful ( that's how I came across it !) hope this link works, have forgotten how to do it HTH, w It works, I'm amazed !
  8. Fingers crossed, I think there might be good news here cos I've just been reading elsewhere a post by someone who has been helping Paula, saying they won at the ninth hour, I hope I'm right in connecting the two ! Look forward to hearing more defnite news, j
  9. Hiya, have you thought that it might have been the onset of a big headache ? Just an idea, w
  10. Hi, I think Cat's suggestion is probably a very good one, do you have someone who could make contact with him initially ? I really wish you all the best with this, I read the outcome on another site the other night when someone who is supporting you posted on there. All the best,stay strong, w.
  11. Hi, bit of a late night reply, I can't sleep grrrr have you looked at Easylife Sport buggies second hand from ebay ? they're around �400 new but we managed to get a cheap one from there. I suggest you have a look cos you can get them with a seat which attaches to the front so you can easily accomodate two kids. My tall 7 yr old still fits easily into this buggy and it will take around 45 kg no problem. They are quite heavy to lift in and out of the car but they can be pushed along really easily and have a swivel wheel at the front. We also have a major buggy but this is more difficult to push I think with a larger child in it and of course there's no space for any hitch hikers ! or shopping !! On the DLA front, good luck, it can be done, I woke up one morning to change another wet bed and thought 'that's it, I'm going to ask for ****'s DLA to be reassessed', and we've just been awarded higher rate care AND mobility. I used the walkthrough guide on the Cerebra website to complete the forms. Night,
  12. Hi, Yes you can, you just can't use them during take off and landing. Have you thought about a portable DVD player then the kids can watch what they want when they want. I saw the one we bought last year is on sale for 30 quid ! I hope it all goes well, w.
  13. Ooooh, Another carwash fan <'> My 7 yr old son is into carwashes in a big way, even when we go away on holiday we have to film new carwashes that he can watch on the pc when we get back home. He probably knows the location of every carwash in the Algarve Once, on a boiling hot day on holiday we we sat around outside this carwash just waiting for someone to come along and wash their ****** car, I for one was starting to feel very silly, but needs must We're not impressed with the new black brushes installed at our local Morrisson's carwash, the stripey blue and white ones were far better to watch, apparently have you tried filming the carwash from inside your car as you go through, I thoroughly recommend this, just remember to keep quiet. All you can hear on our film is me shrieking " Look **** SIDE BRUSHES !"
  14. Welcome back where's tyler's-mum too? Undergone a name change myself, but was always a bit of a late night lurker..... w.
  15. Hi, thanks for that, I needed a laugh after this morning's review, anything that begins with the words 'The Mayor is.....' sets the tone for me really w.
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