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  1. ok here is one.... its rather old. i have posted my poems on here b4 Friends If friends are so important, Why do I have none? What is it that they do not like? Is it something I have done? I'm not a nasty person, I do not tell a lie, I'm always kind and caring. So please explain why? No one wants to know me, No one even cares. When friends get together, I am never there. They do not know how I feel, When I see friends having fun. I wish I could join in with them And not be the only one. Sitting on my own, Not knowing what to do. Always feeling lonely, I want a friend like you! this one is a bit more recent Road Walking down the road Who knows where it may lead It may be long and lonely But in the end we will succeed. my world You may not understand me My thoughts are hard to see. Everyone is different That is plain to see. So come into my world Patience is the key Once you get to know me You will surely see. That my world makes me happy As content as I can be. So stay a while and we shall smile Its fun to be with me! i think that will do for now!
  2. haha i doubt it, and was mostly written years ago!
  3. i really like them...............i have written a few poems but they r kinda crappy, may add them if i am feeling brave
  4. its actually quite common, apparantly nettle soap helps, but I don't know as I have never had it.
  5. hello and welcome! I also have traits of AS, but not brave enough to seek help/advice/a dx. So I am sort of here but not really belonging as I can't possibly say I have AS when I do not have a dx of it. So I am just the weirdo lurker who happens to be posting a bit more than I used to! I do not fit into any category, NT or AS, because I am too weird to fit in with NT and no dx to fit in with AS. I often question if I should be here since I do not really belong. So I am just the weirdo on this forum as i am not seeking a dx so will continue to be the weirdo lurker. Best of luck to you though, and hope u manage to get some answers. SD x ps sorry went on a little there!
  6. not me either, London is a tad far when ur in scotland.
  7. maybe u just need more practice, i hate how it says please take ur items over and over when i am still trying to sort myself out! put purse away etc. but still beats the other checkouts. i hate sainsburys as they do not have self service and their staff seem to always want to 'chat' and its very annoying. esp when they make comments on what you are buying, oh cat food do u have a cat? oh chips for dinner tonight then?
  8. liked ur blog today Your like me, see someone you know and go in the opposite direction and hope they didn't see ya! I am a bit better now than i used to be I think. the how are you is still a bit of an issue, as probably ppl are not interested so just give the standard 'fine thanx' reply, i tend to forget the, 'and how are you' tho. but as they are not all that interested anyway i expect it doesn't matter. i also hate going into shops that are v quiet, so ur the only customer and its like the shop assistants are watching you!
  9. oh and welcome to the forum very nice to meet you!
  10. have fun! couldn't he take some DVDs with him? I have a portable DVD player that great, can take it on holidays etc and he could watch DVDs to keep himself entertained.
  11. well done for doing it. had a wee look at ur other videos too. great singing.
  12. oops thats a diff one than the one i was thinking about, it is a shame that he is the only pupil in the school tho.
  13. i saw the trailer for this a couple of weeks ago. not too sure about it would be interested in seeing the whole film though.
  14. hi Great to hear you managed to get a dx without too many problems.
  15. great glad it went well!
  16. hi greg, nice to meet you, sorry to hear your son is having difficulties with school.
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