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  1. just took it out of interest, i got 42 i do not have a dx of asd nor have i 'self dx' myself. i admit i do have some traits, but could just be a quiet quirky person
  2. nah they r not bothering to close schools, well they didn't up here, even when they had a few cases, and most children have recoverd well and not developed any complications. Incubation period is 7 days for swine flu but symptoms normally appear b4 that, hopefully u manage to avoid it! I have managed to avoidd it so far. Hope he feels better soon
  3. i tend to look at a persons mouth, unless its a person who has those white slevvers at the corners of their mouth when they talk, yuk! lol then it can b awkward. i think as long as you are looking at who is talking its ok
  4. fantastic news Debs Great that Isaac is getting some support and well done to Jas, she's a wee star! Hope the good weather stays for both of their trips tomorrow! x
  5. i find having online friends beneficial, it means that i can talk about stuff that i wld not normally have the chance to discuss with anyone else.
  6. the adult world isn't any better! though what about befriending??
  7. lol how am i a Swot? i just answerd as honestly as possible. my score is not much different from some other ppls scores.
  8. I know how he feels! I also must say even IF he did go to scouts, chess clubs, church etc he is unlikely to make real friends, he may manage to be sociable enough to get on with them while they are at the said place, but outwith that the friendship probably would not work. Esp something like Scouts or Church he may just be very quiet and not appear interested in making friends even though he is. Chess i suppose u have a bit more of a chance as u would play people 1:1? not sure. sorry to be so negative
  9. true it would be easy to select the desired answers to get a high score, but i am pretty sure most people answerd truthfully. like I knew certain answers would increase my aspie score, but i still answerd these honestly if it was not a trait that affected me so increasing my NT score still managed a high aspie score tho, but some of the questions were a bit weird, like do u like it when someone stamps their foot? er i don't think anyone likes that do they?? or someone walking behinde you.
  10. http://www.rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php Your Aspie score: 160 of 200 Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 37 of 200 You are very likely an Aspie Trait group Score Judgement Aspie talent 8.6 Above average Neurotypical talent 0.2 Below average Aspie compulsion 9.8 Above average Neurotypical compulsion 0.2 Below average Aspie activity pattern 8.6 Above average Neurotypical social 0.5 Below average Aspie communication 6.4 Average Neurotypical communication 3.0 Below average Aspie hunting 5.6 Average Neurotypical hunting 5.1 Average Aspie perception 9.5 Above average Neurotypical perception 5.7 Average
  11. great news! good luck with the move
  12. picture symbols and progressing on to PECS? when he points to a picture encourage to say the word as well. e.g jigsaw or cars? he will point to a picture and u just repeat the word for him, jigsaw? this also teaches how to make choices. and also helps to teach word recognision too, as the word tends to be written on the card too. but your son is still very young, or when offering food or a drink. orange or blackcurrant? show both bottles, he points to one he wants, and you then repeat.......orange. hopefully in time he will manage to repeat what you have said. sorry not to have more advice, as it all seems very 'simple' but thats all i would attempt at this stage.
  13. ((Tally)) sorry i have no ideas on how to help, it seems ur mum is obviously just trying to help you but doesn't understand what help u actually do need.
  14. great that things are progressing though! Hopefully its not too long before you get a final dx. I would hate role play too! (i don't have a dx of as or anything I'm just a weirdo who lurks here)
  15. yes doctors are often very patronising aren't they, hopefully once referral comes through things will progress.
  16. I'm 26 and still live at home! So i guess I am very old to be still living at home! I earn less than ur dd. perhaps ask her to pay one of the household bills if she does not wish to up her housekeeping. I pay £200 per month plus pay a bill by direct debit. i would not back down though. if moving out is a mistake then she will learn from that.
  17. yup thats the same as me, i have astigmatism too.
  18. eye tests here are free but u do have to pay for ur specs. i need new specs actually but the only ones i like are amlost exactly the same as the ones I already have, but may end up just getting them! lol
  19. eye tests are always free now anyway weather u work with computers or not! well in scotland they r free anyway!
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