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  1. jo jones


    reviewed again????? she has just rung and said he goin on summin else from mon,,,,,?????????? she said this one should be quicker acting cos the phenergan is not acting quick enough??? i should say 7 hours roughly!!!!!!! bring on more sleep deprivation till then ,,,watch this space innit !!!!!!!!!!!!! x
  2. jo jones


    well psych rang me again mon to review,,,upped the dose to 15ml and said give it to him at 6pm??? still dont seem to have an effect except make him hyper????????? gonna review again tmrw,,,he is still not sleepin till bout 12,30,,?????????????? dont know what they gonna try nxt?? jo
  3. jo jones


    hi lizk and yes he is hyper on it ,,psych rung me back thurs and upped the dose and said give it much earlier??? 7 pm,,,,still no difference he is still flyin around the house at 12 ish???? im waiting for their call as they were going to review again tday and possibly change to something else??? i hope so,,xx
  4. bikemad we use these for day services,,buy a diary and send it with him,,jo x
  5. i totally agree with u baddad,,,i let nature takes it's course and have worse flatulence than the hubby ha ha or the dog for that matter!!! ha ha,,because every woman does even though most wont admit it ,,dunno why???? xxxxx
  6. jo jones


    same difference,,,,,used for same purpose,except paracetamol in medised so helps with pain relief,which phenergan does not,,,i think i will stay with the bma,,
  7. we found it really hard,but got there eventually, we are still waiting for reply though as they have requested the consultants report,,,dunno how long that will take though,,probly next year????
  8. hi annie,,lots of us on here have the same issue with the professionals and will give u good advice,,,after nearly 3 years of tellin them that the little one had problems have they decided to believe me???they basically told me that because i work in autism i was lookin for it?????,it has taken lots of pushing to see the correct people and is sooooo frustrating because we as parents have to live with it daily and not just for a half hour visit at clinic!!!!!,but at last we are getting a teeny weeny bit of help!!! so keep pushin and u will get there xx jo
  9. ha ha ,my example maybe a bit harsh but it does happen innit,,can u imagine?? i just get screamed at lol,and im goin tnite,,,ooohhh nooooo xxxx
  10. jo jones


    i agree ,,this is why i always refer to bma for any medication,, for us or service users,,,
  11. jo jones


    we have the bma book in work,,we use it as we administer drugs to service users,, and we always double check in the bma as it gives u more info than what is on the patient info leaflet,for prolonged use and contra-indicators and so on,,so i looked it up as the generic name and the brand names then are shown also,,,very informative as then u know what u r buying over the counter,,,if u are eva concerned about medication and need info please feel free to pm me and will look up the relevant info for u,,i dont think there will be a link for the bma unless anyone knows as we have to purchase the book via company policy,, jo x,
  12. jo jones


    basically the same stuff though i ad look in bma in work,,,,promethazine,,,,,brand names- medised,night nurse,tyxilix nite time the list went on,,,,x
  13. bikemad was i about right on the example of s/s??? i hope so,,,,,,
  14. jo jones


    aro,,phenergan is the main ingredient in medised which we use when he is ill,,and it does work for him and he is gone in bout an hour,,,what confuses me is the dose she has given him is 5ml,,but yet if he was havin medised he could have much more??? i will see what she says tmrw cos i dont want her to up the dose and he be awake even longer????? ohhhhhhhh noooooooooooo,,,,,, x
  15. gem ask for referral to o/t for input xx
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