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  1. hi im a yorkie too rotherham my son age 8 has asd and is fab theresa
  2. hi candyfloss my 7 yr old asd son, laughs so much it is great, he also likes to make me and his dad laugh as well, sometimes he puts it on as well we can tell when it is real and fake, but i dont realy care because i just love hearing him so happy, well i am apparently nt and he laughs alot more than me. nt is abbrev for normal, if that is what you ment, lov xx
  3. tjw

    Forum Upgrade

    love it have had a good look around and put on new aviator, but overall i think its great theresa x
  4. omg justine i was watching this on msn and wanted to post it but didnt know how, and here it is, i cannot believe that little chap he is fab, glad you posted. theresa x
  5. hi james i have been watching this all morning, it seems to be a great breakthrough, would love to see what all the peeps on here think, i know my son who is only 7 would have a problem with the scanner it self as these are very scary, i had to go in one the other yr and it was awful, but i do think it is a great step forward. theresa
  6. hi a brill time and loads of chillin enjoy theresa x
  7. hi sg that is fantastic well done, <'> takecare theresa
  8. hi mumble i must say i think that they were being lazy because i can not beleive you would drain food over clean pots, or it could be thoughtlessness, when my son was born my dad and stepmom came over from ireland to do the visit and my husband caught my stepwicth opps i mean mom pouring lamb fat all over georges sterlaised bottels, god was i annoyed so i can relate to your reaction to this please dont let it put you of doing the cooking that you can do, if you can time it when this student is not in the kitchen and also take your clean pots straight back to your room (if you keep them they) then she will not get the chance to do this again, you never know she may be doing this to get a reaction from some of you who share the kitchen. so carry on cooking take care theresa
  9. hi mygifts agree with karen, we have always taken the mick out of george, when playing ect and he now has an understanding of kinds about this, but he does check with us if we are joking so not they yet, but i must say it dose not work great outside the house with other people, he thought his daft grandad had a donkey in his garage for ages when grandad thought it would be funny to tell him this, wasnt smiling when i made him take him to his garage to proof it lol, he never thinks people are taking the mick outside the house he says they are being nasty and rude so have a long way to go with the outsiders yet, i think it is so hard for them to tell the difference, my son is also 7 with asd, we just keep trying to let him know when the mickie is being taken, take care theresa
  10. with my son who is 7 he walks on tiptoes so yes his walk is different and when he runs he looks realy clumsy, so people would pick up on this, hair he has always had loads of it the crown is a double so we always shave it, plus he sweats alot so it helps with his temp, as for looks i dont know he has quite a big head but that could just be how it is, no eye contact is the give away i would say, theresa great topic mumble
  11. hi smiley have a realy great time. theresa x
  12. tjw


    hi westie great advise from a mum who knows, and has first hand expereince with pda, i do hope the information you have provided helps others with partners, children who they think may have pda. takecare theresa x
  13. tjw


    hi donna welcome back i was just wondering the other day how you were , glad you got you house hope you have settled in, theresa x
  14. hi sally thanks for the link, i feel at the moment it is all me doing all the work for school, he has been on sa+ for a yr now and no outside professionals have been asked to come and see george, i have requested to ep on quite a few occations and hopfuly i will be seeing her next wk, i am also phoning all the people i have found on local goverment site including ep office, sen office and act, i no a lady they who is head of dept so will be getting all her input and help, thanks for the pm sally, going to go and make a big list of what i need to do now. theresa x
  15. hi jsmum the boys mum has been round this morning for coffee, and she asked me for my honest opinion about her son i did advise her to speak with her dr about this and asked if she felt they was something not quite right about her son ,she is realy confussed because at home he will sit and watch his tv or read paint for hrs without being a giddy kipper which is her term for him, i did say i find it a bit strange the her son is very controling over my son but not with other children and yes he has some strange ways like mimicing other, he was in a reading group and one of the boys stutters and the next time his teacher read with him he was doing the same stutter, and he has always copyed george like his acent because george does speak a bit different to others he also does georges flapping which george does all the time when excited stressed ect, she has just emailed me to say she has looked up adhd and thinks he may have some traits ,so she is going to see her dr she says even if it to rule out adhd but it will put her mind at rest she nos i will support her all the way as she has done with me and george, but i had to make her aware that her son is making my son very unhappy at break times, if she gets to the bottom of this and it is recognised that her son has a form of something then hopefully she will receive the help see needs. thanks theresa x
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