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  1. interested in this -wondering for my son ive just recently noticed -that when hes going into meltdown -when he starts arguing ect-and i get caught up into the argument -that if instead of me doing my usual-like ignoring or reasoning and both now dont work -ive gone up to him and pressed down hard on his shoulders and his head sounds odd i know-not really hard of course just firm pressure -and if i repeat it and then say relax relax -it seems to stop meltdown. so i reckon theres some truth in this-weighted blanket..............-i think it must ground them and make them feel safe -like not all floating about erratic ect..... only thing is the prices seem a bit steep(well for me they do) -wonder if you do a home made job yourself ?
  2. :thumbs: great news xxx
  3. yeah im ok thanks im just going ignore it-i know shes got major probs to sort out herself so i reckon she was just feeling angry. i shall just be firm with her if and when we speak again......
  4. hi just come for a moan having general all round bad time at present-in process of loads meetings with school to try and get more help/statement my sons behaviour is basicly getting on top of me now-its first thing in morn-refusal to do anything-then home time same -and bedtime. i had my medication changed a while back -and now all i do is cry-so trying to get back to gp about it/ my mum is due for a hip operation -shes in her 70s-i will be looking after her and helping my dad as he cant manage it all. this week had to move everything out of my kitchen as landlords starting next week to do new one. my sister[well we have same mum] rings me up -and cause i started saying how bad things were she went balistic at me and ranted doen the phone -i should be ffing grateful im having a new kitchen -to which i replied i do have an asd son and she told me to f off as shes 55 and going to be homless since this is not her first outburst at me i then told her where to go.......and no contact since. i just cant belive it............... -shes been told she has to move out in may-shes had 6 months to put forms into housing and still hasnt -ive helped her few times trying to sort it....i may add she also has a boyfriend im on my own. its not the first time shes done this carry on-shes done it to my other sister too -who has a 28 year old son with as and tourettes. everytime ive tryed explaing my sons problems -the reply i got was you need supernanny you do -time and time again this is. :ninja: i will not tolerate her ###### anymore-she better not dare come round my house or there will be trouble....sick to the back teeth of it. id like to point out im 32 and shes 55-she hates me really -cause ive had my dad in my life and she hasnt had her dad around[his choice ran of with another woman)
  5. im not much help with advice but my 6 year old is very much like this...... after a awful weekend of it all again -today i have now took his nintendo of him /banned tv-plugged cableout of back/took his fav toy of him/no pc time................this time im going stick at it ...........ive told him he wont be getting anything back for a week at least till i see better behaviour towards myself and his brother. im planning on getting him out of the house more you see .............and those thinngs above stop us doing it . before ive felt guilty about doing those things .....but to me it seems the only way i can implement some calm in the house -and if he wants them back he will have to work damn hard for it .............
  6. has anyone heard of this i read it in the tv mag for next week programes-theres one on wed about couple who met up through this Link edited to comply with Forum rules.Karen.
  7. i think its really fantastic that you are going to do this and i hope you can stick it out. after reading these posts it has encouraged me to take a stand as well my 5 year old is totally fixated with the cartoon network channel-and ive watched some of the programes and i dont feel they are good at all.........my son will sit and watch it over and over again ..and gets really volatile when i turn it off ect.... it also stops homework being done in my house.........................so im going do the same thing-unplug cable out of the back....................going do it this week see what happens :ninja: its totally getting out of control.............. and is the root behind homework not being done and alot of my 5 year olds agressive behaviour i think...............my 6 year old is not as fussed with tv(asd) hes fixated with the pc and nintendo. deffo going do the tv this week coming .... good luck and welcome to the forum xxxx
  8. i wish i could come -live to far away hope u have fun xxx
  9. thanks for the replys i think they are having too much of there own way today has been awful -my 6 year old snapped my other sons toy in half-one he had got last week with his reward from the chart im doing.............so now ive said to my 6 year old u cant have your reward now for this week. then later tonight my 5 year old messed up my pc and my other son said he was kicking it-so hes now lost his reward and hes not going on it again. im far too soft with them. my 5 year old is fixated with the cartoon network channel-and stuck his fingers up at me today said hed sen on tv-i read the other posting about zero tolorance im going be stopping -restricting the tv time from now on and my other sons computer time as all he wants to do is go on it morning noon and night. cant stand it anymore -next weekend i shall have them out at 9.30-wont take no for an answer have them on the go all day hopefully we will have a better saturday.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59LnsrWkyFM lighthouse family
  11. i dont think you can give me advice on this but i just wanted to moan about it........... i have 2 sons ones 5 the other is 6 all they do is fight all day long every weekend to make matters worse my asd son is refusing to leave the house completly now every weekend he agrees to it in the morning then changes his mind and throws a fit-the places i am suggesting are kids things to -so im not wanting to go out for my own needs ect.... my other boy is hyper and i think he needs a good run about outside ect......... i bought him a bike for xmas and we can not get out of the house for him to use it............... i think im going about it all wrong-ends up arguing and me sat crying all weekend over it all :tearful: i think next weekend i will get up early on and just get them out early on without even saying about it...............like to the swimming pool prehaps -then to park straight after........... i get thses ideas then when i try to do them it seems to become a impossible task................. anyone else had this ? xxx
  12. have similar probs i bought a playstation 2 last xmas-one year before last sorry and both my boys found it real struggle with co ordinating the buttons play watching screen so mine is in the tv cupboard-am saving it till they get older as im sure they will use it in time -just takes alot longer the ds too causes lot of arguing mainly as my son is completly obbsessed with it now and he has threatened to throw it few times -ive said if it gets broke thats it am not buying another though he dont know i took out 3 years cover from argos for it but my boys like that picto chat thing my son stared of with nintendo dogs game and took ages to learn it ,,,i did think he would not progress to the more gaming games....but hes manged it and now favs are the super mario ones -in fact they are obbsessions as he now dont want to play nothing except mario ones. but ive had to take it off him for few weeks at a time because it was all getting to much and also ive took it off him for naughty things -like for 1 day at a time. and like bagpuss says my son has took to doing that when we get to school its real task getting it of him ......lots meltdowns.
  13. yes thats a very good idea that i might do this myself with my son- <'>
  14. that all sounds very positive glad your getting help rq xxxx
  15. yes i did think it was a bit young for it -regardless of the rest of the problems he would encounter......my son does not like using other toilets either ect ect...or other food that hes not used to ...... i can see it could possible have a good impact but then it could also go the other way rather badly i shall have to see about this -and talk to school. hes also very young for his age too....as in maturity.
  16. the thing i would be worried about is he would most likely be scared being in unfamilar place -he complains if his bed does not smell right ect ect......i also think he would not tell of his problems and in turn would end up suffering for 3 days .im not sure it would at this stage have a positive impact on him..............i shall try talking to him tonight about what he feels about it. thanks for the reply x
  17. have just received a letter home about a 3 day trip in june to a educational outdoor center-my son is 6 [7 in june] what are your veiws on this? im uneasy about it really,as my son is not really getting the help he needs at school as it is......without trusting him to go away from home with them ect.... he also has still not learnt to be dry at night aswell -and could see this upsetting him ,with it being made public with class mates. just wondered if anyone else has had this experiance?
  18. im sure ive seen these in the catologe studio might of been some time back but worth looking -think they are online nowadays too.
  19. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thankyou i treated myself to a full body massage today at a salon -----was great -feel really relaxed now......was really in need of some de-stressing.
  20. "Try it guys!!!! Can you explain how this is done? - brilliant..!" 1. GO TO THE FOLLOWING SITE : http://www.tatuagemdaboa.com.br/ Wait for the lady to appear, then ... 2. WRITE YOUR FIRST NAME IN THE 1st LINE. 3. WRITE YOUR SURNAME in the 2nd LINE No need to write your e.mail address. 4. Press the VISUALIZAR bar. Unbelievable. Can you explain how this is done ?
  21. i think it is a common problem when my boy was alot younger i had some hair raising times over this..................to the point where i had to just lift him away from the situation and carry him over my back -found this was safest position as he would give me a good kicking and head butt me. the looks i got -time and time again..............this was before i got dx so i never knew what to say to people about it all...........so i ended up saying nothing and just carried on regardless................. its still a problem now -but now i know a lot more so i can manage it better but of course theres situations where u are not always prepared and it still happens............. every transtion my son does from things causes meltdowns major ones are going school coming home trying to get out of the house at weekends ect..... leaving folks houses ect ect birthday parties with nightmare too
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