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  1. Thank you Suze, that's reassuring to know. He is pretty canny for his age, I've always said the non-speach doesn't stop him from getting/doing what he wants He is clever, in that he can work things out at the drop of the hat and you can't fool him but looking at him, everything else, he is still like an 18month old. Nursery has helped him along pretty well, so hoping a specialist school can do more, so that he can lead as normal as a life that he can x
  2. yeah IKWYM, I'm glad it's happening, I've been fighting my son's corner for a solid 14-15 months and now I sort of can relax. He needs to right care and treatment, I just don't want him to be speechless for life
  3. Taking his age into considering and the spiteful things kids can say, he most likely doesn't want to accept it because of that simple fact. Is he, low, medium or high on the scale? Could you ask for help from social services? Speak to a behavioural nurse or ask if there is a way to introduce him to someone else on the scale, who is classed at the same level as him? Might be worth a try, if he can meet someone around the same age as him or a slightly older teen.
  4. Does your son go to any educational setting? Has it gone to panel? Or is the application still sitting with the LEA/relevent person? I think the not knowing is stressful, sitting around and waiting. Although, my son's application went through start of Jan and has been accepted (awaiting for his nursery to write a requested report before going further). Wokingham borough council are very good with their processes, it also seems that we have a high amount of ASD kids/adults in our area. I spoke to social services the other day and they said that families actually move to this borough, basically because the assistance is very good. Fingers crossed and good luck xx
  5. looks like you have some good strategies in place x Have you thought of the possibility of getting him a trampoline for the garden? ASD kids, especially younger, seem to like to 'bounce', stress reliever to some
  6. I'm sorry if this has been answered but I'm lacking caffine and not concentrating Firstly, I am sorry to hear that your son is having a bad experience in school, Senior school at that age isn't easy for a kid without ASD, let alone a kid with ASD! Does his school have an attached SEN officer/tutor? Also, what his 'friends' (i use the term losely) are getting him to do, is actually classed as bullying, so that needs to be nipped in the butt very quickly. How severe are his learning disabilities? If a SEN officer is refusing to statement him, you know you can start the process off by yourself, might be worth giving the NAS a call for further advice on this route. Do you have an ASSIST team in your area? If so, please do give them a call too for advice, never know, they maybe able to help you. By your post, he seems to understand his actions AFTER they have occured but not before? His school HAS a duty of care and if they know your son has some sort of learning disability and that he is unable to conceive the concept of what people tell him, they DO need to keep an eye on him. I would personally make a formal complaint to the school board if this is a common thing that happens i.e. they aren't keeping an eye on him. I do not have experience with teenage kids, as my son is very young compared to yours but the violent outbursts, I do understand how it feels to be at the end of them. Keep fighting his and your corner, please don't give up! Are there are ASD organisations/charities in your area, that could help with advice?
  7. Thank you x I'm excited as I really thought they would dismiss it. But at 3 and a half and not speaking and his other issues, I was hoping it wouldn't be tossed out due to his age. Fingers crossed it goes through without a hitch, as I really could do with him going to a specialized school in september!
  8. I received a letter today, saying that my son's application for statementing has gone through and a full assesment is taking place. I was a little confused about it, so called the relevant number, they explained that the people at the panel have accepted the application but they want a full written report from his nursery before going further. Gotta be something,right?
  9. ohhh now that sounds interesting! Congrats and good luck x
  10. Good luck and I hope it turns out for the better xx
  11. How about home schooling? My brother had a bad episode of M.E when he was 14 and lasted till he was 17. In his last year, the government supplied him with a home-school tutor. He managed to sit his English and mathes GSCE's, could this be an option? Citalopram is widely used for people with anxiety issues, not sure about crossing it with other meds, as I do not have experience with that. I would have thought they would use a mood stabiliser, rather than an anti-d, like they would with Bi-polar, has a better effect than anti-d's. Could you speak to a GP about that?
  12. Last year, I was placed on Citalopram, started on 20mgs, went up to 60mgs. I just wasn't handling my son's condition too well, I stopped sleeping (when I say 'stopped', I was getting 2hrs a night). I was tearful a fair part of the day, when my son kicked off, I would end up locking myself in the bathroom and crying. My skin was pasty, my appetite wasn't there and I was thinking that my son would be better off without me, a lot of the time. Citalopram helped me, first by regulating my sleep, which in turn helped me clear my head out and I was then able to take my son under a wing and deal with him in a more appropriate manner. I had actually gone into a full melt down by the time I had been seen by the dr, I was like a living zombie, it was a horrible time. I had my prescription up'd to 60 on a gradual scale and by that point, I felt fully functional (although, these tablets make you feel pretty crappy when you start off on them or have the amount put up/down or stopped). After 5 months, I felt that I did not need them anymore and the dr took me off Citalopram, bad 2 weeks though, felt sick, dizzy and headaches but as they cleared my system, I felt somewhat human again. I don't see this as a weakness, we've all be pushed to breaking point at sometime or another, gaining help helps you x
  13. Glad you have a diagnosis! Don't be afraid to 'speak up' with the specialists invovled. Especially if you feel something is not working, stick to your guns x
  14. I thought this might be of interest to the forum, it's a pull out from the independant from the other day (PDF version); http://projects.mediaplanet.com/uk/epilepsy_5_7369/autism_small.pdf
  15. Just a thought, would it be possible to talk to a manager of a near by residential school or sheltered housing association for disabilities etc? Just to get a picture of what/how they would deal with a situation? Might be worth a try, see if they can give any friendly advice?
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