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    Daniel is 17 and still chews plastic....... and when i try and stop him all he says is "mum its not going to kill me just cos you don't like it don't mean its bad!!" So i guess its just one of those things that over the years i still don't like but have had to get used to, chewed pens remote controls, in fact anything plastic and he chews it.
  2. That could be me typing how my pregnacy was with my son Daniel, I also had Daniel vacinated (as well as both my daughters both of whom are NT) with the MMR and don't regret it. (saying that i am very glad i can no longer have children as i would not like to have to make that decission again now) More research has to be put into this, about after todays annoucment in the news i can not see that happening, which is a shame for all the children involved and the children who have to grow up with AS.
  3. Hi, I move my children 240 miles 2 years ago from the only place they had ever lived in. Daniel was 12 at the time. I talked to them alot about the move before it happened and they where involved in every aspect of the move as well. Because Daniel already had his statment the LEA where very helpful in just what schools in the area would be the best for him, and we bought our new home in the area for the school I thought would be best suited to his needs. I have got to say in our case the move was one of the best things we could have done. It gave Daniel a fresh start he was no longer with the children who he had been with since he was 3, so the move took away all the hassle that brings ( peers no longer knowing just what to do to get him upset) It took a few months for everyone to settle in the 2 girls as well as Daniel, but i do think that picking the right school for my son to go to was the biggest thing in making the move so successful. Daniel has improved leaps and bounds since the move we still have our bad time, but i have to say that they are now out numbered by the good times. Saying all that i do know that i would not like to move them all over again. I hope that you move goes as smothly as our, it takes a lot of work before hand but in our cast that just made everything better. Hope this helps, Karen
  4. kaz

    im going under

    Hey Hev, I hope that things have calmed down a bit for you all now. I can tell you that things will get better, i know that they have for me. It can be a bit like swings and roundabouts at times though. ( I am still learning and Daniel is now 15 to take the bad times with the good though) I can remember so clearly the days whe he was younger just wishing i could walk away and have an so called easy life. I also remember how i felt when Daniel was excluded from school for the 2nd time. I was upset and angry at him and also at the school, he was upset and confused as he could not understand what had happened. I have done the anti depressents and also the calms in fact there is not much that you can get from the Dr that i have not tried at one time or an other. But i can tell you things can change and things can get better, i have had a good few years with Daniel now, yes we have our bad days but now the good ones out number them instead of the other way around. I know its hard when all you want to do is run away, but don't give up. One of the hardest things for me to learn was that Daniel always gave me the hard time, and it was explained to me that he does that because he knows that no matter what he does i will always be there. He knows you love him and he knows just how much you care, its hard i know and i am so sorry. But just try and keep you chin up and find someone ot talk to if you can. Hope this helps Karen x
  5. not funny ( i agree i don't like him at all!!)
  6. expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( well they are in my house i am sure my kids eat them or something the way we go though them!! )
  7. My cousin called me the other day, she has a son of 8 who has AS The other week while in school the teacher turned to my nephew and said.......... "Why is it that every time i turn around your not doing any work" as quick as anything my nephew replied.................................... "Thats because you never look at me when i am working!!!!!" this really made me giggle as it reminded me of my son when he as that age! Karen
  8. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone else has read the book "Daniel Isn't Talking" by Marti Leimbach. Its a fiction book about a family that find out their son Daniel has AS and it takes you through the break down of the family after the Dx and about the mothers fight to get help for her son. When i first read the back of the book i put it back on the shelf because i thought this is to close ot home and i was not sure i want to read this. But i am now glad i did, i found my self crying and and laughing at some of the things they did. Getting angry (very angry in parts ) But i did enjoy it, I can't say i walked away with any more information that i had at the start. But i did finish the book feeling less alone, as i felt that the auther did understand how it felt to be a parent of an AS child. (Even if the father did as in many fictional books turn out to be the bad guy.) Karen
  9. Hi all, My son Daniel is now nearly 15 and he still asks if it is ok for him to sleep with me, the sad thing is, is that i have no problem with this but i know that others will. So i have now put a stop to it but i must admit that i have only done this in the last year or so. Up till then the one thing i could be sure of to calm Daniel down after a melt down was to take him in to bed with me, it seemed to calm him down and reset him (I you understand what i mean) It was "like lifes to much for my brain mum can i sleep with you"and then i know everything i ok and and i can carry on tomorrow. But i do know of a lady whos son who also has AS still sleeps with her and he is 19. I think it because its the one place they feel safe, they are with the person that keeps them safe and nothing can get to them when they are in your bed. One of the ways that i have got around this is by making my bed and bedroom a special place for the children, this is the room and the bed we go to when its someones Birthday or Xmas morning, we all jump o the bed and open our presents in there. Make the most of it they are only young once, and if it does not bother you or your son try not to take to much notice of what others say............ they are not living your life you are. Hope that helped Karen x
  10. kaz


    scored 9 in the AQ test
  11. my vote would be for the last one if anyone can work out how to change the poll. Used to be on Anti Depressants but are not on any right now.
  12. mmmmmmm ok that come out wrong the last one was ment to be on two lines as two seperate answers and i am not sure how to change it. Sorry Thats what i get for multi tasking.
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