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    Nic m never thought of trying that with the characters. Bagpuss, you have to report back to say if it worked with meeting the characters. Although with the battle i think i might be about to face, we won't be going back in a loooonnnnggg time as all our money will be gone on prepairing for a trubunial.
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    Went to disney florida a couple of months ago. So the help and advice i got given for that should be the same for paris. Go to guest services in side the park and explain about your child's difficulties. I brought a paed letter but they didn't really look at it. got given a guest assistance card. They stamped it with a stamp that say's alternative route. So that we were able to go in the fast pass way, exit way or the disabled sign way. And a stamp that says my son's major was a wheelchair. And they put a tag round the chair. Sometimes though it may be easier to go in the main waiting line. It was a life saver. Didn't do any of the meet the characters as the lines were too long.
  3. Daughter is year 5, need to start looking for secondary provision. I know that you can't put the name here so if anyone can PM with details, background info and what they think of the school. I would be totally grateful.
  4. It DD10 contrubution that is making me go "UT OH". Got a question on her form that asks her what would you like to do or find at a new school when you are too old for her present school. She writes show me around at .... school. EEEKKKKK have to see wherever or not the LEA gets a copy of this as i don't want them to know yet. So that has forced my hand as so to speak. NOW the head in the sand bit. Additional comments I don't like god and jesus songs my mum gets angry. I'm shaking my head now. Thanks daughter.... My husband was laughing his head off when i told him. Edited to say that i have just seen something else that will totally �%$%$ my daughter over. She has unoffically been dx with ASD. But the paeds never written it formally as it would hinder her education. Well it's been written in the minutes. Waiting for the deb head to ring back.
  5. Have been trying to toilet train him for a couple of months with no joy. He just doesn't realise that he's wet etc. Will tell him that he's wet and he will say no. Have to basically frog march him to the toilet as he goes "i can't" "i'm tired". Nursery are getting concerned as he starts reception this September.
  6. The head teacher on the phone said that she couldn't do the christms play then and pulled her out. So had to explain it to her, she was upset but she still didn't want to do RE. But when it got closer to the nativity she was fine as she got to do colouring in and read books. Personally i was glad as i gone through 2 of the play in the previous years and was bored to tears. Plus had my lovely son and ended up missing sections as i had to take him out od the hall a few times. The school also does grace but she turns her back and faces the wall. Thought the school was non demonation but it's christian based.
  7. Not looking forward to it as this past year, relationships with the school hasn't been good. Haven't been to the school in a very long time so haven't meet the staff in her new class. Got her reports on Saturday and not happy as some aspects of her speech has actually gotten worse. Have had a few moments where i just wanted to pull her out especially a couple of months ago. She was getting upset as they have RE assemblies and i don't know how it came about but she found out that us (parents) are not religious and with her unique way of seeing things couldn't handle the RE at school. So i spoke to the family support officer who said that she mention it to the school, and put it this way it went pear shape from there. Got a phonecall from both her class teacher and the head teacher who were both very negative. Got asked if she didn't like numeracy and literacy would i take her out of that as well? Also the classroom teacher wasn't happy that i brought up the HW with the family officer. DD1 has been given the same homework nearly every friday. They get given the same sheet each friday with the same set questions and asked to fill them in, in reqards to her weekend. Her weekends hardly changes and she was fed up with seeing the same sheet, DD2 wants to sack all the teachers at DD1 school and give DD1 hers. DD2 has got a temper on her and one weekend i found out that she actually chucked DD1 HW in the bin. I've been given a form to fill out, as the parents part and i just don't want to write anything. It's a special school. I just wish that i could wave a magic wand and transfer her to another school now (well september 08) It's the school that i do want her to go to for september 09. Will have a fight on my hands anyway. But her school now, i just don't think it's fully meeting her needs.
  8. We would like to move within the next year. First choice would be the states but that doesn't look likely. So it would be Chelmsford as it's got a train link in to London. Eldest is at the moment is year 5. The main problem is that she attends a specialist speech and lang school as her main prob is her speech and the school that i have in mind for her next is residential. Where we live at the moment, we will have to take the LEA to trubunial to get this school. Does anyone have any info on how easy it is to get statements transfered etc. We need to move as we need a bigger house but where we live at the moment we wouldn't be able to afford a house round here.
  9. Sounds like the staff at my eldest special school. I get a lot of snarky comments and the give away before i start to read it, is that there is no siggie and it ends with "thank you!". My daughter doesn't like RE or the religious assesmblies, so a few weks ago the family support worker came round , told her what i had planned, she told the school and a few nights after i got 2 phonecalls one from the teacher and then later from the head teacher. I got asked by the head if she didn't like numeracy or literacy would i take her out of that too? She likes the assemblies as she sit's with the younger children and looks after them. What is she doing sitting with the younger children and humm yeah her looking after is her bossing them around. I thought they were trying to curb her off that with her peers and yet they encourage it?? So i put it in writing that i want her out of RE and the assemblies. She came home tuesday night, rather angry, i phoned the escort to tell her i was keeping her home on wednesday and to check what my daughter told me. The escort got the impression that she was talking when it was "grace" at dinner time. So she and another child was told to go by the counter and say grace. Daughter said that she refused and made up silly sign language. If she was being silly then they should of choice another form of punishment. Also in her book bag was a samwich, after the harvest assembly which she was excused from it was harvest food fair, money will go to oxfam. I got a note in her book bag wanting 50p for the samwich. NOT HAPPY!! Apparently she even made the samwich earlier. So after half term will have to write a snotty letter. She has also been given the same homework every friday night, the first 2 weeks of school she had a printout of an newsround article that she to use the same questions that she gets every week. The second week even my husband couldn't answer the questions. So instead of changing the homework, they kept the question sheet and she has to refer it to herself and what she did over the week end. It is DULL, she hate it, it's counter productive. So when the teacher phoned i asked if they could change it as our weekends are routine. She refused and said that maybe my daughter could write about what she watched on telly or what she ate. I have had them asking about her glasses perscription, and if she got a spare pair, with no explanation why they need to know and as usual it was signed with !thank you" and no siggie. I just wrote back if they had any concerns to write them down and i pass it on to the hospital. Mentioned that the spares are to stay at home. They never replied back!! Then there was the issue of her shoes back in may. If i forget her book bag for one day i get hung over the coals for it. One of the LSA particularly seems to be behind the majority of this. She is the one that last week tried to make daughter sing grace and daughter said no, she's responsible for the shoe's comment. Last year daughter was doing dancing after class, she reduced daughter to tears saying that as daughter didn't have the �1 for the lesson. Half way through the course and i had pre-paid it. And don't get me started on the oh we don't believe in labels when i asked last year if she was ASD. Reading book, nope i don't bother signing it. Middle child school, the teachers ok about me not signing as long as she comes in with the HW done.
  10. Hi Ya Pink, Guess what??? Just got a phonecall from the EP service (been after an EP for my son for nearly a year). She coming to visit in a few week's time. I know we aren't allowed to say names so it's going to have to be clue's. First name is after a princess. The surname rhymes with bog. Going on past experiences with our borough EP they haven't been good. SO will be getting the camera out and taping his mood swings. I just want a bigger house, better support. Although my eldest like's her school am getting annoyed at the patronising notes that she's bringing home. So hoping that she move's classes in September.
  11. Looking at area's to move to in the next 2 years. So far Colchester and chelmsford look good for hubby as it's less then a hour train journey for him to get in to work from there. Can anyone PM on what's the services are like. My eldest attends specialist school, the next suitable school for her is residential. So can anyone tell me if they are good on honouring statements from previous boroughs and will they send her to the school that i want or will it be a tribunial case.
  12. ?????? OOOOO what am i missing??????????????? I guess one of the language units? Arrrrrhhhh, heard some info the other day on one of the units from a friend and just tried ringing her and the phone is engaged. Any idea's how to get an EP?? Our lovely borough has just pulled "does not meet the guidelines for assessment" 1) as there has been no imput from the EP. 2) That he was discussed in december at the pre school group and they said he was making good progress. Then how come latest SALT report says little change. Who the is the salt, ep and doc on the panel anyway???
  13. "that man is little" referring to a man rather short in height is Tesco. DS3 however has learnt how to say "oh b%ll%cks"
  14. a few people i know got charged something similar. Hope your mum got good compensation. A friend of mine got knocked of his bike by a guy in a car, has broken his back? and is having a hard time get comp.
  15. computer files- the maximum they can charge is �10. And you can take these away with you. Plain notes cost �50 to look at.Google DPA data protection act, give them a ring. That's what i did to double check. Lindy-lou you got ripped of me dear.
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