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  1. thanks for all the comments, I agree with Cat as my son does say that he knows its not real but when he watches anything to do with Aliens or the weather this really scares him where a horror film does not move him at all. Also the agression seems to be taken out of him when he has had a dose of WWE and he always seems a lot calmer once hes watched a few matches. Think I will see how it goes and monitor him more. As to the question where is he buying them, he gets lots from car boots and charity shops as they seem to sell anything to anyone!!!! Oh well, thanks again and Hi Suze hope you are well must catch up with you soon, try and get over to one of our meetings soon would be great to see you again
  2. Well I have not been here for some time, but feeling down and out today, probably the after shock of Christmas. Just a question, my 13yr old aspie son has been obsessive about WWE wrestling for 5 years now (as he pointed out the other day) so much so he sets my mobile alarm (only alarm he trusts) to wake him up in the middle of the night to record it. Its never bothered me before all the violence etc in WWE as he has always said that he knows its not real, however, over the past year he has got more into horror films. I now most teenage boys love horror & death etc and the more goory the better, but I find myself questioning my parent responsiblity. Should I be letting him watch this really terrible films??? will it have an affect on him when he is older??? He is totally obsessed with buying the latest dvd to come out (as he is too young for these films at the cinema) and spends all his paper money each week on them. I counted the other day how many films of wrestling and horror films he has and he has over 200!!!! When I watched a film with him the other night (not very often I can stomach it) I was terrified and he said he dosn;'t know why I get so frighted as its only a film and the outside world is a much scarier place, this did sort of put it into perspective for me, but I want to know other peoples thoughts on this. Are any of there children this obsessed. thanks for listening, made me feel slightly better getting it off my chest
  3. Well I have now written and taken in a letter for the SENCO, just to give them a chance before I steam in with the LEA!! so lets see what happens. If no joy I will contact LEA and state my concerns cheers guys for your help, I am so tired today as not much sleep again last night due to mind mulling over and over, you know what its like
  4. thanks Kathryn You have been a great help tonight, carnt sleep what with the school for the 7yr old and the Aspergers with the 12yr old, not felt like this for ages. Oh well best go and get some sleep otherwise I will feel worse tomorrow thanks again for your support <'> <'>
  5. logged in as myself now, was using hubbies so hi again everyone On his statement it says that his school he is at now and his new school will liase for integration to start as possible. I am really confused as I thought the LEA would be sorting all this out, as it stands I have had to ask his school to get in touch with his new school to sort out integration!!! is this right?? I have just typed a letter to the head master of the new school stating my concerns and that I would like to meet him and the SENCO asap and for Tom to go and at least look round the school before hand, Also that a couple of mornings or afternoons would also help. Can someone put me straight is the LEA supposed to do all this or is it left to the parents? cheers
  6. Hope I have spelt Dyslexia right? my 12yr old son dx Aspie, was wondering how I go about getting him dx with Dyslexia? have mentioned this to the school but a brick wall would have been better. Do you have to pay for this or can you refer yourselves somewhere? cheers guys, I know someone out there will know.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the SENCO at the schools just has the title to earn a bit more money!!!! At a support meeting the other night we discussed the need for at least the SENCO to be clued up on ASD, out SENCO has absolutely no idea, just seems to fob you off with words like "all the work I put in", your not the only parent who has a child with difficulties" etc etc It makes me so mad that these people are given such a huge responsibility with our kids when a lot of them are only doing it for the title, I am sure there are some SENCO's who are excellent and who really care, but upto now I have not met one. Our SENCO comes across as a bit of a bully, at our last meeting it just ended up with him shouting at myself and hubby, saying he would not be threatned!!! (just because we said if nothing was done for our son we would take our case to the governers of the school) he even had me in tears, as if we have not got enough stress in our lives. Oh well, rant over, but if anyone has any ideas how we can get the government to make sure at least one person in the school has some form of education themselves on ASD let me know!!!
  8. got my political head on again go to http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Autismtraining/sign and sign up for every teacher to be trained in autism, you never know it may happen one day!!!
  9. Just had to share this link with you. I found it very interesting yet very worrying, see what you think http://www.mercola.com/2007/feb/15/shockin...es-for-good.htm hope it works
  10. thanks for that, always wanted to know how to do it
  11. HI all My AS son who is now 12 (going on 23!!) still finds the whole idea of food let alone restaurants really traumatic, so much so, we very rarly take him as its not worth putting him through the stress of it all. He has very high sensitivity to smells so taking him into anywhere with food is a no go area for him. We get by at home as he will eat on his own or he can sit with our youngest ASD son, but apart from that he finds the whole foodie issue a problem. He has always been the same its not just something that has got worse the older he gets (thought he may have grown out of it!!). He tells us that the food stinks and the way people (including us) eat is discusting and it makes him feel sick. When he was younger he did used to shout at people to close there mouths etc, but now he tries to keep this in and will either look at the ceiling or the floor if he is put in that situation. Oh well, we cope with it now but it has been difficult, always think of how your child is feeling in the situation rather than how you think they should be behaving. I love seeing other kids enjoying sitting at the table in a restaurant with there mum and dad, but its not to be so we just get over it, even Christmas day when I would have loved him to sit with us, we all sat round the table with grand parents etc and he just sat in the living room eating on his own. I used to feel quite sorry for him not being able to join in, but in truth he likes his own company when eating anyway. Must go now as he is hovering round the computer, eager to get on it (as usual) bye for now and hope this helps
  12. HI all not been here for a while, but have got my 6yr ASD son's review in 2 week. At the moment he attends a unit school attached to a mainstream in Macclesfield (which is great). When he moves upto Junior school in September the school is changing there policy (or so we are led to believe) to only have children in the catchment area attend the unit/mainstream. My son really no longer needs the unit and is included in mainstream for most subjects. We need therfore to find him a new school in Poynton, Cheshire for next September. Any of you out there know which one is good with ASD?? I have no idea, but obviously I will have to go and visit them all, but what they say at visits is sometimes completely different in practice!!! Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  13. Hi I went along as a helper to the Help programme in our area and I must admit it was really good and I am sure helped all the parents that attended. I think you would be ok to get on with your daughter even aged 13 but best to speak to them direct. But yes its well worth it.
  14. what a brilliant idea about getting parents/carers to bash on Nos 10, I am all for that. Lets make a start NOW. Martin you are definately up for the challenge and good on ya mate. I would definately be interested, and any way I can help let me know email me on ricksimpson@totalise.co.uk I have had enough about authorities SAYING that they are going to help and government SAYING that they will look into causes and help with education etc etc etc etc BUT NOTHINGS HAPPENING. Go for it and I will be there at Nos 10 with you. keep me informed.
  15. HI Hedders both my 2 sons youngest 6 dx asd and 12yrs dx aspergers both copy/immitate, especially the youngest. He copies how his friends speak down to a tee and I know which friend he is being by his actions and voice, hes brilliant at it. In play I believe that both my sons copy other childrens behaviour rather than actually making up play on there own. My youngest said the other day that he likes to play on his own in the playground, when I asked him why he does not play with other children he just said, I like playing on my own, it dosnt' bother me. I get the feeling that there play is too difficult for him to understand therefore playing on his own seems a much better option. Shame really as I would like to think that the teachers at school would help out with this, but he seems happy enough and likes to invite his school friends home, but when he does he either copies them, following exactly what they do or just leaves them and goes to play on his own anyway. I cannot belive that you have been told that ASD children cannot copy, its seems to me that all there play is copied.
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