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  1. Hi Ichigo, just a quick reply before we have tea. I've shown my daughter your post and she's going to have a look on DeviantArt later to send you a message. I don't know whether you want to take off your account details from your post though just in case. Take care, x
  2. Hi - yes my daughter also tried learning Japanese (speaking not written) but found it hard to concentrate. With the DeviantArt thing - she started at first by just viewing artwork she liked and then commenting on them - which sparked a small 'conversation' of such. It took a while to submit her own artwork as she was scared of negative comments (negativity is a big problem for her). As for the cosplay - we took her first to the Telford one which is quite small compared to London - she didn't dress up first time but was so impressed after her first visit - we were also very worried about crowds etc - but she was that focused on things of interest catching her eye that she was somehow distracted by the crowds (if you know what I mean). She had her picture in a cosplay outfit printed in the Neo mag a while ago. Also, even though her interests ease her conversation - last year at the London Expo - Billy West et al (Futurama voice overs) were there, although when it came to meeting them even though she had so much she wanted to say she was completely in awe!! I have shown her your posts and she asks do you have a DeviantArt account? Take care, x
  3. Hi - my daughter is fine with animals that are quiet or careful - although she is petrified of anything that runs, is noisy or is fast or flighty around her. Take care, x
  4. Hi - I notice from your interests they include anime and manga - my daughter doesn't come on this forum and until last year was petrified of 'talking' to anyone on the internet. However, because of her love of drawing especially japanese art we managed to persuade her to look at DeviantArt website - that was one year ago and over the months she started to post her artwork and slowly started to interact especially those that were specific to her interests (she loves Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright games) - and has the past couple of months even used Skype. She also loves the MCM Expo's and cosplay and has even agreed to meet up with some people next week in London (fingers and toes crossed that she's well enough as she's not been very well). At the moment she still struggles with everything from day to day but she finds it much easier to interact with people who have the same interests rather than 'small talk' conversation if you know what I mean. Hoping things work out for you too, Take care, x
  5. Hi Mortisha, My daughter has x-linked PVNH (periventricular nodular heterotopia with the Filamin A gene affected) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK1213/ and http://www.lissenzephalie.de/pvnh_eng.htm Among other things it is associated with hypermobile joints but there is also a PVNH4 (PVNH with Ehlers Danlos variant). When we initially saw the geneticist she only had one other girl who presented with an ASD diagnosis - but now she has two and believes they are linked - also a PVNH support group I belong has quite a few children with ASD diagnosis or OCD/anxiety disorders etc. Take care, Jb x
  6. Hi Trekster, My daughter also has hypermobile joints - we've just had an appt. today with the Orthopaedic Consultant as she's had problems walking since April(with her one knee) - he's said that her patella's ride high - he thinks this goes hand in hand with her hypermobile joints and the flexibility can cause inflammation and pain where the kneecap is bouncing around everywhere instead of gliding the groove. She's also had various blocks of OT to help with her hands (her fingers are particularly affected) and info on special equipment - she also had inserts for her shoes. Coincidently, HMS and EDS can be a variant of the genetic disorder she has which they believe is also responsible for her ASD. Take care, Jb x
  7. So pleased for you Smiley - well done. Take care, Jb x
  8. Hi A&A, I don't think that just an ASD diagnosis normally get high rate mobility - it's dependent on the individuals mobility needs which looks like your son is quite high. Take care, Jb x
  9. Hi JCB - as Sally says I think the nursery will pick up on this and will suggest getting him assessed as they will want direction especially if he's in mainstream. As he's only 3yrs old and they can say/do 'odd things' and get upset etc - it's difficult really to comment on this. Hope you get some help from the nursery/gp soon. Take care, Jb x
  10. Hi Jollypig, My daughter is 18 and also epileptic - this past year she is making some headway in explaining her behaviour after an event similar to what you mention. I'm not sure how your daughter feels about herself - but my daughter is very insecure, feels a failure at everything yet places high expectations on herself - she also thinks because of her behaviour she doesn't deserve anyone to love her or care for her and is also aware that she doesn't think the same as 'normal' people and this frustrates her. Very often if I ask my daughter to do something that makes her think that she should have done it herself without me asking her to do it she will feel firstly massively guilty and then useless for not thinking to do it herself - sometimes I also phrase things that afterwards I can see she's taken it as a 'slight' on her (if you know what I mean). I'm just wondering if your daughter also feels guilty because she didn't do it naturally as you or I would..... Take care, Jb
  11. Hi Matt, Here is a link below for the NAS showing support groups within Wales - not sure which is closest to you - but we asked about the Caerleon one and unfortunately we were told it's full - don't know if the others have problems with availability. http://www.autism.org.uk/our-services/residential-community-and-social-support/social-support/social-groups/wales.aspx Take care, Jb
  12. Hi Squox, does he have any other symptoms and it the tremor in both hands or one sided. xx
  13. jb1964

    Hitting self

    Hi 247, I know exactly what you mean but I have no solutions. We have a car so often she would go there should it happen but we've been in many many situations where a safe/quiet place hasn't been available and it is difficult. Take care, Jb x
  14. jb1964

    Hitting self

    Hi 247, My daughter is nearly 18 and showed aggression and self harming since she was around 7yrs old. Most of this surrounds times when her anxieties are increased - we might not have realised it at the time- but afterwards it becomes clearer what the cause was. Routine is a big thing for her which has got worse as she's got older - it is the one thing she clings to when her anxieties are high as it is the one thing in her life she feels she can control - also her OCD and anorexia tendancies also link in with this. We were once told by CAMHS that we have allowed her to use self harming as a coping strategy. My daughter has terrible scars and continues to use knives and scissors to self harm - CAMHS told her recently to make sure that the knives are clean first and that if she gets taken into the secure unit they will provide her with a sterilised self harming kit. It is very easy to judge parenting or motives behind behaviour - I have watched my daughter beg to die - being scared of her future and worry what will happen when we are gone. I have seen her covered in blood and using all her force to cut her arms, ripping at her face or smashing her head into a glass mirror - she does not respond to punishment, rewards or any known ideas given to us by CAMHS which leaves us in no-mans land. We do not give in to her and she goes without many things because of her behaviour - her behaviour does not improve if a reward is something she desperately wants - when her emotion overtakes her there is nothing that can be done. She has no friends, is socially isolated except for her immediate family and she feels desperate. I hope you get some help and that your daughter is one that is responsive to therapy or strategies. Take care, Jb x
  15. Hi Smiley, My daughter is nearly 18 and has been on the pill since about 12yrs because of heavy irregular periods which caused her extreme distress because of the pain, irregularity and that she's petrified of blood. She's tried a couple and is currently on Loestrin 30 - originally they tried a low dose but it didn't regulate them fully and she had breakthrough bleeding which caused more distress. The GP's were really understanding and had many options available including injection etc. I'm sure if you make an appt. to discuss they'll come up with a good option for you. Take care, Jb x
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