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  1. As per title http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=UJXwFHAyAf4
  2. I've always been told i should write a book, but in typical me fashion i can't be botherd lol. I was writting a book just before i joined this place, but then i joined and just decided to help people via the forums, that plus some of the people ive met here would give me no option but to completley re write the book. I had the awnsers, but everybody changed the questions. Maybe i'll try again one day, but that will be after alot more crunching on this place, and to get a better understanding. My aspergers is almost NT, so i'm very high functioning, so it's easy for me, to say it's easy to live with, when it has been quite easy to live with!
  3. It get's easier as you get older (i think) It's easier to go off, and do your own thing. btw, when a man says 'i dont want anything' he really want's a gift voucher or a bottle of jack.
  4. Agreed. have you heard that there's no such thing as evolution? and even though we have proof that dinosaurs existed, dinosaurs actully never romed the earth for thousands of years. I have a faith yes, but the above is what we call blind faith. for religion without science is rubbish, but if you have the two working together, you have the awnser for most of lives questions. (if you think outside of the box, and see the bigger picture)
  5. He's 17, therfore he is over the age of consent, which means he has no obligation to do anything.
  6. lyndalou, rember, the problem is with them, and not with you and god. Never lose your faith beacause of others, i don't talk about my faith for that reason, beacuse everyone very quickly becomes up in arms, and thinks i'm going to try and convert them or something. I wonder why people have such a problem with the thought of trying to be the best person you can be, live a humble and furfilling life, and love everyone, even people who have wronged you. It's peoples free choice to do what they want, yes, so let me do what i want and have my faith, who am i hurting by doing the above? Oh well, it will never change me, in my mind i have proof that god is there after what ive gone though this year.
  7. My mother has brought me some 100% dark chocolate. how they've made it 100% without it being powder i don't know, but can't wait to try it! Tryed the 100% today. mama mia! the taste of sheer purity, great stuff. if your brave try some.
  8. LOL blimey! sounded like a dodgey church to me! What i do is have 1 to 1 meeting's with the reverend (also helps that he's my best friend) once every so often when things get too much. really helps me. mind control is not something a TRUE christian will ever do. It's actully not very christian at all, to do that. I will never attempt to convert someone.
  9. It was the whole thing lol, those thomas sayings were so mature, yet so childish at the same time 'I'm a very important engine! grumbled gordon' 'rubbish! snapped james'
  10. Well, while i appriciate others opinions, i have a very strong faith in god, i never underestimate the power of prayer. When i'm really down i talk to god, and ask for help. I take comfort in knowing that god can do absolutley anything, and he will always love me even if i act like a ###### lol. Don't rule out the idea of talking to your local church.
  11. Rember, none of this is your fault. regarding your childhood, rember what i said in my first post, regarding the old tattered pages of your book. not easy, but your goal is to turn away form that. it's the past, and if you spend the present dwelling on the past, how can you enjoy the futre? You've improved in the sence that you contribute and offer support to other people. your begining to care for others and have become a lot less self focused. that = you moving in the right direction. if your finding life hard,why not bury your sorrows in doing good works? you seem quite good at offering support as well you know......
  12. First of all, everyone has a right to there voice, if something is troubling you in life, it's not moaning and whinging,and if i may say, ive seen a marked improvment in you over the last few weeks. Dad's and (parents for that matter) have a funny way of making things worse. try to get some rest now, and post in the morning with a fresh mind. the best advice ive had this year has been from complete strangers that ive met only a few times. as you get older, parents advice becomes slightly less helpful, and more watered down.
  13. Only problem with parent's advice is, it's biased. With them being protective, there naturally going to be reserved in there reasponses. plus, you pick up there bad habbit's with that advice. getting your advice from numerous sources is better.
  14. Photography, seems very popular......
  15. By first of all, embracing people's guidence, and wisdom. Then start your own personal action plan, eliminating anything distracting or unhelpful. one thing you really should do (but probably won't) is seriously reduce your exerise. you don't exersise like most people do, you self medicate with it, as an alternative to self harm. What you need to do is identify what triggers your self harming behaviors from the route and tackle it head on, be brave, and not give in to it. Let's start with depression; the only sure fire way out of depression is change. change everything you do in your daily routine, from the side you get out of bed, to the way you walk to work, to the way you get home. DO NOT just get in and flump onto the sofa and watch hollyoaks, use that as your time to take a quiet walk and reflect on your day. even if it's cold, wrap up and go for a relaxing walk. kick the exersise for a while, just eat well, and replace exersise with realxing activities, find a place thats yours. one thing i do, to wind down is quietly talk to myself about my day, and what i could of done better. by doing this i am able to reflect on my thoughts with much more clarity, or you could alternativley log them either on a thread here, or even better in a private book. next on the action plan is your futre, while your in your quiet place, quietly think to yourself in your minds eye, what really floats your boat in life, almost meditating while you do this. then plan in your mind how you plan on getting there. once you've done the above for a few weeks, that mind fog will start to clear. the thing is with you smiley, your life is like an old book, all of your pages are worn down, due to you constantley re reading old chapters. it's about time, you started the next chapter. only way you can do that, is to stop reading the old ones.
  16. Haha! sorry but this really tickled me!
  17. This guy for sure wins scariest face in children's tv award.
  18. There are some exeptions to this (including me) but a large number of aspies/autistics all have the same pattern of interests. These are: Thomas the tank engine, star wars, star trek, buzz lightyear (what's wrong with woody?) Trains Unusual collections And astrology. why? just why? i don't get it. It's natural for humans to obsess over certain hobbies and interests, by why do people on the spectrum have the same or very simular path? bit weird don't you think? oh and i forgot postman pat.
  19. Think with disapline; Negative thinking is bad, Positive thinking is delusional Disciplined thinking for the win. There is no such thing as a bad experience. just a learning experience.
  20. I guess you'll be looking for a rebound??????? (sorry, that's just my humor, welcome abord!)
  21. She has asked me before, 'do you think we could ever be more than just friends?' and she brought me dinner once. and she gave away all the classic signs, playing with jewlrey and stuff. You would think as an intelligent grown man i would notice signs that obvious.
  22. The myan calander thing is total rubbish, beacuse the myan calander doesn't take into account leap years, so, the end of the world should of happend decades ago. as for a war, if people knew it ment the end of the world it would be pointless, as everyones a loser. the whole point of war is for someone to win.
  23. The most interesting people ive met, are the ones who don't know what there going to be doing in the futre. to be career minded, is to be imprisoned

    1. Bluesbreaker


      i totally agree with that sentiment.

    2. Sa Skimrande

      Sa Skimrande

      Having been career minded I agree, one is in fact enslaved by their desire for the future.


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