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  1. Found this at argos http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3992359/Trail/searchtext%3ENIGHT+LIGHT.htm the nature sounds may help. a few drops of Bergamot oil on the pillow case may help with the anxiety. lavender oil is supposed to work also but i find it a bit overwhelming .
  2. walking in the snow listerning to echo and the bunnymen. winter 2010/11 the Tony Hancock box set. Louise Brooks. and the humble tea bag
  3. just read, anthony bourdain kitchen confidential it had a good pace, will buy the follow up, Medium Raw at a later date. just got solutions for adults by juanita p. lovett. hope its better than aspergers for dummies.
  4. hi chris this is the man himself explaining what he does http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcxIovG_1CY
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    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/shadowsong/Pabs/advanced this is me in pixel form not been on for a while though, needed a break from it got to a stage where i was on for 18 hours a day just pvping in battlegrounds. i read something about skinner box logic a reward system that keeps you hooked like human lab rats.
  6. hiya robert i found this guy http://www.billgoodyear.org/index.php/welcome/how-i-work Bill Goodyear: Asperger Coach (London). Tel: 020 8871 1241. i can't find any recent activity on the web seems like a nice chap though.
  7. been using moisturizers for around 30 years now and having tried lots of products over the years i will give you the benefit of my metrosexual regime i exfoliate my face 3 to 4 times a week using a exfoliating pad and dettol soap then rinse in cold water to help reduce the eye bags, and for the eye bags i use body shop maca root eye serum for men it works quite well its very light and absorbs quickly, also i carry a boots no7 anti fatigue stick in my bag for back up. Gillette series moiturizer is cheap enough to use on a daily basis and has a spf of 15, but on a night out i would use boots shine control day moiturizer it keeps you looking fresh and it helps with razor burns. i also use nivea q10 between my eyes for deep frown lines reads like a amazon review. i even wash my converse laces and iron my hankies and put creases on bootcut jeans.
  8. hiya robert found a couple of things on youtube there a little long but they are not boring the first 50 mins of Alan Pease is really informative i started to lose interest after that, information overload i think . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw36-ByXuMw&feature=related the second one is fine its not studio based and and it holds the attention easier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQENwD-QlRA&feature=related
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    Thanks for the replies its my first venture into the furom world its better than i imagined it to be. i thought they were real time conversations and i would struggle to keep up as i type so sloooowly should had used forums years ago it would have been really helpful. finally found a constructive use for the internet so much better than asking people what they had for their lunch on facebook.
  10. sorry you lost your book mate hope you can find it. i think lancslad is right the more you seem to look the harder it is to find. i read this on the net recently it as lists of things that you may find helpful. if you are unable to find it [fingers crossed you will though] it covers things like eye contact and body language also worrying. http://www.autismusundcomputer.de/english//marc2.en.html
  11. roger mcgough - said and done bear grylls - mud sweat and tears simon day - Comedy and Error
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    one day old on here so i thought i would say hello and ramble on for a while. i looked after mum for many years after she had a fall at work and with the arthritis in her knees mobility was difficult. i'd been at staffordshire uni doing a politics degree, the studying was fine but it was the wrong enviroment for me, i developed depression quite badly and left in 1996 i was placed on lithium by the hospital psychiatrist. mum always sorted the outside world out making phone calls answering the door i have always found spontaneous conversations difficult especially with strangers, things worked out ok between and the two of us and we could cope. mum was taking Codeine painkillers which are a opiate so she was quite happy most of the time, given hindsight i don't think lithuim helped with the depression it was being home and feeling secure that helped the most. familar surroundings and routine with minimal contact with the outside world helped a lot i had no feelings of isolation or loneliness, the lithium went into the bin i was ok, and 10 years older. mum was unable to use the stairs so she stayed in the bedroom 90% of the time. one morning i took her breakfast up she woke up looked at me and said hello dad, i said mum its me paul, your stll half asleep sit up and eat your breakfast and i will get your pills. when i returned she asked where her mum was i told her not to be silly then i told her that her mum and dad had died long ago and she began to cry i felt terrible. mum always had a nap after breakfast. i took her some tea and woke her i asked her did she know who i was she said, of course your my paul. then the incontinence started i bought some pull up pad things from boots mum would put them in a plastic bag i would leave in the bathroom. it was still ok and we were still coping untill the fall behind the bedroom door, their was no chance of pushing the door open alone i had no way of knowing if she was injured or not i hate talking on telephones and it was really scary dailing 999 but it had to be done. mum was alright just a carpet burn on the knee, the nurse took me aside and said that she had to inform mums social worker about the fall i told her we had never had one she said how do you manage on your own. mum was diagnosed with alzheimer's and came home. socail services sent trisha round to bathe mum 5 times a week and placed handrails to help get mum to the bathroom. she got 2 weeks in a respite home too help regain some mobility the staff said mum was hard work as they had to lift her all the time which really annoyed me like i didn't know, it was a 12 hour day 7 days a week job and they were getting a lot more than the £10 a day carers allowance i got. i wish now i would have said something but i never do. mum became double incontinent and imobile the alzeimers had destroyed her brain, a socail worker suggested that she should go into a rest home i reluctantly said yes. i could smell the urine long before i entered the home. it was a large victorian house with a huge extension at the back it didn't feel right to me for some reason and i got mum moved. the second place was a purpose built care home and it was packed its sole purpose i believe was to make as much money as possible. so i asked for another move this time the manager of the care home wanted to talk to me before she accepted mum i felt annoyed again and again i kept my mouth shut i glad i did though the manager debbie just wanted to show me around and get to know me. so mum moved in there it was more of a home, than a care home really, mum was happy she enjoyed the food and all the attention from the staff it was 2009 my depression returned i was put on prozac untill i could see a psychiatrist who could prescribe lithium i have never dealt with the outside world to much and i'm unable to use a phone, i'd never had a bank account i was totally lost. i had my carers allowance money in the post office which i never spent so i just locked myself away for 2 years in 2011, my psychiatrist referred me to a clinical psychologist and i got the results this febuary so i'm still learning what aspergers is. i bought aspergers for dummies and i'm still non the wiser. but i am getting help now to sort my life out and the lithiums back in the bin again . mum died on march 30th two weeks short of her 77th birthday at the funeral it was just me and care home debbie and jill mums carer. mum out lived all her family and friends. she was always worried about what would happen to me after she had gone but i'm going to be ok,
  13. this makes you feel far too happy you have been warned
  14. Go to the hospital and ask to see the duty social worker they have a way of moving things on very quickly tell them how bad you feel and that you are not receiving any help. sometimes you need to kick up a bit of fuss to get people to listern, it can take months to get a referral to another psychologist. don't telephone always go in person then they have to deal with you. write down what you need to say to them it makes it easier.. it can annoy a doctor when you go behind there backs but if you feel so bad i would do it. peace of mind is worth stepping on a few toes to get. Sorry your not getting the support you need, its hard for people to show any empathy when your normal on the outside. dads can sometimes be a bit remote at times think its a fear of showing their true emotions and he many feel powerless because he is unable to help you, so don't be to hard on him he's just being a bloke its genetic and not his fault. I was taking antidepressants for years i started with prozac and finished with lithium, i don't know if they helped at all they could have been a placebo for all i know. the self medicating with alcohol was ok for a few years it made me sociable enough to make a few friends. but waking up the next day still feeling depressed with a hangover is a bad move, , so just find what works best for you, its not a life sentence honest.
  15. hiya, I went to coleg harech in wales its also a residential college they do all kinds of courses i choose politics and sociology it was a 2 year course back in the early 90's now its just a year . its more of a Foundation course really, but you do get a university of wale diploma at the end of it. the staff at the college are very understanding and its a great enviroment It is possible to study the first year of the Bangor University Social Studies degree course at Coleg Harlech http://www.harlech.ac.uk/en/ hope this is helpful
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