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  1. Hi Nippy, thanks for your suggestions, I'll try Asperclick. I do have a kind of 'mentor' in the shape of my partner. Only the other day, we ran through how I'm going to manage the work christmas drinks! I think I know what you mean when you describe social skills training as artificial xx
  2. Hi WLF, Looking forward to reading your posts!
  3. Hi Eccentric When I said I had an ‘aversion’ to groups, I meant I used to think people acted like sheep, and I didn’t want to be a part of it. It could be any kind of group, from a load of girls all going to the ladies loo together, to whole religions. I don’t have the ability or desire to be a leader, and I find it too horrendously boring to be a follower, trailing round after everyone else. That's how I used to rationalise it .. actually, I think I get bored in groups because I'm kind of invisible and people ignore me, so it's really no fun for me!
  4. Ditto for loud noise, comfy clothes, keeping things in order, over-thinking, fidgeting, leg-bouncing, rambling on and paranoia! Did anyone ever have recurring bad dreams? I used to have one as a kid, where my mother was trying to kill me (maybe based slightly on truth!)
  5. That's an interesting link to people with AS or who are connected with AS in some way. I'm curious about how Michael Palin fit's in though? He seems to have the most amazing people skills and when I watch his travel shows, I don't think I've ever seen anyone who empathises and connects so well with all kinds of people. How can he have AS?
  6. Gina3


    Hm, the community sounds intriguing. Also the book you mention - definitely going to add it to the list of books I want to read
  7. Gina3


    Hi Tanya Yes, ideals don't seem to work out in real life. I remember watching a documentary a few years ago, about life in a commune, where there was supposed to be no heirarchy, but it turned out that a few people worked their way to the top insidiously, and subjugated/intimidated the rest. Last year I read Noam Chomsky's 'Hegemony or Survival - America's Quest for Global Dominance'. It ends with a description of US plans for 'death stars' - satelite controlled space weapons which can strike any target in the world at a moment's notice. Scary! Noam says our only hope of avoiding disaster is people power. I just hope as humans we will evolve beyond our baser instincts. gx
  8. Thanks for clarifying that, I guess I should have read the guidelines first, before diving in! (just found them). About the 'venting area' idea: there's another forum I'm on, not related to ASD, and they have a button which allows you to post things for view by members only if you wish. If you don't tick the box, it is public by default (some of their members would prefer it the other way around). I hadn't noticed the PM button at the top here (being unobservant again!), but that's different because that's just to send a message to one other member? Thanks again for explaining things
  9. I’m fairly new on here, and diagnosed myself not that long ago, so I’m not as knowledgeable about AS as some. One thing that strikes me about this forum is that all the posts seem to be public? I suppose that is a good thing in a way, but I feel like I have to be careful to put a positive spin on everything, and that doesn’t feel honest, but more like an exercise in public relations! I have nothing against people who don’t have AS – how could I have, as that includes everyone I know, including my lovely partner! But I have to admit I do have some kind of rage thing going on inside, after all these years of blundering along socially and getting rejected. By that, I don’t mean I feel like a victim, as I realised long ago that I was the one getting it wrong, not everyone else. As Matzoball says, being bitter doesn’t get anyone anywhere, but sometimes I just feel like I want to let off steam to someone who knows what it’s like, just to feel understood! Sorry, this strayed off the subject of Eccentric's post! I meant to say I see the world in a similar way, though I don't feel 'trapped' in a glass cylinder, more like an observer watching a movie. Also relate to not identifying with groups. I used to pride myself on being an 'individual' because I wasn't part of any group (I had an aversion to them) but in hindsight, I think it makes life much harder, having no group support. I don't know if this outlook on life causes social problems though, or is caused by them? Or maybe they perpetuate each other in a loop ... or just run parallel. I don't know anything about the psychiatric point of view. Would they just see things in terms of making a diagnosis and nothing more?
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    Or if not everyone, then possibly statistically more than in the general population, maybe
  11. Gina3


    Oh, thanks! There are some bits of Marxism in there but I think it's mostly a manifesto for la-la land! Sad that Marxism didn't work out, even Cuba seems to be embracing capitalism now.
  12. Gina3


    Haha, yes, I suppose that was a bit of a generalisation!
  13. Gina3


    I wonder what would happen if all the Aspies had a country to themselves? It would be run incredibly efficiently I imagine, and all the workers would be rewarded for their hard work and conscientiousness and no-one would be shunned or bullied if they said a clumsy thing or just wanted to be quiet and daydream a bit. There would be no underhand politics, cheating or dishonesty. Wealth would be distributed fairly. There would be nature and wildlife everywhere, no litter, no pollution, no aggressive people. The creative arts and science would be encouraged in every way. In fact it would be heaven!
  14. Hi Dekaspace Your story sounds very familiar, and I know how you feel, as I’m constantly being misunderstood or upsetting people without intending to! This is probably the ‘blind leading the blind’ therefore, but from what I've learnt from my own mistakes, I would advise you to make a big effort to have some friendly banter with the guys. Show them that you actually do value them as people and like them. I've found that even people I think I have nothing in common with at first can turn out to be really amazing when I get to know them. Hopefully, if you put in the effort at winning their friendship, they will be happy to offer a lift etc. Hope you don't let the situation get you down anyway. Onwards and upwards! Gx
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