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  1. <'> hi there my Tom slaps his feet on the floor when he walks, you can always tell when hes coming though! lol. He is 13 now and noone has offered any help at all, i dont know if he could even get any. He has also has a long running problem with ingrowing toenails which we hope has been resolved with recent surgery. good luck xx
  2. <'> thanks for your kind words Frangipani. Hope your life goes from strength to strength. huggs xx
  3. T often wanders in the night, then when i make his bed i find empty packets of crisps under his pillow and bottles of pop under his bed!. no wonder he is zonked in the morning!. <'>
  4. T gives eye contact to us but not others, his speech is good although his use of words is immature, he will give me a big cuddle sometimes or just ruffles my hair as he walks past, he is 2 inches taller than me lol. <'>
  5. <'> nice story. wish i could meet someone in those circumstances but the only lady i met who has a child with AS asked does yours do this and that?, like he was the family dog. she called her sone mine and not by his first name i couldnt get along with her at all, she seemed to think her son was a nuisance more than anything and she said make sure you claim all your benefits it makes it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. <'> <'> Hi there. I took a playground supervisors job just to keep an eye on T, someone was bullying him and no-one wd admit it. I sorted the chap out myself, i caught him and sent him straight to the head, that soon sorted him out. I used to go into school to help in class too i am an NNEB, and enjoyed it. After a while though, i felt as though they thought i was keeping an eye on T and my daughter who attended the school too, she had playground trouble but one of the supervisors was this girls aunt and she just ignored anyone who reported this girl to her. when i saw her taunting another girl i sorted it out myself again reporting her straight to the head. I left my job to take care of my grandson but have never regretted taking that job, if we cant keep an yey on our kids who can? im sorry the school feel this way about you, you obviously enjoy helping out in the school and surely they have nothing to hide?.
  7. T had an in-growing toenail too. He did have it sectioned, with a local anasthetic. The doctor was very, very good with him - kept him distracted by talking about ponds and pumps. Tom said the toe was so sore anyway, that the local anasthetic was not much worse. How did u get along with dressing his toe, cos i cant do it like they showed me at the clinic. It doesnt look right, i just taped it up and hoped for the best!. I didnt want to start messing with it too much.
  8. Tom is having this done today he has to have both his toenails done. apparently its the shape of them that is causing the problem. think of us at 11.30!
  9. good god, is there no-one who can help you?. How can it have got this far!. all my thoughts are with you and your son xx
  10. thanks for yr comments, his dad went out and bought some clippers and did it himself, even though its very short you can see his scalp through it there are still areas where u can see he went right down to the bare scalp, how he didnt cut himself ill never know.
  11. He had just washed his hair and it always itches while its wet, its ok once its dry. i have looked but he is 13 and quite honestly doesnt get close enough to anyone to catch their nits lol.
  12. <'> T got out of bed this morning and i shouted good morning from the kitchen - went into the lounge and i saw a sight to behold!. He had got a pair of scissors during the night, (he had them for homework project), and cut a very wide strip of hair off from the front to the back of his head. It was cut to the scalp with tufty bits in between but the rest is normal length. He has had to go to school looking like that cos i just couldnt do anything with it it was cut so short. ill have to take him to the barbers tonight and get them to shave it all off, whoopie he hates the shaver!!!! I could cry it looks so bad, his reason was that his head was itching, he had just washed his hair and he decided to cut it. Thing is hes in secondary school theyre going to laugh him out of the playground. i cant wait till he gets home and i can sort it out.
  13. Tom has an ingrowing toenail which is extremely sore and yukky. He has had to have anitbiotics twice in the last three weeks for it, so our gp got onto the chiropodist to hurry up his appointment. anyhow to cut a long story short we got a letter on tuesday saying he had an appointment - yayy! for monday!!!! I rang up the appointments office and she said oh next one is october 6th - no apology nothing. so he has to wait another week and his toe has flared up again, another visit to the gp.! im tearing my hair out.
  14. T didnt speak till he was four, he just squeeked and made singsong noises. He never babbled either as a baby. He speaks fine now though, just mumbles a bit lol. Dont know if thats cos hes 13 or the AS though!
  15. God im glad tom never ventures out. Hope your lad is better soon you must be so worried.
  16. <'> hope tomorrow is a better day. were all stressed but im afraid the reality is these are our kids and its our duty to care for them however hard it gets. Believe me i know how hard it is there are times when youre driven to distraction. Is ther noone who could give you a short break or even an hour or two off?. ((((HUGGS)))))))
  17. hi there, im sorry to hear of your problems. Maybe if you tried not to hide it so much people would be able to offer help more readily. I understand your feelings at being given a label at this stage, but sometimes labels help. good luck x
  18. wow glad youre ok, that must have been scary!, i couldnt ride a bike on the roads round here its much too busy. you are brave!
  19. i loved alan rickman in harry potter, his voice suited Snape to a tee!
  20. eventually we have to accept that our kids are not going to get invited. Im sure you had the best intention when u said your son had to invite these children, but remember they are your freinds not his. You cannot make him like these ppl and vice versa. Its sad but true.
  21. mbrown, ty for your reply. I worried all night about that boy, I do hope the situation resolves itself a little cos i could see no way out for him or his family. It broke my heart to see his face at times he looked so scared and bewildered. God help them all.
  22. anyone watch this last night, i have been thinking about it all night long. The boy on the prog was 13. He constantly disrupted the household, he spat and was very violent towards his parents and sisters. as i watched the prog the lady they brought in to sort him out tried to control him, and in some way made progress, she took his family to a castle to watch his behaviour on a screen, why i dont know!!!!. anyway, he was clearly scared about this and said to his did you dint tell me we were coming here- i dont like this. also she tried to introduce locks to the girls bedrooms as he had no sense of privacy or personal space and just barged in at any time, but again he was terrified and there rocks at the windows screaming dont put a lock on my door, youre not putting locks on the doors. his parents adi they took him to the docs but he looked classic AS to me, i think anyone who knew anything about AS could spot it a mile off. Wondered if anyone else thought the same?
  23. awww i feel for that girl, makes me wonder what T will be ile when he is an adult, although he is not complusive like 'mark' he still needs watching. He has money sense at all and although he gets pocket money and we try to police what he spends it on, he will go on a school trip and spend �3 on cake!!.
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