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  1. No craig has to go. I dont like anthony but i think he deserves a couple of craig free days, that man has made his life a misery since he got in the house. Let craig go, and then he can be admitted to a nice padded cell where he belongs.
  2. oh sometimes it does stress you out when kids get like that. Other ppl dont help either do they tutting and staring. I hope u feel less stressed now, perhaps it would be better if u got a cottage or something where u wouldnt disturb anyone else, and your son might not feel so stressed out.
  3. Blimey! I would be outta there quick sharp!
  4. aww Kinga and Eugene are in the bedroom. Kinga says to eugene do the housemates like me more than orlaith?. Eugene says well to be honest they find u more irritating but more honest lol. then he says im going to sleep now, thank you. Kinga says dont keep saying thank you cos ppl laugh at it, he says i dont mind ppl laughing. Then he says id rather be known for saying thank you than ***k off lolololol I love the bloke so much
  5. my son has aspergers, my daughter has some traits such as obssessions with cars and poor social skills but she is not diagnosed, cos i dont think she needs any further help. her school work is fine and she seems to cope with life ok.
  6. wow funny you should say that, cos they phoned us and asked us to sign on we said no, but the bloke kept talking over us, so we put the phone down. then half an hour later we had a woman phone us and said i understand you wish to sign up with us, then rattled on again so we put the phone down again. since then weve had phone calls all the time saying join up or you have joined up. I have just joined bts new service which cuts out nuisance phone calls, but we have to wait three weeks for it to start up. Hope u dont have any trouble again. we once had a double glazing slaesman put his foot in the door and refuse to go, so i shut the door on his foot, he swore then thumped the glass in my door, and tried to push it open again, luckily i shut it. very professional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i had been a pensioner or someone vulnerable i would have been very frightened. something should be dont to stop salesmen calling at your house, the phone calls are bad enough, but at least u can put the phone down.
  7. aww so sorry youve been scared like that, hope all is well from now on
  8. hi, I tried Melatonin as suggested by some of you in my thread no sleep. Well, I took 30mg before bed, i felt woozy about an hour later, not sleepy but dizzy. Went to bed, didnt sleep a wink all night, but woke with a thumping headache and still feel woozy now. Does melatonin make u feel dizzy at all, and is it normal not to sleep the first time u try it, im reluctant to take any more in case i feel rotten again tomorrow.
  9. i say take him, my daughter aged 9 says she misses me at school but it is good for her to go other places. besides she has to go to school anyway!! wish we had a playscheme, its hopeless round here, nothing for kids to do.
  10. elaine1


    I have vertigo, and usually this happens when my thyroid levels need checking. I have an underactive thyroid which is very common in women. Have u had a test for that or iron levels?
  11. god, I think tom would poo himself if i told him that, he gets really worried if he swears and didnt realise it was a swear word lol
  12. that is true i forgot about cameron, i was just talking generally . i suppose he would be ok. I was talking about ppl who know, not others about the aspergers.
  13. I just hope he can cope without derek, and if he wind if he can cope with the pressure of the media. His life will never be the same, he likes his privacy, as he said a girlfriend would get in the way of his hobbies, how would it be if the media followed him everywhere too. It would be nice for someone 'different' to win, but will he cope that is whats worrying me, i hope ppl will vote for him and not his aspergers.
  14. wow wouldnt that be great, cos I think ant is ok with Eugene, it is just Craig who poisons his mind. he is soooo evil.
  15. ooh eugene is still in.........he was very upset at losing Derek though and only Kinga helped him . Craig had that horrible smirk on his face and he said we,ve all lost mates in here and we,ve had to carry on. Nasty Nasty little boy that he is. I hope he gets voted out we'll see who's smirking then!!!!! I was watching the 24 hr thread after big brother on channel 4 and loads of ppl want Craig out. Eugene has tons of votes!!!!!!!. Trouble is we have to deal with 15 yr olds who think Anthony is 'good looking' cough!!!!. He looks like Pob, I dont know if anyone remembers him, he was a puppet who used to spit on the tv screen and then clean it. Not nice i know, but his face is exactly the same as Anthonys, its all sort of squashed lol. Im waiting for Eugene to get up now, sad isnt it!!!!!!
  16. just seen a clip of eugene crying in the bedrom with derek. I think someone probably craig has said something to him, cos he is saying what have i done to upset people. He was also saying to derek that he didnt know what to do if there was any bullying if derek goes. Im scared for him. Craig is such a psycho. There was an article in a mag today with an interview from someone who worked with Craig, who said that craig pestered him like he does anthony, and every time he old him to go away he cried like he does in the house. I reall think he is unbalanced. He has it in for Eugene in a big way and would stop at nothing to get him out.
  17. Im from the West midlands - the black country actually
  18. lol. My sons is Father Ted. At least you dont have him shouting DRINK! Feck! and girls most of the day lol. i turned on the puter this morning went to make myself a drink! and heard father ted theme tune. He had downloaded the bloomin screensaver. its haunting me.......................
  19. aww hope something comes of your letter. My son is ok with no structure, he just plays his playstation of the pc. Its only if i say were going out that he protests. Both kids had dental appts today and we had to go on the bus. Two of his pet peeves. He refuses to sit by anyone on the bus and this time of year you cant pick and choose your seats. There are so many moms and kids on the buses. Then we got to dentist. Hes ok with the checkup, he lies there stiff as a board, but hes ok. The dentist then says im going to put fissure sealant on the back teeth. This involved putting liquid on them then drying it with ultra violet. he sank lower and lower in the chair, his mouth kept shutting and he had white knuckles!!! phew i lost 2 stone just sitting there watching it all. we got home and he sprinted upstairs to his bedroom and back to normal lol
  20. I agree with Carole and her statement that Anthony would have stood up to Craig were he a proper man by now, he has challenged Craig but as soon as craig pretends to cry or forces himself to cry, Anthony goes and hugs him.I wish he would leave craig and see what happens, I bet he would soon see the nasty side of Craig. He has a venomous tongue. Look what he said abour Eugene fancying Anthony just because they were playing football and eugne offerred to sew his button back on his trouseres. Craig said you sick pair, but Anthony didnt hear him. Nasty piece of work. ooh i would hate to have him as my boss, could u imagine if u upset him, hed probably hold you down and shave your head!
  21. Makosi and fake craig are at it again, telling kinga to stay away from eugune. Makosi has just gone nd shouted at eugene for ages about a few teabags in the bin. Thse teabags have been in there for weeks and shes never bothered about them before!! I honestly think for his own sake that eugene should go, he has done very well, but without derek to watch over him, he will be like a LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER WHEN LEFT WITH THAT LOT. only anthony sticks up for him for now, but as craig keeps pretending to be upset and saying eugene is out to destroy him, yeah right!!!!!!!! craig is a case for psych if ever i saw one, hes bonkers! please bb let eugene go - he wont survive the last week without derek.
  22. ooh i hate power rangers, why do they always have to fight in a park lol. their enemies love spandex dont they lol
  23. wow it amazes me that you should have to do that. we can only ring on the day for an appointment and if theyve all gone before 9 youve had it! if you want to see a practise doc and not a newly qualified doc you have to wait at least 4 days. hurrah for the NHS lol mind you id rather have that than the U.S. where u have to pay for everything!
  24. AWW know how u feel, my Tom is 12 too, he towers over me too!! but i can still see the baby in him sometimes bless him. ooh dont or ill start blubbering too!!
  25. I think Kinga is many things lol. some of which i cant say in this forum. She is using eugene to get immunity from the voting. when she entered the house she said or screamed hello to everyone except eugene, who asked her if she was ignoring him (bless). I think hes quite smitten with her as he goes red everytime she speaks to him and this morning couldnt leave her when she was in the kitchen. I think Dereks sudden obsession with her is very creepy though, did u see the look on his face when eugene told him she liked her drink. He snapped Im not interested in that!! ooohhhh..........handbags at dawn. EUGENE TO WIN........................
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