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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what does 0.6fte mean?
  2. Thanks Nellie. I'll look those up as soon as I can. It's great to see how big the forum is now. Keep up the good work. Gita
  3. It?s been a while since I?ve been on this forum and would like some advice. My son?s Statement is due for annual review in a months time (originally given in Feb 2005). Currently his statement reads as follows: ?Part 3-To be provided by Other Agencies Direct & weekly sessions of Speech and Language therapy intervention for a minimum of 45 minutes that will focus on xxxxx?s areas of weakness. The programme needs to be administered and delivered by a speech and language therapist.? I had to fight very hard to get the above provision and in the end the only way I was able to do this was to commission an independent assessment by a private SALT firm who recommended the above in their report/advice. At the time it cost me ?250. The LEA took some persuading to look at the report and finally agreed to put this in the statement. The weekly sessions with the SALT from the Primary Care Trust have been going on now since May last year. My son is now on his 3rd therapist, the previous two having left on maternity/change of case load. His most recent therapist has only seen him since just before Christmas. This therapist has now advised me that in her clinical judgement my son does not need as much provision as he has progressed greatly over the last few months and said she will recommend that in each term he have a six week block (delivered by her), followed by a further 6 week block to be delivered by his LSA. She would draw up a programme & train the LSA to deliver this. She said if the LSA felt this was not working, they could go back to the ?old arrangement?. She says his receptive and expressive communication skills have come along greatly. She did not take my point when I said that his comprehension is low and although he is very expressive, half the time what he says is not relevant to the conversation. He cannot conduct a conversation unless it?s on a narrow range and usually it?s ?yes/no? answers. She did not take my point when I said that as nice as the LSA is, she is not a qualified SALT. It?s rather like wanting to see a dentist and being passed to their assistant. Also how would the LSA determine whether the arrangement was working or not? No matter what I said, I could not persuade her otherwise and finally we left it that she recommends what she felt best and I would have to fight it. I know that in our area the SALTs are heavily discouraged by their managers to recommend weekly sessions even if they feel a child may need this because of budgetary constraints within the Primary Care Trust and also because there is a real shortage of SALTs within the area. So I feel that in this case I cannot trust her ?clinical judgement? and her arm is being bent by her managers. I have now made an appointment with the same independent SALT firm as before for a private assessment, (at a further cost of at least ?250) so that I can at least be sure exactly where my son?s weaknesses are. My questions are a follows: Does the LEA have a right not to look at the report from the private SALT? If the LEA decide not to look at the report, do I have a right to appeal? My sons? greatest deficit is social communication. Does this fall under the aegis of ?Speech & Language Therapy?? I have looked on the Primary Care?s website, but cannot find anywhere on there what falls under Speech & Language Therapy. ie use of social language, expressive/receptive language, comprehension of language. Sorry it?s such a long post.
  4. Gita

    The Ombudsman

    Hi Helen Just read this thread and am really sorry to hear your news. I hope that you're feeling less angry and frustrated now. I sometimes think that the best way some of these LEA people can learn about the difficulties parents have would be to force them to come into our homes for a week or two so they can really see it for themsleves. And they should be made to do this every year so they don't forget.
  5. I had a letter from my GP earlier this week to take my son for his booster shots. He's now nearly 4 & half. These are for DIP, TET, PERT, Polio & 2nd MMR, so to me it sounds like he's going to be given all of these in one shot. I remember something in the media a few weeks ago about the 5 in 1 jab, but lo and behold, they've counted the MMR as one, rather than the 3 in 1 it really is. I can't understand what the government think they're doing. Surely if people are suspicious of a 3 in 1 jab, aren't they going to even more suspicious of a 7 in 1 jab??? Although I believe that immunisation is a good thing, I would never forgive myself if this jab had a detrimental affect on my son. I would like to know what others think about this.
  6. Whatever you do, don't let him watch The Great Escape Also keep a watchout for any tunnels! Seriously, I'm really glad it turned out well, but poor you. You must have been on total panic mode. Take care Gita
  7. Gita


    Hi my sons obessessions are as follows asking what colour you get when you mix different colours watching CBBees watching Shrek & Finding Nemo any water play/blowing bubbles hand held fans/twirly lights play doh crisps/sweets playing with his teddy playing/watching/touching/talking about anything that spins watching fireworks drawing rainbows/fireworks These are just a few that I can think off the top of my head Gita
  8. Helen Well done, you deserve it. A well deserved glass of wine and a hob nob are in order, I think. Gita
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    Hi Helen Thanks for your advise. The reason why I haven't recd all the accompanying bits & bobs is that the proposed statement was emailed to me. I recd the email @ aroung 7 pm yesterday and the LEA have told me the reports etc with the original proposed statement will have been put in the post to me, so hopefully I'll receive it all by tomorrow. Gita
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    PS I see that you're approaching the magic 1000. It would be great if this could be achieved by the site's birthday. <'> <'>
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    Thanks a lot for that Nellie
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    Hi all Just thought I'd let you guys know I've just received the proposed statement for Shaan by email, all 11 pages of it! It's now a matter of sifting thru it & making sure that it includes verything that we think it should. The LEA have provided 26.68 hours of support. I've had a very quick glance thru it, & it doesn't appear they've quantified anything apart from the number of hours. I know that I have 15 days within which to write to them if I don't agree with it. Does anybody know if there is a standard letter? If there is one, can you PM me. Thanks for all the help and advise so far.
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    As long as you're serving up some Asti, count me in. Or even better, Baileys on ice.
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    Brilliant news.
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    Hi Einstein Welcome to the site. I know jus what you mean. I felt the same way when I discovered this forum & I've found lots of help & advise here. Hope you find the same. Gita
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