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    Turned down again

    Kathryn, Like everyone else I am so sorry that this has happened. The assessment centre sounds as if it could be really helpful. My son was assesed by a team which I found really useful. The reports made it quite clear that his emotional difficulties were in the context of his Autistic Spectrum Disorder - that was really music to my ears and as they were experts it could not be disputed even by the LEA. All the best Sam
  2. Hi A similar unit was also considered for my son. The children there had emotional difficulties which were not brought on by ASD and I felt the whole approach was very different to what he needed. Although I am sure this place did take some with ASD, my son had reached a point whereby his emotional needs were of more importance than his academic needs. Anything other than ASD specific support would have exacebated his difficulties and confused him even further. However, you know your son best and what would be a positive move for him. I know it is hard but I think you are doing a brilliant job. <'> Sam
  3. Sam

    Good News

    Bid, Congratulations - all your hard work has paid off Sounds a perfect placement for Auriel - great news that you both felt so positive about it. Take Care Sam
  4. I am so sorry that this has happened to your son. I would certained get some advice from ACE about exclusions - you probably know but the link is in the Education section of Resources. You have already asked the school to take some action and nothing has been done - did you put this in writing? It may be difficult to find out but I would try and write down the stages that lead up to this. Does your son have a school diary? I found this useful to link up behaviours e.g. he was teased in class and later there was an unannounced fire drill. Are there any suggestions that you could make which you feel would help your son e.g. Corridors are very busy and noisy - would it help your son if he left the class 5 minutes before the others with his learning mentor to avoid the chaos. I don't know what would be best to help your son but I would insist that something is done to help lessen the verbal abuse and I am sure ACE will be able to give you some advice. Do you have anyone who can go along and support you at a meeting like this - it is hard for you it deal with this on your own. I do feel for you and I hope things get better for you soon. Take Care Sam
  5. Hi, Think that's an excellent idea. My son only survived the summer hols because of the numerous playschemes he went on over a number of years. It gave him the structure and routine that he needed. I tried various ones and found two that were suitable. The one that suited him best was where he chose his activities in the morning for the day in 30 -45 min slots. Are you going to try and get some 1-1 support - it could make all the difference during unstructured breaks etc. Best of luck with it. Sam
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