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    Eye Colour

    My AS son has dark brown eyes and my NT daughter has blue
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    HI Helen It sound like my non dx AS son, He hates it when things are changed at school or not enough time to finish something..He is 9. How I have delt with the hitting, is time out facing the wall, naughty step on stairs when they get home. Also ignoring them which they hate. I will interact with him again when they have said sorry and had there time to calm down and think about this. I know I have let things slip in the past with the discipline as it is much easy to just let them get away with it but it does them no good and just gets worse. even though my AS son has a problem he is not allowed to act by hitting or kicking no matter how hard they find things. Regarding the keeping quiet yes my son while at school play time got pushed to the floor and kicked on his bone at the botom of his back double over at times, but managed to keep it from the teachers because of embarassment. He eneded up in casualty as it got worse. The teachers could not believe how he had managed to hide it. He is like this with everything that happens to him at school. Hope this helps. Its up to you how you dealt with things with your own children, You will know whats the best way. Hope things stay better at Nursery with your daughter.
  3. Do any of your children see a regular councillor to sort out there problems as the weeks go by. I have often thought this would help with all the stressed everyday life brings to an AS child. I do feel helpless at times
  4. Thanks all for your advice. I have talked about moving schools in general conversation and my son is very against the idea. Sometimes in life we have to get on and do whats best even when the kids cant see it. I still have my son go on about moving him from a nursery to another one when he was 4 and he has never forgiven me. This is how routine and everyhting has to be the same sort oif child he is. He has his social skills problems and has had the same friends since he was 5 and this is what he will be so upset. With the AS problems his friends now have got used to him being the way he is. I also said to him if we were ever to move him schools he could keep at the same cubs with his school friends and have them round for tea and in hols. I just hope there is one kind boy who befriends him and takes him for who he is. It is a big worry but in time we will get there I am sure. I know how bad his meltdowns can get,
  5. Hi Everyone Its a while since I have been on but need your support and advice. I am considering moving my DS and DD to my local school for lots of reasons which I can go into another time. Please dont judge me. As i do know how hard it is with minor changes for an AS child never mind a huge one like this. All for the better I will say. My son shows signs of AS he is 9 we have had a psy Dr say he has not got it but just anxiety and he does the things he does to comfort him, but I know deep down he has but have not go the energy to fight at the moment. Anyway I need advice on how and when to tell my DS that he will be moving schools. any special way that will help him get throught this. I am dreading it and will probally be on here most of the time to get me and him through this. I know he will be devastated to leave his school. There will be smaller classes which I am sure he will benefit from and get any extra help if he needs it in the future. I think September to move them and probally June to tell him. I have been told to let him visit a couple of times to get used tot things. I know I have to try and get him used to changes as life changes so much and i this will help for later life. It is so hard to see your child go through so much distress over such little things in life as changes of types of shoes clothes etc and then how will they cope with the bigger things like this change of school. Has anyone else been through this any advice I would be grateful for. One worried Mum
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Now I feel better that I am not alone in my own problems of coping. I know what you mean about coping for so long then a panic attack will suddenly come on. We have to try to cope in our own way and not feel guilty when things get too much.
  7. I have a non diag AS son and just wondered how many of you suffer from Anxiety and panic attacks. I think my has got gradually worse over the years with the stress AS brings on a family also other things have triggered it.
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    keep getting

    I keep being emailed every new topic , How can I stop this, in an easy language please. I have ticked a box somewhere but cant remember where. Thanks
  9. Just wondered if your ASD kids look generally happy or sad everyday. Apart from the times when they start getting near a meltdown. My son always seems cross with the world and not much seems to make him look happy. IS this an AS symptoms? Even when life is calm for him he looks like he is unhappy. I know AS children can have a lack of expression. Also do they sit in very strange positions to watch TV. Jsut another thing I have noticed.
  10. Hello I am back again. Feeling a bit down about it all but thanks for all the suport . Kirstie I have been told the same thing, because my son who is 9, had to cope with us going through a divorce this has caused to be like this. He had problems when he was a baby/ toddler long before his Dad left. he was 6 when his Dad left. My support group thinks he has aspergers so trying to find out what to do next. I would like someone to read his symptoms and see what you think. Either I can put them on here or if someone wants to PM me with their email address i can send the symptoms. I am sure I am right about aspergers even if it might be on the milder scale as the severe ASD is a lot worse. We still have melt down and starting of self harm mild things which could develop worse but still worrying. I have managed to ease this but the angry and aggression when things dont go just so.Routines,literal thingking. obsessions. Social skills. The Dr thinks because he did not show sign at school he cant have AS. My Son bottle things up all day and would not dare have a meltdown as he would be so embarassed in from of friends or people at school. Opal
  11. We had a psy Dr say that my DS has NOT got ASD. It is all down to anxiety I have been told.. I really dont agree. How can the literal thinking, getting confused with more than 1 thing being told to him.lots more aswell. I have also noticed that he is becoming obsessed with everything in his room having a certain place. feeling tired from the stress of things. will come back later to chat.
  12. I am confused at what the difference is between Psychologist and a phsychatrist. It is a phsychatrist that I am going to see regarding my DS. Does it make any difference on there approach to autism.
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    IEP ?

    thanks annies
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    IEP ?

    I am really pleased with my DS teacher. She is really in tune with things regarding the suspected AS. She seems to be working with me which is great and wants to help him while in school and to be able to cope with everything. She is getting his IEP ready for me to take to the Physchiatrist. Can anyone explain what the IEP is.
  15. My appointment was cancelled but have spoke to the dr on phone and he seems great. Very understanding and has given me hope that we get it sorted what ever help my son needs. Go an appointent in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed and i think we are getting there at last. THe dr is a pychiatrist.
  16. Thanks will get some notes sorted out ready for appointment.
  17. This is my first appointment on Friday seeing a DR regarding AS for my Son he is 9. cant remember what the DRs title is.I have seen the family mental health team worker but have pushed for an assesment. Any advice to try and get a dx. Any advice at all as I am very worried about the appointment. I have been told by one medical person that they doubt my son will get a dx. He is not severve enougha nd has not shown any traits of AS to them. He is very different in a more relaxed environment as well you all will know. he lets hs true feeling and stresses out at home but keeps it well hidden at school or in medical appointments. Stressed and worried. been waiting for over a year dont want to mess up now. I have been on this board a while ago and you have helped me in the past.
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    My son who is 8, has problems with friends at school as in he seems to be left out of things going for tea. Also other activies. They dont choose him for things . He longs to be on his own with a certain boy but this boys has a best friend and spend all his time with him with my son trailing behind. He plays with a few children but it seems that they dont really want him. I wish i could be invisible in the playground. My son has problems with social skills and they are getting worse. the school says there are no problems they have noticed. I feel so sad about all this. I know that my S want to be controllling in all play and we have that at home. He feels he has to have everything done in a certain way. I have noticed the other kids are growing up and my S seems to still be a bit immature. this will become more noticable the older he gets. Its hard to know what to do or say to help We are waiting for a DX waitng for our appointment. Hopefully soon. It is so hard to watch you kids go through this.
  19. My AS son used to hate yellow and scream if he had to wear anything or touch anything yellow when he was aged 3 - 4 years. It was very difficult as his Nusery top was yellow. He doesnt do this now thankfully. He loved the colour Black and any dark colours now.
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    I just wanted to ask about homework and how much help should i give my 8 year old. Should i let him get on with the homework himself. He would have done this sort of work in class anyway. I will not be there in a test aschool. He usually has a meltdown during homework if it is hard. He screams because he may have things wrong as he is a perfectionist. Do i show him how to work out the sum because it was maths HW this time. It is hard to get it right.
  21. HIs teacher is busy all this week Typical. Oh well will get to sort out things after hols.
  22. Thanks all Just looking through what you have said. I am seeing his teacher tonight so this will help. He is a teacher who is very willing to help all he can. It is nice to have an ASD family online to help everyone
  23. I am wanting something today to print out and give my AS sons teacher something to help him understand more and help him teach my son in class that will help him more. My son is struggling with homeowrk as usual if it is harder. He is a bright child but gets so worked up on each bit of the homeowrk. he wont try and work it out. i fidnt his very difficult as we had a meltdown last night and 1 this am about something else He never has melt downs at school he is at bursting point and lets rip when i pick him up. His teacher has not come across As before i just want to make him aware of what is the best way to help him. Even I am not sure about what is, in the teaching way. can anyone help.
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    Self Help Site Links

    Hi Just found a radio station for autism. It is being launched today 20 jan. I think its about 1230 it starts. You listen via the internetradio link Hope this gives us more help with AS.
  25. What age can i start giving my daughter eye q. She is 4 and half is she old enough.
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