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  1. Yes i know that feeling too, i always remembered my little one as a very easy baby who didnt babble or speak untill 3 years, however reading her "red book" i realised well yes she did speak, ok only 3 words by age 1 but by age 14 months or so had "lost" the words. Also hubby said something the other day, i was working so he took the girls to a wacky warehouse with his friend and his 2 kids,our little ones are roughly the same age and hubby mentioned that his mates little girl who is also 4 but seemed "streets ahead" with conversation and just in general, i think untill there is someone to compare with you just accept it and it hits you every so often, Helen x
  2. My little girl has got very attached to her nursery teacher, i showed her a picture inside the school of her new reception teacher and she said "well i dont like her hair", she actually looks at strangers with disgust! Helen x
  3. My little one goes to nursery quite agitated depending what the current teaching is, goes in a little angel, is an angel all through (so much so they laugh at the thought of ASD), comes home and ....... Swears, screams if someone looks at her, stomps off upstairs to chill out with a video, i must video it one day to take to nursery lol, Helen xx
  4. Hi there, just thought id say hello , im just starting on the same path as you (oh the joys), you are not alone and this site has been a godsend to me as it will be to you im sure, Helen x
  5. Ive had this aswell! We saw the paediatrician last february and he spoke to me for ages about ASD so i came out fairly positive thinking "ok now we know we will deal with it", guess what the letter arrived about the consultation and at the top in big letters it said " DIAGNOSIS ... SPEECH DELAY !!!! I couldnt believe it! However were seeing him again in july and he did say he would refer her on for further testing if necessary! Hang on in there, Helen xx
  6. I meant to add a new topic to part of my last post but added it onto the replies of my previous post "is this usual", can anyone comment on the "becoming more autistic" bit please, Helen xx
  7. Thanks everyone, it seems her behavior is fairly normal then (whatever that is), i forgot to say she also counts syllables! She will say "i love you one hundred" while saying it she kind of counts it breaking the one hundred bit down and saying it slowly while counting on her fingers. Also a recent thing is lining her cars up, now she didnt do that untill about a week ago! She dosent exactly play with them just lines them up and knows if one has been moved! However plays quite "normally" with other toys, she will be 5 in september and i didnt imagine she would become more "autistic" with age, does this happen? Helen xx
  8. My little girl will be 5 in september, were still waiting to see if she has ASD (back to the paediatricians in july), ive noticed shes always counting things! Toys, sweets, people anything really! Today i took her to nursery and it was very windy (which she hates) and she had a ponytail, all the way to nursery she held her ponytail saying the wind will blow it off, she was really unhappy untill i took it out then she was unhappy as the wind was blowing her hair , i tried to tell her the wind wont blow off ponytails but she refuses to believe me. Shes having terrible squabbles with her older sister who is 9 and they are literally because shes (older one) looking at the little one, she shouts dont look at me, followed by crying/screaming and if the older one opens her mouth even it kicks off again. Is it all usual? Helen x
  9. Yes weve had the same problem, when my little one gets out of bed she looks like a wild woman! Ive found johnsons detangler (in a yellow spray bottle) the best, oh and i plonk her on a chair right infront of cbeebies! Helen x
  10. Ive found my parents fantastic and just treat my daughter as they do the others which is great. My mother in law is a different story, she feels i should get stricter! If my little one dosent eat give her meal again at tea time etc !!! Ive told her if i dont give my daughter something she likes she will literally starve herself! Basically i think she feels most of the behavior is my fault (not her precious sons by the way) Helen x
  11. My little girl is four and a half and has (probable) ASD, her food intake is terrible! She mainly lives on yogurts, occasionally will eat dry bread, chocolate custard,potato with gravy, thats it. Should i bother trying to see a dietician or are they just someone else to fob me off? How do i get a referal? We recently went abroad and she only ate ice cream, then one day the ice cream tubs in the hotel were in a different order and she even refused ice cream then! Any suggestions Helen x
  12. <'> <'> <'> hi there, im new to this forum so havent read your previous posts, ive found this site wonderful during this "unknown" time. I hope you hang around, take care Helen xx
  13. Im no good on the subject of boys as ive got 3 girls! However i would say the right time to stop is when you want to! 7 (to me) is still really young, my nephew is 12 and still pops into his moms bed occasionally(not to sleep just for an hour or so). My little one is 4 and i cant get her out of our bed at all !! Its lovely to have that special time with your boy, make the most of it, Helen xx
  14. My 4 year old has (probable ) ASD and dosent like going out that much, she hates the wind, car noises on a busy road and always wants picking up. I put a photo key ring on her trousers when she started nursery, she is obsessed with me and rarely lets dad do things for her aswell. One good tip our OT gave us (we havent seen her in 6 months now) was on a trip to the shops put on a rucksack type bag with some weight in it, she says it literally keeps their feet on the ground! Now great theory but when i have to pick her up it cripples me lol , Helen xx
  15. My little girl is now 4 years 7 months old and although ASD has been mentioned weve got no official diagnosis. Youve all been great answering my questions, can you help me again? Cerys seems to moan an awful lot ! Most of it is aimed at her sister (who is 9), now my middle girl can be a wind up merchant but most days she only has to open her mouth and cerys cries/moans constantly! She moans to be picked up all the time when out, weve just returned from Tenerife and she was SO uneasy it was untrue, she hated walking, didnt eat hardly, only ice cream (very small portions), the odd bit of dry bread and half an apple in a week. The day before we left the restaurant changed the order the 4 different ice creams were in and as i took her up she said "NO, that goes there, that there etc then she refused any ice cream again! The good thing was hubby witnessed it and was shocked ! I adore my girl so much but all the moaning gets me down some days. Any suggestions? Helen xxx
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