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  1. haven't been here for a while, so only just seen this. thoughts and prayers are with you. <'>
  2. Pets74

    wish me luck

    i used sat nav and still got lost. i am phobic of roundabouts. good luck.
  3. what bard said I am NT and 33 and still waiting for my real family to come and claim me back. seriously hope it gets better, <'>
  4. we have "home from home". he gets 26 or 28 days a year. he goes to another family, well they have all grown up now, but he goes to all their family events if he is there at the same time, spends time with the grandkids etc. very dubious when i started it as i thought i was a failure, but then my daughter needed special time too, so went through with it and never looked back. he goes for a weekend, or for a few days in the holidays. depending on what we need and commitments we have that aren't practical to do with him with us. we were recommended by his nursery (going back years) and then the social worker had to do a report. then we had a home visit, then they saw him in school (it was a slow process so he was in school when we got on the list) then my woman gave us 3 hours a week in my home while i went out, then she asked her worker if she could have him in the home from home situation that she was doing with another child too. so we agreed and very nervous at first but now so grateful. i get 26 nights sleep a year! i think i am lucky though. the hardest part was making the decision. hope you're not all asleep now. i do tend to go on and on.
  5. Pets74

    now im fuming

    mel <'> don't know what to say. my son swore at school but he picked it up from their playground. for what it's worth i would say it's the school who is at fault, not you being neurotic. can't offer any advice as i am on here for the same reasons. <'> hope you can get it sorted.
  6. i was thinking of scanning the diary as his last years diary went "missing" then i felt like i was over reacting. going to scan it now though. they are going to close ranks aren't they? *prepares for battle*
  7. calmed down a bit now. sending home/school diary direct to the head, and explaining what has gone on and what the lying cow is saying now. he is only violent to himself. she is soooo lying. can't accuse one thing and then change the story, how old is she 5? anyway, thanks for the advice and support. i am not going to back down on this. <'>
  8. in response they are now saying that he is being violent at school. i have asked loads of times in his diary if he lashes out and it's always been no. now i have dared to challenge them they are saying he is violent. i am so angry i am in tears. don't know what to do now apart from rip her face off.
  9. oh yeah, *hunts around for a pen* thanks. should have thought of that. this rage stops me thinking.
  10. right i have written my letter, and ready to take it in tomorrow. i cut out all the swear words, but in parts it does sound very confrontational. but i want to look like i mean business and am not going to roll over. i also have a fab GP who will say he is highly stressed if i explain the situation to him. the thing is i want to do it properly take all the right steps so they can't say i have done anything illegal. if they ask for a meeting i am going to request all the professionals mentioned above are involved. (thanks everyone for letting me know who i need to be talking to) got a feeling i will get a phone call but want any response in writing, so i have come back else it will turn into a he said/she said kind of argument. at the end of it all my concern is for my child only. his dad is concerned that home schooling will kill me with the lack of sleep and everything else, but if it comes to it, he knows we have to do something. thanks everyone. <'>
  11. haven't done it. when the hospital didn't believe me (going back a while now) i took him to one of the meetings, and let him do his thing, without intervening . told them to sort it out. wonder if they ever got the curtains put back up. i know some kids behave in a different setting, but my kid was like a whirlwind through the place. should have seen them trying to tell him off-still makes me smile now- he did his "can't hear you" routine.
  12. my son just doesn't need sleep, hasn't done since he was about 2 (he is now 13) we tried melatonin and think it was vallergen, but that made him zombie like and the melatonin stopped working. we were offered it again at his last medical, so i asked the doctor, if he wasn't tired did he really need it- he said no. so we decided against it. he will sleep a couple hours get up, watch a video upstairs, i put him in bed with me sometimes cos he can destroy his room if left alone. then another hour about 6 am. we have done miles and miles of walking, swimming, running, everything to tire him out, he just sleeps deep for a couple hours then is back up. i am totally shattered, try to get an hour while he is at school. <'> know how the sleepless nights feel.
  13. Hi mel, i was thinking permanently or until this techer has been moved. or until he has moved. i asked at his last review if he could be integrated into his peer group as the unit he is in doesn't seem to be meeting his needs, he has some language and is in a group of non talkers-so his speech is not being encouraged. i am not being snobby or thinking he is better than anyone else, just his needs are different to what is being catered for in his group. and i have just found out that even though he is year 9, due to the upset children he has been moved into the upper school group. i have read through his reviews again and i am just getting angrier. i just found the mission statement (is that what it's called?) you know the ethos of the school so am going to use that and point out where they are failing with my child according to their own rules. you would think a unit in a special needs school would be the ideal place.
  14. played on my sisters, excellent, i am fantastic at the tennis. i want one but no money yet so will have to wait.
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