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    Urgent please

    Hi Bid <'> Haven't posted for a very long time. R was transferred tp adult services last July. I have to say that they have been more helpful and understanding than CAMHS ever were! I hope everything goes well with the transistion process.X
  2. I'm really pleased for you and Steve Hev!
  3. :thumbs: Congratulations!
  4. Hi Hev I would ring up the school and have a chat. Steve's very young for independant travel. Ryan didn't start until the 6th form at the FE college. I don't think the school would agree to it anyway.
  5. bevalee

    it was awful

    <'> <'> <'> >< Does Steve have to come home every weekend Hev? Do you have the option of him coming home every 2 weeks? Sometime it helps them to settle more.
  6. bevalee

    Done it!

    Well done Bid, you've done really well! :thumbs:
  7. <'> I know just how you feel. Keep strong, i've just had this with R, he still gets home sick and he has been in a residential setting for nearly 3 Years, 95% of the time he loves it there. Its especially hard at first but it gets better and i'm so sure you've done the right thing. <'>
  8. :thumbs: That brilliant news Hev, i'm really pleased for all of you.
  9. That's great news Hev. I really hope he settles in well. Good luck!
  10. bevalee

    school said yes!!!!

    :thumbs: Brilliant news!
  11. <'> >< Sorry to hear about the school Hev. Do you remember when my son went to the specialist AS placement? He had a really rough time and wouldn't settle either. That is when CAMHS refered him to a specialist ASD team. I'll Pm you the address, don't give up, if this school isn't suitable for Steve there will be one that is.
  12. Thinking of you. <'> ><
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