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  1. Hi everyone - it's been ages since I've posted - I've missed you all!! Trying times here - far too long to go in to now - feel like I've lost myself in sorting out all the kids probs for so long (well trying to sort them out anyway ) not had any time or energy for much else, but we're getting there (again) I think now, so am hoping to be around more from now on - hope folks on here doing ok, will try and catch up a bit now . anyways - nice to be back, luv Witsend.
  2. Hi - as you know haven't been around much lately, am missing reading the posts, and hope to get back to my more usual compulsive attedence soon! Been having a pretty rough time here lately but am begining to feel a bit more positive again and (slowly) sorting stuff out, am off work this week so am able to catch up a bit. So the little one got his ADHD dx last week, not a surprise but had a couple of tearful days but have recovered now . He is now being 'handed over' to the ADHD clinic to be 'mananged' by them (well good luck to them is all I can say!! ), seriously though it looks like the intention is to start him on medication so I'm having quite a lot of angst about that but am trying to keep open minded and positive and will just cross that bridge when I come to it. I know a fair bit about ADHD but am no expert, if anyone knows of any good websites/books about it please feel free to recommend them, all gratefully recieved. Am doing DLA forms this morning (afternoon and evening ) so that's fun (NOT). Little ones cons said I should apply for him and oldest son's is due for renewal. However don't actually know if I can face claiming for both feel like the DLA people will think I'm making it up or something applying for both kids, plus don't think older sons probs are as pronounced as they were when I first claimed for him. Anyway am just thinking aloud now, better get back to the form filling! Luv Witsend.
  3. Thank you - all of you <'> . Luv Witsend.
  4. Hi just wanted to post 'cos I've not been aorund much recently (and obviously you'll be msissing me!! ) I'm missing reading the posts and catching up with all your lives.....but things here aren't great. Little ones behaviour has been off the scale recently and I'm worn out coping with it, I'm also preparfing info etc and gearing up to try and get stuff more sorted for him (ie diagnosis, statement etc) it seems most likely he has ADHD which has long since been suspected but seems to be glaringly obvious now and all the associated problems are really evident now, maybe somewthing to do with his age - I don't know. Anyway that's what's taking up my time and energy really, plus course work and work work, plus school holidays (which have been hell so far!)..........feel a biut like I did when I first joined this forum years ago (ie at my witsend! ) but back then it was older son who was the major concern, just feels like de javu (sure I've spelt that wrong in a Derek trotter way ) . On a positive note older son is doing really well at the moment I'm very proud of him so I know there's light at the end of the tunnel with little 'un, just hard work at the mo! So if I'm a bit absent for a while that's why, but I'm sure I'll be back before too long once I've re charged . <'> To you all - Luv Witsend.
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    Hi all - sorry not been around much at all lately - have been feeling a bit low and like tons of things ganging up on me for my attention, haven't had much time or energy to post Did just want to ask is there a cut off date for re applying for DLA. Eldest sons will run out in July and re applying is one of the many things I can't face doing right now, but they have sent me 2 reminders already so I'm feeling a bit panicky about it, does any one know how far in advance you need to make the re application? Cheers Luv Witsend.
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    new words

    My son always says he feels sorry for all those old people who have to live in 'retirement zones'!! think he means 'homes' but I still like his version better. Luv Witsend.
  7. Hi - just wanted to add that I feel quite reassured by reading this thread as my son sometimes says this sort of thing - not always directed at me but always to me, I think sometimes he thinks it's funny and sometimes he likes to shock a bit and sometimes it's an run on to his prediliction for gory and macarbre stuff! I have at times when he was younger been really worried about it, and find it's something I can't/don't really talk about with other people because I presume they will think he has violent/nasty tendencies which he doesn't. He actually is quite sentimental and soft hearted about a lot of things, he is protective of animals (rescues stray dogs ), regularly gives his pocket money to the 'tramps' in town and can get very enthusiastic about making a victoria sponge! I guess what I'm trying to say is that my son has lots of facets to his personality and character, but 'other people' especially school don't see that, they just focus in on what they perceive to be the 'negative' things such as his fascination with the macarbre and tbh they get their knickers in a twist about it . So again it's reassuring to me to read some of these posts in particular 'kindas'. Sorry went off on a bit of rant of my own their but Mel - I don't think you need to worry 'bout it <'> Luv Witsend.
  8. Hi lisa - have to say I think it does come down to what the statement says, my son is in independant mainstream (I think we've conversed before) and they follow the statement very well but don't know what they would do (or not do ) if the statement wasn't in place - not as much I suspect - as you are only paying for what is there already rather than any extras IYSWIM. Take care Luv Witsend.
  9. Good for you Lucas - bet they weren't expecting that!!! Luv Witsend.
  10. Hi - yeah this is interesting, I don't often dwell on the 'causes' thing but have to say my son (and I) did have a 'difficult' birth, I remember them saying he was getting 'distressed' which I now think must mean he was short of O2! I bled (sorry can't spell heamorraging!! ) afterwards so was immediately dragged off to theatre, often wish I could remember more about the event or see the notes!! Having said that I also tend to believe in the genetic angle, and also I often wonder if there is a link with stressfull pregnancy (which I also had ) I always come back to thinking whatever the cause things are as they are and we get on with it but it is an interesting subject per se! Luv Witsend.
  11. Hi and welcome - it's great here Luv Witsend.
  12. I'll miss you - Fran take care <'> Luv Witsend.
  13. witsend

    I am sooo angry

    Hi Annea - I'm in the same boat at the moment, cons paed can't/won't dx little un with ADHD until school send forms (which they were supposed to months ago and haven't! ) and also wants him to see school ed psych for another report school looked at me like I was asking for a miracle when I mentioned that Have been so busy have let it slide a bit so know I feel bad, but am planning a surprise ambush on them all next week!! Doesn't it make you Have you rung the school again? How did you get on? Luv Witsend.
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    Good news about the DLA - got to reapply for Ds's soon - at the moment - I just have it hidden in a draw so I don't have to look at it!! Luv Witsend.
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    Hi Diane - welcome to the forum <'> Luv Witsend.
  16. Hi loulou - nice to see you back and catch up with your news Luv Witsend.
  17. Sorry RQ - am short of time here - just wanted to send you <'> <'> <'> Luv witsend.
  18. I spend ages sniffing bubble bath, shower gel and yes fabric conditioners to find the one I like best. And in summer after I've cut my front lawn I spend ages looking out of the window at it, and have to admit I have even opened the curtains after dark just to look at it again - it makes me very happy!! Luv Witsend.
  19. Bagpuss - "Ours are in tupperware........they don't stand a chance if they suddenly come back to life" !!!!! - sorry that made me laugh!! You can never have too much tupperware! Lisa - sorry - have you found out yet if the hamster has gone to a better place? If he has then <'> to you I get very upset when my creatures die, I will tell you the dead guinea pig story one day but maybe not now . I have heard of hammys hibernating and looking dead when they're not, but I guess if it's cold and stiff then it's gone . luv Witsend.
  20. Your just both doing brill!! I often get panicky when my son goes somewhere on his own, but the alternative is to never let him go anywhere, does you son have a mobile phone so you can ring him (every 5 minutes if your like me! ) and check he's OK? Luv Witsend.
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    Hi there

    Hi - and welcome <'> Luv Witsend.
  22. Oh Mumble - how exciting!! Poor guy would probably keel over if he knew the interest he was generating amongst all us lot , can't wait for next instalment Luv Witsend.
  23. Glad it went well - it makes a massive differance when you feel you have been heard - all sounds positive - good for you RQ Luv Witsend.
  24. Hi Devilot and welcome <'> I certainly recognise quite a few things you've said about your lad as similar to mine (though he's 13 now). First I was not aware at all that imagination prevents a diagnosis of dysraxia at all! I'm sure that's not right my son was dx with dyspraxia around the age your son is now and imagination was never questiones re that. He went on to be dx after a long while with Aspergers and the imagination thing came up a few times and I did think it got in the way of dx for a while. My son does have a very good imagination in some ways, he thinks of great plots for movies/stories etc and is actually quite creative. From my point of view and having spoken to others more knowledgeable about the subject, I'd say where the lack of imagination comes in is with his inability to forsee consequences of actions. When he was younger he jumped headfirst into the deep end of a swimming pool long before he'd learnt to swim!! etc etc, as he's got older he would be the one other kids got to play pranks etc at school becasue he went along with it quite willingly not seeing he would be the one to get in trouble, if you see what I mean? My son also has always made and broken freindships rapidly and easily, he's a little better now he's older but still would love to have 'real' freinds - it's quite heartbreaking. He also has very low moods and has said stuff about hating his life and wanting to die this is really hard to hear though I have realised over the years much of the time he is just expressing he is upset in his own way! You know your son better than the psychologist and you probably have a long way still to go 'til poss dx but fight your corner and don't let them turn you away if your not satisfied! I used to think everyone must know better than me but have found this often is not true! You will get loads of help and advice here, take care, keep posting. Luv Witsend.
  25. Hi - any advice appreciated here am getting desperate. Eldest son (13) has lost 3 'baby' teeth recently which is good 'cos his teethe were getting overcrowded, but now has a 'wobbly' tooth which I think is an adult one! From the little he has let me see I think the tooth may also have a hole in it and he needs to see a dentist asap. Trouble is he won't go! Last time he went he had to have a filling - it was dreadful - he refused for ages but was actually there in the dentist chair so eventually had it done, he was very angry and upset afterwards and said next time if that happens he will get up and leave the dentist and will not have any more treatment ever again. He is poor at brushing his teeth thought I stand with him now and make him do it every day/night. Now I'm stuck he just refuses to go to the dentist and I am desperatetly worried about him loosing a tooth which can probs be saved. Even if I got him there I can't imagine him letting them treat him - he is terrifed and likely to have a meltdown. Don't know what to do - help!!!!!! Luv Witsend.
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