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  1. Well, it looks like we may not have to worry about claiming in the near future if this is right. Won't that be nice? Edited to add: There is a demonstration against cuts to disabled services and benefits planned for London on Tuesday 26 October. More info
  2. Multiple Personality Disorder - another diagnosis to add to the list.
  3. On Thursday at 5pm there will be a 'webchat' on the No.10 website with the Education Secretary and the Prime Minister. They want to use it to sing the unverified praises of the new Academies. But I think it would be more useful if they were made aware of the very real problems that we as parents confront on a daily basis because of LEAs' penny-pinching, lies and illegal activities. You can ask your very own question(s) here: http://www.number-10.gov.uk/output/Page11698.asp
  4. A bit different from last year.
  5. Have a better time than we did! Though from your signature quote, the phrase 'crash and burn' does spring to mind - hope your not flying Luftwaffe! enjoy z&n
  6. I must admit that i love Dark Star . If anyone knows of a better film that was made as a college project for the cost of a new car, I'd like to see it.
  7. As far as I can see, that's one of the main points of blogging. Most blogs are the modern equivalent of garden fence gossip about what the writer did/saw that day and as such a complete waste of time. A few give an interesting viewpoint on life/the world, but not many. It seems that nowadays we don't talk to each other, so to make up for it we have to send our thoughts out into the faceless ether in the hope that someone will listen. And now that Big Business has latched on to the idea, there are loads of corporate blogs which are used to advertise the company for free and increase their search engine ratings
  8. Isn't technology wonderful? There's a webcam showing the weather in Herne Bay that updates every 15 seconds here. Though for some reason the latest image is labelled 02 June 2003 09:52 Or a really detailed current weather report (aka a 'nowcast') here enjoy yourselves nemo
  9. littlenemo

    Name that tune.

    My first six were: Cindi Lauper Terror Squad KIX The Rollins Band Wakefield and The Searchers However, you're jolly close with your guesses on what Einstein didn't know about...
  10. littlenemo

    Name that tune.

    OK, so no-one knows Fountains of Wayne (shame on you, have none of you seen American Pie?) So here's another (and if no-one knows this one, just ask Bid Einstein was not a handsome fellow Nobody ever called him Al He had a long moustache to pull on It was yellow I don't believe he ever had a girl One thing he missed out in his theory Of time`n space and relativity Is something that makes it very clear he Was never gonna score like you'n'me He didn't know about...
  11. littlenemo

    Name that tune.

    OK - It was the Bonzos (as seen on The Magical Mystery Tour!). I was hoping someone would think it was the band Deathcab For Cutie So here's something a bit more recent: He was killed by a cellular phone explosion They scattered his ashes across the ocean The water was used to make baby lotion The wheels of promotion were set into motion
  12. littlenemo

    Name that tune.

    SV - what BD was trying to say (but got wrong cos he was trying to be clever ) was Surf's Up by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks from the longest-awaited album ever - Smile And seeing as BD cheated, I thought I'd google his 'yeah yeah's, and suprise, suprise he got that wrong too . There aren't 2 songs with that many yeah yeah's but 753! And I'm not going to list them all for no-one! So here's another lyric (with real words in!): Bad girl, Cutie, what have you done, uh huh huh (baby don't do it) Slippin' slidin' down-a Highway 31, mm mm mm (baby don't do it) The traffic lights changed from green to red They tried to stop but they both wound up dead (Death-cab for Cutie) (Death-cab for Cutie) Someone's gonna make you pay your fare
  13. the finger up the bottom thing may be natural curiousity about bodily functions - most kids explore this at some stage but usually they keep to their own bodies and functions. Our kids often don't develop the same sense of privacy or respect for other people's bodies because they don't relate to the social rules or feelings of others in the same way. just a thought Z
  14. I think I would go for a compromise rather than an outright ban, perhaps say 1 bucket of water each and when that's gone no more and explain that everyone has to be careful with water at the moment and even think up some ways to make it last longer - bottles with fine nozzles rather than buckets, etc there is a ban because people think it is more important to wash their cars and water their pristine lawns than think about the drought, not because of a few water pistols (which for our kids can provide much needed entertainment and play and social experience). I also think that asking them to think about conserving their own small water supply will teach them more than making an outright ban. Z
  15. littlenemo


    I found a couple of interesting recipes for blueberry mead, but I gave away all my wine-making stuff years ago unfortunately. And starting again would cost too much. As a side note: Mead (honey wine) takes a couple of years to ferment properly, so I made some when I was 28. I'm the only person I know who really looked forward to their 30th birthday. I wasn't getting old, I was just getting really enjoyably drunk - with a good excuse. So what to do for my 50th? Answers on a PM please... enjoy nemo
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