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  1. DLA info! I only found out about this from another parent! Lx
  2. Something for siblings & carer support contacts Lx
  3. Hi Lauren It sounds as if your review went exactly the same way as mine 'I'm sorry Mrs W - we just don't see it in the classroom'. (The fact that I myself saw him hitting another child for putting the farm animals in the zoo box doesn't appear to worry them...if he does this at 4 what will it develop into?...) We went to tribunal as our son has a speech and language disorder aswell as AS and ADHD; we even went to the top of the NHS Nuffield Centre to confirm the SALT diagnosis. Then the newly qualified LEA SALT turned up at the tribunal and told them the tests they did were unreliable, the headteacher claimed he was only on School Action, not Action Plus and they insisted there was no cause for concern. James had refused to see the EP and SALT in school for internal assessment & they decided it was cos he wasn't feeling well! (We know it was because his routine dictates that he's supposed to be in class with everyone else and can't be different ) We lost the case My advice? Take your professionals with you to tribunal - they don't listen to parents point of view Sorry to put a damper on things Lx
  4. At my brothers wedding the vicar tried to be amusing and made a joke about tupperware parties - congregation titters then my then 3 yr old daughter exclaimed loudly 'was that supposed to be funny then?...' Lx
  5. My AS 4 year old rugby tackles people to greet them. He bruises if he kisses. He can't stroke a cat, he has to lie on top of it. My self dx hubby has gone through I don't know how many mops- he breaks them in 2 Breaks household appliances Broke the loo trying to fix it Over-threads screws trying to tighten too hard The list could go on Tonight we have no milk in the door of our fridge cos he pulled the shelf off Does anyone else experience 'heavy-handedness' (is that a word?!) Is it an aspie thing? Lx
  6. My AS 4 year old will watch the same dvd for days too Lx
  7. Hi admum Sounds like you're in exactly the same boat as me except you have a statement to challenge them on. They are not allowed to change that without good reason - I'd be asking for evidence through assessment results My son has been in SEN pre-school for 2 years now going mainstream primary & they wont assess him Their SLT says his language delay has caught up The independent & specialist NHS SLT consultant from the Nuffield says he has a language disorder They are disregarding the AS dx They claim they have to decide how much weight to give the dx as the independents 'don't know the system' excuse me I thought it was about medical diagnosis They say they want to wait and see how he gets on in mainstream as he's made so much progress Yes he's made progress but what about the AS, ADHD, S&L disorder that hasn't gone away? Tribunal Oct Lx
  8. We go to the kids dept in Russell & Bromley I was really suprised when someone suggested trying in there but they were right They have clarks, startrites, k's, their own brand & loads of others We get loads of choice for the 'odd' sizes They have a toy box, dvd playing and 'funny' mirrors all around. The biz! Lx
  9. I'd probably be awful. I'd hand out statements to whoever needed them Spend all the money wasted in tribunals & barristers on resources & training for schools Probably get the sack after a week Lx
  10. Got ours yesterday Had to get the new assistant learning the ropes but it wasn't too bad We have a lovely shoe shop with lots of toys/distractions including finding nemo on dvd in the corner Ended up with velcro school shoes - �37!!!! They were the only pair that fitted my sweet babe - he struggles to keep up age 3 trousers, has size 10 feet but with a 'D' width fitting!! The shoes were last bit of the long journey to find stuff that fitted...... And glow in the dark trainers - less distraction? Lx
  11. wow that's deep! not looking like a simple answer to this one then guys!! Lx
  12. We found the best help was reading as much as possible about AS (hubby self dx, me with traits) There are some good books about living with AS; 'An Asperger Marriage' and AS - Re-defining normal' You'll find them on the NAS website - I bought mine from Amazon We found the more we read about how other people cope the more we could talk about it My husband is now going for formal dx & has even found the stregnth to talk to his boss about it A year ago if I'd sked him 'what's up' he'd have said 'I dont know, leave me alone' Hope its useful Lx
  13. Karen We are in Andover - the link takes you to Winchester & Andover area http://www.carercentre.com/ You really must get in touch they are fab (well have been for me) The head of the centre is Kerry ask for her she is sooooooo understanding & helpful Let me know how you get on Lx
  14. Hi Elaine Not good on the digestion - wouldn't recommend it Nice to know its not just me with a variable diet though....makes me feel understood! Hoping for a nice desert today to take the taste away....! Lx
  15. PMT add a throb of headache teaspoon of nausea 2 big dollops of AS pinch of NT stir in 1 1/2 hour trip to shoe shop meltdown over choice of crisps shake in ADHD top with holiday ....... just today's choice recipe....... Lx
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