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  1. Hi Loulou I too have been away for such a very long time. Glad to hear that Kai is still in his present school and that they are coping, do drop me a line if you have time I have so much to ask you and to update you on and it would b great to hear from you again, in the meantime take care x
  2. Good luck to Steven and A. Hope this year goes really well for both boys
  3. Oh no hope it gets better soon and well done on ur claim to fame. Can quite happily some neither of my children have broken anything so far, think i'm lucky
  4. Sounds like you've both had a great day today my two love blackberry picking and we have woods nearby with loads....yummmmm
  5. Hi don't know about the DLA but wanted to say good luck and fantastic news that your first day went really well for you
  6. Hi, I don't post very often as I hardly have the time these days but I wanted to post a very big thanks to so many of you on the forums who have helped me with education advice over the years and whom have just been very supportive. Helen53, Darky, Kazzen161, Kathryn, J's mum, Loulou, phasmid (whose sadly is no longer here for me to tell him the good news) and so many more of you, so sorry if I have missed your names out. This forum and the people who post on here have helped me in many ways they wouldn't even know and I wanted to pass my thanks on. In September my son will be starting a residential specialist school for children with ADHD and ASD. I joined this forum in 2005 when things were really difficult, my son was very explosive most of the time, at first his explosive behaviour was mostly in the home and community and he was very compliant in school then his explosive behaviour started in school. His education for the last 3 years has been very up and down with a lot of education failure, trials of different schools-different types of schools, lots of school refusal and exclusions, it has been a long battle to get professionals to acknowledge that he has real difficulties and agree that he requires a specialist education setting, they are now listening and that in itself feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and we have been given some great advice too. He'll be starting his school in Sept and will be boarding termly, I hope to visit him every other weekend and spend the weekends with him as it's such a long drive to travel. I am very nervous but I know it's what my son needs and it will also give my daughter some special 1-1 time with me that she needs so badly. I am hopeful for the future and for a fresh start for my son in a superb school that I am hoping will help him eventually to have faith in himself. I also wanted to add to any of you who are having difficulties with school placements, getting dx etc to keep on fighting for what you believe your child needs are, if you don't fight for your child nobody else does and for most of that time they will never get the help they need. Here's to a happy summer holiday and a new start for Sept , thanks to everyone for your help <'>
  7. This is an interesting post, my son is very very sociable and has been allowed to play out in the street as all the other children do in our area and it was impossible to keep him in, in many ways he's been able to progress and make friends but many of them have been the wrong type's of friends whom do work on his vulnerability and this can have disastrous consequences. At the moment he has one very good friend, whom is two years older but acts much older and more grown up, in some ways it's been good he's given my son confidence but on the other hand it's quite scary too. As Bid pointed out at one point and still pretty much now my son will accept anybody to be his friend, even if they are not true friends and later go on to hurt him. I think ultimately as hard as it is with our children we can only offer suggestions and try and steer them in the right direction, my son always thinks he right about his choice of friends but he is starting to slowly learn that some of those friends are not the right ones, having said that though he would rather have anyone to hang about with than know-one. My son finds it hard to take part in clubs and prefers the more unstructured play of doing what he likes, if he's at the beach where he's really relaxed he will talk and play with lots of children many of which he doesn't even know, but take him to a r swimming club for example and he wont hardly talk to anyone and I wonder if your son may find it easier to chat to people in more unstructured activities and was wondering if special needs youth club may be a good idea or even a smaller youth club, maybe he could go there as a helper. Scouts and cadets is another good option. My older brother a very very shy boy found sea cadets brill and made lots of friends. One thing I have noticed with my son when his anxiety levels are low he finds it easier to make friends and finds it easier to communicate with the other children. Good luck
  8. In my 1st tribunal I jsut had a solicitor as did the local authority, 2nd tribunal barrister and solicitor was present from my side and local authority side, solicitor also attended annual review both sides. We have a big case requiring more specialist independant school and it's been going on for a while. I think when parents are requesting more specialist placement local authoritys want to build a strong case as do parents hence why barristers are used.
  9. Fantastic news Lou Lou, hope everything goes well for you and Kai, and the rest of your family. You have been through a rollercoaster and I am pleased that things are finally starting to look up and head in the right direction and that soon Kai will have his needs fully met, take care and all the best <'>
  10. This is brilliant Mumble, congratulations
  11. <'> Take care Bid, hope your mum is feeling better soon <'>
  12. I love these two too, especially two little boys I also like lots of country and western, but my music does vary from dance music to country and western and some rock, strange eh
  13. Have sent link to those who requested it <'>
  14. <'> hey don't be so hard on yourself, you're not a failure, sometimes we all lose it and feel the guilt after, I know I have with my own son and there are times when I wished I had more patience, but I also don't think it hurst sometimes for the child to see that others have feelings too and if you can manage this in a really constructive way it's better but we're human and sometimes it's just too hard, our own emotions take over. I found a web site the other day (not sure if I am allowed to post the link) but it had some feelings charts on it which I think are really good way of showing the child how you may be feeling and they too can show you how they are feeling. With my won son he often doesn't realise that we have feelings too and by using these charts he is really begining to understand that we all have feelings. If I am allowed to post link I will as I think it may help a few families. Hope you're feeling a bit better now you describe my son too when you say can be so lovely and sweet natured, but can go from calm to furious within seconds. Hope you start to get some support soon <'>
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