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  1. What was the reason for cutting his support? Can you show that since this has happened his behaviour has worstened at home and school? What support did the school say was in place which enabled the panel to make its decison - was it based on inaccurate info? Persoanally I would be looking at writing and challenging any inaccuracies in these reports particularly the ed psych - what evidence did she have to support her view it was a home issue? Has someone from schoool been feeding her duff info? Sorry I am asking more questions hun, but I dont know what else to say
  2. I would be interested to know why as well. I find it very hard to collate info from them ie speech and lang appeals etc
  3. I think you would be wise to correct any errors now. Remember opinions written down wrongly can escalate and be taken as true - it stays on your childs record forever..... If you snip this in the bud now and correct the error you are saving a lot of heart ache later on.
  4. Have youn written to the school and complained about what they are doing? It seems to me that this should be puut in writing to them and the chair of governors as they seem to be acting illegally and in breach of the dda
  5. The school they are classing as the qualifying school is the nearest special school approx 4 miles away. My child attends a special school 28 miles away in a neighboring La. The silly thing is they said(I dont have it in writing ) that they only fund up to 15 miles and this hidden rule seems to stand up as other kids with sen are funded to out of area mainstream schools up to this distance. I have used the transport policy and went through it point by point before the transport appeal panel but they wouldnt consider the qualifying school issue as they say its a matter for the sen dept
  6. There is a child who lives near us but across the border who goes to the same special school.Both Las have agreed we could share transport but the issue is cost. my la say we have to pay the costs minus £3 a day which they contribute. I think this contribution is too low especially as thye had said this would be reviewed and it has never happened.
  7. For over 12 mths little p has been at a BRILL SEN SCHOOL AND WE ARE VERY HAPPY. Our problem is re transport. Or lack of it When this was resolved we conceeded transport as it avoided further delays and I was led to believe there was no problem getting a transfer to an office nearby from work. The LA however agreed to pay us £15 a week towards our costs. On her statement the La has named the nearest special school as the quyalifying school and added the bit that she can go to x school as it is our preferred school and they will apy £15 a week The transfer didnt happen and as my career break has ended I am left doing an 100 mile a day round tri[p. I appealed for transport went before our panel and was turned down. So really it is where to go from here the letter from the panel says they cant determine which is the qualifying school as this is set down in the statement and any dispute should be referred to the tribunal service. I thought pt4 (school)transport wasnt a ground for appeal. I would really appreciate any ideas.
  8. I think it is important to get transport written in to the statement. Where I live there is such a big push to get kids into mainstream schools they are agreeing transport.
  9. Sorry to not go wih the flow of opinion. But whats so bad about dressing up to raise money for a good cause. If your child doesnt want to dress up fine, theres planty of other things to do. Just looking at what youve said has happened, I think you are overreacting . Just my opinion
  10. There is no reason why you can aply for a statement yourself . Does the school take advice from the asd advisor in your area, they dont sound clued up and I wondered what training they had had?
  11. Has the senco put these comments about not being able to help without a diagnosis in writing? I personally would be taking this further and pointing out to the school and governors they have a dutty nder the dda - dont let them fob you off
  12. If this was me I would write to them stating what has happened and copy it for everyone - then they will all know whats happened! It takes time but it shows all involved you are serious and demend a good service
  13. If this was me I would be wanting to see the risk assessment for the holiday - it seems like a contra?iction to specify supervsision and then not to actaually go into the dorm? Id also want to know if the boy involved has a history of this kind of behaviour - if he has and staff ignored it well..... As a word of caution social workers dont in my experience like to rock the boat especially when special kids are involved. I would let the police persue this, take a look at your councils child protection/safeguarding procedures and see what they say shold happen with regards to special kids - it maybe worth complaining to them about this and the many other issues you mention ie bullying etc
  14. Im waging my own little war about lack of transport to special school from those of us forced to an out of area school becuae provison is .... in our area , but becuase the LA has all the cards and names .... schools as the qualify ing school we have to pay transport. Do you think I could do a similar req to see whas going on as I think in my area they are persuing the mainstream agenda by paying to go to mainstream schools but not payingto go to special schools - see what I mean? I heard a rumour leeds are stopping paying for transport to out of area schools in north yorks, so beware
  15. What policies did you refer to kathryn, transport and disabiliy?
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