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  1. I always wanted a car. I hate buses and crowds of people especially if somebody sits next to me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. But because I'm on ESA and DLA I'm afraid that driving could affect my benefits and I won't be entitled to them, they sometimes with fail you because it show you can concentrate and stuff like that.
  2. Section 117 aftercare suggests otherwise. ''sorry I messed your post up lol''
  3. Hello Jack! I have read your ''hello new to forum'' post and am sorry you experienced hardship at the hands of your managers. I am a service user and have had many grievances with my support provider primarily management but because I have a fantastic care- coordinator from the community learning disability team I have yet to be kicked out which I think the care company desperately wants and I'm vocal about that, they put it down to psychosis so I'm rarely listened too. Most of the front line staff are wonderful and caring no question about that! Its the ###### management, first thing there is a high staff turn over, I've know at least 14 staff come and go in the last 6 years of me living here. Rules have become more stringent. A manager put a safeguarding in on me saying a member of staff had accused me off saying something too her which I never did, and I lost a friendship over it and potently could of got my head smashed in. I can't go into specifics but it was very unprofessional, it later transpires that member of staff didn't accuse me off anything and the manager made it up. Which I could prove! A member of staff is on 'leave 'awaiting court for stealing from a tenant here. The list is endless.
  4. I'm on the maximum dose of Aripiprazole 400 mg monthly injection because of some supposed non -compliance issues years ago and now they won't take me off it and I have fought and fought but because I apparently have a psychotic illness called Schizoaffective disorder and ASD plus a Mild Learning Disability they don't take me serious. The psychiatrist put me on a community treatment order last year when my section 3 in hospital and its renewed every 6 months forcing me this med and to live here in this house with 24/7 staff support, If I run away for the night they ring the police and report me missing and potentially re-called on my section 3. Now I have tried and tried to lose weight, I'm 21 stone - 5ft 8in. and hate my body. 11 weeks without alcohol, walking everywhere and eating much healthy and not not lost one pound in weight, what does it take? I have excluded the second opinion doctor and PALs and feel really stuck.
  5. The support company I use used to have a petty cash kitty for staff meals but some workers took advantage of it and it was stopped. I think it's very unfair that my staff aren't allowed to eat out with me and have to provide for there own meals and I'm the not the only one who has capacity that thinks that same with drinks, we're not allowed to buy drinks either. I know at my Wednesday Mencap group I attend we're allowed to buy staff food and drinks as well as the NHS LD day centre but that is rare because they have their own petty cash.
  6. Jack Schitt. .... I perviously had an appointee to manage my finances because I have a severe Bipolar episode some 4 years ago and it was suggested to me that it would be beneficial to have an appointee manage my money which at the time I agreed too. It took 9 months to get that annulled beginning to end and in December 2015 I seen a consultant psychologist from the learning disability team and concluded I have capacity with regards to my finances when I'm well but not when I become psychotic, just to give a little context. So there is no doubt I have capacity. I think with regards to me having capacity I should have the right to purchase my support staff meals because otherwise they aren't going to want to eat out with me knowing they have to fork out of their own pocket and this is going to have adverse effects on my and my social inclusion.
  7. I live in Supported Living and since the 1st of April the support company have brought in policies that support staff aren't allowed to eat out with tenants and that they have to pay for their own food meaning tenants can't buy food for staff. I think this is detrimentally and has an effect on the choice tenants have because when a support worker can't afford to eat out they are less inclined to support the tenant to eat out meaning less choice. The complex manager said it's safeguarding those who lack capacity but I think they're cracking a nut with a sledgehammer because I have capacity so I'm being penalised because of this company wide policy. Do you know if other company's have brought similar policies out?
  8. The one just outside Rainworth, Nottinghamshire from what I can gather isn't a very nice place at all. I was nearly sent there if I continued to refuse to take medication and from the stories I have heard from a nurse who worked there who transferred over to NHS learning disability nursing (I was in a NHS hospital in Nottingham at the time) it's not a very good environment to get better because the wards are very unsettled and turbulent, don't believe the nice glossy brochure they send out highlighting all the good things they do. It's a very strict environment and any slight Infraction can get you sent to seclusion and they employ a lot of bank staff so there isn't familiarity within the team because all the staff change all the time. And they have big burly response staff so if a member of staff pulls their pin they respond in force and chuck you in seclusion. ****Trigger warning mention of child abuse below**** And there was the case of them letting out a known paedophile on section 17 leave who then raped a child in nearby Rainworth some time ago. The psychologist who let him out ended up committing suicide, now it's got a very bad reputation within the local community so anybody who resides there are like lepers, not that there is anything to do because it's stuck on a industrial estate with only a petrol station and a restaurant pub nearby.
  9. Keep strong, don't let them wear you down.
  10. Well that can happen to you when you've been hurt by poe Well that can happen to you when you've been hurt by people. You're defences are built up I suppose.
  11. Most important thing is get your benefits sorted. Think about girlfriends later. Get the most important things in order first. Forget about Laura, Forget about your support workers, from this moment on say too yourself this negativity and toxic relationships are OVER! This is your time to move forward.
  12. I know how much supported living placements cost, my rent is £186 a week for one bedroom as access to living facilities, thats not including staff costs that social services pay. Make sure your claiming maximum benefits for your conditions. Find somewhere in the private rental market, its easier said then done but its not impossible, you'll need a substantial amount of money for deposit, maybe £1000/1500 upfront. Realistically your not going to get a housing housing association / council flat / house with your convictions. And realistically again supported living will be very very cautious offering you a tenancy. First excuse me if I'm wrong but you get infatuated with your female staff and cross boundaries, they might offer you somewhere for people with more advanced needs, here we call it the 'enhanced' service. They'll only put male staff on with you. I
  13. I live in supported living and although I dislike some of the staff and residents I don't let them get too me even when I've started the confrontation.
  14. You can move forward, your life isn't over. I spent 4 months in a young offenders when I was 15 for Arson and have loads of drunk and disorderlies as an adult. Nobodies perfect. I know its hard but just try and forget about what they've done too you. What is your living situation like now?
  15. You really need to move forward because this is really going to screw you up. You know its not going to help suing them because no solicitor is going to touch that case because Autism Initiatives will appoint the best solicitors money can buy. I think you need professional help because no matter what your very fixated on these support workers.
  16. I'll be honest with you. I've been in Supported Living close on five years and my observations are that Supported Living placements are all about the money and not very person centred like they want people to believe, basically its a gravy train and they cherry pick the best clients for the easy money, anybody difficult they get rid off. The Support Workers are paid the very basic minimum wage when the Care company gets £16 an hour to support the client. You pay peanuts you get monkeys and their are quite a few monkeys working for this company. Complaints about staff too management aren't dealt with because they can't lose the staff because they have nobody to replace them with so staff get away with all sorts. I think you've been processed and spat out by the establishment and left to rot. What social services team was you under prier to going into that supported living complex? What help did you get from them the very first time you where facing prison time? Have you got any Psychiatric diagnoses, I assume the courts wanted a full Psychiatric report doing when you first/secondly got sentenced? Sorry if its intrusive, it just helps with the bigger picture.
  17. I get really anxious about my benefits stopping and becoming poor, particularly homelessness. Social Services learning disability department are my appointee and manage my money, they are very good but I'm starting to want to spread my wings and manage my money myself but am very anxious about my benefits stopping if its seen my condition improving. Do you think me having this appointee makes it easier to claim benefits? Does it have any basis?
  18. I think this is becoming a vicious circle for you because you've been emotionally hurt by your support workers and you've had no closure, I think every attempt that you've had to try and rekindle these relationships have been met with hostility and the police arresting you which becomes a self fulfilled prophecy. I think it puts you in a very vulnerable position that you still have feeling for these support workers because realistically what would you do if you bumped into one of them in the street, start a conversation? You could be arrested and jailed again
  19. Its certainly sounds like you've been through the wars recently with prison and other stuff. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear but you need to take more responsibility for your actions. Stop stalking your support workers, Its unhealthy having obsessive feelings towards them. I know this can stem from being on the ASD spectrum but I think you really need some professional help to channel your obsessions.
  20. You know I think the jigsaw concept is actually a very good idea, you've obviously put alot of thought into it. I can't really offer anything constructive because I'm dealing with my own 'jigsaw' at the moment but I think you've done a really good job and it shows alot of initiative and intelligence.
  21. I have got a diagnosed learning disability and have looked into 'supported holidays' for people with LDs and find it rather depressing, the people who go on those holidays mainly consist of people with obvious disabilities and tend to be older people primarily from the photo albums on various websites I have looked at. And they are quite pricey and you have to share a twin room with another person or pay extra. Not for me thank you. I could go with my support workers here but thats very costly for me. £1000 a week for wages then the full price of the holiday on top but I get to choose I comes with me, I have done 5 day coach trips around Europe with my support staff but find it very unsatisfying, I feel like I'm being treated like a child.
  22. I personally think people put too much emphasise on the Aspergers label and contribute all their mental health difficulties primarily within the confines of the diagnosis. Aspergers now formally under the ASD umbrella is fundamentally a social communication disorder where the IQ is determined to be over 70 permitting a learning disability diagnosis and not warranting learning disability services, then people become under genetic mental health services. I think any psychiatrist would be able to distinguish between ASD and BPD even a dual diagnosis.
  23. I live in a supported living house share with 3 other guys, I get on with them all particularly with one who I regard as my friend but I have just come back from a learning disability hospital on section 17 home leave for the weekend (I'm on a section 3) and my so-called friend has been saying to support staff and tenants they if I were to move back here he's moving out. That could of put my tenancy in jeopardy if the management took his side. I've always thought I had a good relationship with him so feel really gutted now.... He's not back until tomorrow as I think he's avoiding me. How do I approach this situation? Should I go in all guns blazing tomorrow and confront him about it and get answers Or be diplomatic? I'm really unset and angry I need answers.
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