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  1. Convosation, with people that run the place. i.e trust.
  2. We have the most anti social group of admins ive ever known on any forum. come on guys, get talking, tell us about yourselves. How can you guys administrate a forum if you don't know the everyday users? The best forums ive been on have a very strong admin to user camraderie.
  3. Ive had many text realtionships. they can get very interesting! as it forces you to use your immagionation.
  4. Animal fats are amoung the best fats out there. rich in nutrients, and minerals, nothing wrong with them at all.
  5. Fast until the virus has left the body. The trick to any stomach virus is to starve it out. It feeds of what you eat, and they like carbs espeshilly. If you go to the gym you'll pass out, even die, theres no way your body will ever get hydrated enough. You should be over the worst, but i am certainly not a doctor, so if your no better by now (your last post was a few days ago) give them a ring.
  6. Good stuff. I think that post will get an amen across the board. very well described, and a good round up of life as an asperger person. nothing but agreement from me.
  7. Cancer is a living organisum like we are, only difference is, humans are intelligent life forms and have the capacity to think, and have a coinscience. cancer's purpose is to destroy everything in sight, and nothing more. it can't think, it cant talk, love or hate, and it doesn't pick favorates, no one is immune, or exempt. best thing you can do smiley is not think about the C word or what it does, more, take comfort in the memories you've shared with your great aunt. theres no point getting angry at something that can't feel anything in the way of emotions. The thing that matters is that your great aunt leaves this world with a smile. that's something you can do something about.
  8. I'm getting to a point where i only want to talk to people on my friends list. i see them as real life friends. plus it's a nice gesture to add someone. and it's nice to see a notification pop up.
  9. Only thing to do at times like this; and that's to post a funny link: Sorry, i'm a typical familly guy fan. (an idiot lol)
  10. meh! this is a good thread, why ruin it. im better than that; cooler heads prevale. post edited.
  11. Lizzy; feel free to Pm me anytime, i really don't mind. I may not be able to reply strait away though (you know what i'm like) but i'll get back when i can. Anyway, this topic needs a homer simpson: http://youtu.be/EJRBQRwg1pI
  12. It's a repetitve strain injury to the serratus muscle, caused by an exessive amount of rotary or twisting motions (my quess anyway) The cure? stop the movement, how? stop swimming until full recovery. Again; i digress, this is just a guess. Ive had something similar however, and know what it's like. feels like you've been shot under the ribcage.
  13. Tough call. I tend to stay on the alert side.
  14. He dropped by not long ago, literally weeks ago; and i stumbled upon an old thread of his (his first account) and alarm bells started ringing. he could return anytime. If he does, i'll reccomend to lufty that he is IP banned so he can't ever come back with any account.
  15. Same name, just without the / at the end. im trying not to use his name, in case he searches himself. He seems like a pattern troll, where he has the same routine, and the thread decends the same way. if you google his name the list of his offences' is endless.
  16. Rember this guy? http://www.google.co...0OmFm4xuev7cypQ http://www.thestuden...744&postcount=1 http://www.bbc.co.uk...=8197272&skip=0 http://board.asdfriendly.org/index.php?showtopic=33623entry383353 These are just a few examples. If he returns to this forum (he has 2 accounts by the way) please do not reply to this mans posts. he is a vicious troll, and nothing more. Stay safe, rise above trolling.
  17. Just switching things up. spent 10 years in the last house, it got kinda boring.
  18. The short awnser to your first question is, no. There's a fine line between bravery, and stupidity. It's a matter of being sensible. It takes a brave man to fold. If my conifidence is low on something, it's low for a reason; forinstance, if i was to get into a boxing match with lenox lewis on saturday night, having no in ring experience, would it be brave or stupid to step in the ring? would it be a sensible desicon to throw the towel? (extreme circumstance i know, but that can translate to other areas of ones life) As for the rest, you may be over thinking things a bit too much. Or i'm very bad at reading, and i mised something.
  19. As annoying as the awnser is, it really was just ok. Just abother day in the office as far as i was concerned.
  20. Welcome dude. plenty of guys here to chat to. Don't be affraid to post up whatever's on your mind. Also check out the off topic, plenty of ice breaking threads there.
  21. It depends on the purity. If it's less than 70% coaco; don't bother beacuse it's loaded with sugar. Ideally, you would use pure coaco powder, and soften it with a touch of double cream; If you don't like it to bitter.
  22. Nothing, it's just i can if i want to lol.
  23. This is good. If you can turn a negative into a positive like you have tonight, you've cracked it. Good stuff, and a move in the right direction.
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